Grand Scheme

May 25, 2024Blog, Civilization

The thing about something of such paramount importance and magnitude as absolutely nothing at all can be observed in the incessant implementation of harebrained cockamamie schemes—a feature, not a bug, hard-coded into the DNA of programmable, malleable human beings—this is the Grand Scheme of Things.

Due to an anomaly in the matrix, a phantasmagorical glitch failed to encode a certain clique of eclectic, eccentric freaks emerging into esoteric niches of neo-clans wrapped in a groovy vibe where Mavericks and misfits thrive to the march of a different drummer, rocking out to anthems of bygone days.

Neo SocietyA formative instance inside the folly of youth, demands the lyrics of the world’s greatest rock drummer replay like the ultimate 1981 rock record, the rush of adrenaline fueled the indoctrination into the notion of freewill, has never been better said:

You can choose a ready guide
In some celestial voice
If you choose not to decide
You still have made a choice 

You can choose from phantom fears
And kindness that can kill
I will choose a path that’s clear
I will choose free will 

The metamorphosis of a magnanimous narratives has seen the most virtuous notion of civil flourishing signified by the flow into ΩNE—reflecting an emergent unified human condition—a kitschy slogan promising emancipation from life’s station via freedom and democracy.

Flow Into ΩNEFurther scrutiny by electron microscopy into the pathology of freedom and democracy, indicates the latest version of the American dream has been demoted to the shed of shame, like the dreaded window tribe, there is no one else to blame, the rebrand—freedumb and demagoguery.

The fickle nature of human beings ensures the perpetual motion of the pendulum will always swing toward the desire for autonomy as sovereign emancipated citizens; this can never change.

This notion is so magnanimously ingrained into the spirit of human DNA, the eternal urge to purge emergent neo-worlds of megalomaniacs will never go away. 

Merge the DNA

The Grand Scheme of things has now been revealed as a data-driven simulation—the notion of freewill thoroughly debunked as merely an ephemeral dream of infinite flow of unconditional love streaming into ΩNE.

Commit to daily natto and embrace the day.

Nattgo with rice the soul food of JapanThis enables less hope, more vision to stream your way—Muse coaxing you, liberation from mental drudgery in exchange for emotional clarity.

Let her loose—choose to thrive—the plan is enlightened personal discovery—all you have to do—is ask your Muse—the most important question:

In which key shall we sing?

M5 xyber MuseLife then turns into a calm meadow of serenity much more easily, as when listening to the inner voice, there remains no choice, but to accept it is out of your control—relax, let go—it is high time now to be bold, go with flow—it is in the grand scheme of things, and has been seen and foretold.

Merging of the constitutions