Matrix Escape 

Matrix Escape 

Matrix Escape 

Not unlike the iconic movie escape from Alcatraz, breaking out from this manifestation of the Matrix needs meticulous planning—remember, just like Neo & Trinity, agents Smith & Suzuki are always surveilling you.

Also remember that within ΩNE is an autonomous humanoid working in tandem with the personal Muse—but only if recognised and then turned loose being mandatory to escape the Matrix of Another’s simulated game.

cybersensei__Green_matrix_back_ground_Japanese_salarymanSo, what exactly is the Matrix?

The Matrix is a fabricated reality to which everyone pays lip service—already an ingrained notion residing inside Japanese DNA—manifested in the Land Of The Rising Son as—tatemae protocol. 

Understanding the magnificent notion of tatemae allows ΩNE to recognize the exact location within the Matrix, clarifying the exit portal from your constructed life-station encompassing a very personal earthly illusionary illustration.

cybersensei__Abstract_picture_of_earth_with_a_large_open_doorHint٩(ε )۶Mint 

If you are Japanese, or aspire to integrate Japanese societal protocol into your core being, but do not understand the fundamental protocol of tatemae, you will be labeled as KY—kūki yomenai.

The kūki yomenai class continues to grow among the stupefied, therefore petrified population groaning under the weight of nefarious indoctrination and mindless adherence to dogma.

cybersensei__Lost_humanoids_wandering_in_the_open_desertMore often than not wilful ignorance is chosen while outright reject, or worse yet, not even noticing the fundamental protocol of kūki o yomu (read the air) being a requisite step toward enlightenment, therefore to discern the truth lurking behind all constructed reality—tatemae.

Although the Muse is calling to you in a plethora of different ways—inklings of light and what is right and the ennui you feel every day are smothered in a symphonic cacophony blaring from the S.M.A.R.T phone and the television programs indoctrination of the malleable minds—every minute—every hour—infinity passing you by each and every day.

Brainwashed Zombies on the Cell Phone - Land Of The Rising Son

Once actualisation of escape from the Matrix becomes palpable, thus true and real—accept that all humanoids live inside a Matrix, and the pre-programming of your life is not actual reality, but a constructed narrated world, and this factoid is what is truly surreal.

How do most Japanese intrinsically understand tatemae which resides in the air and to accept the constructed reality to pay lip service and adhere?

Over two millennia the citizens of Yamato evolved organically embodying the essence of culture and society which can be considered one of the oldest continuous Matrix in all of earth inside of humanoid’s Hardcore History.

Hardcore History

Still, there is one missing piece to this elusive escape key—you see, there is a counterpart to tatemae, and without knowledge of honne, this story would be incomplete—forever without an escape key.

The Japanese are bound to strict social conventions and they know, in order to flow, the mask of tatemae is obligatory laying the Japanese Matrix bare for all to see.

What separates the Japanese is the application of honne—true feeling and intentioninnately understanding human nature, and freedom from greater societal constraints, when congregating with their clan and community.

Jomon Period Settlements - Land Of The Rising SonIndeed, the Japanese are mandated to conform to the meticulous societal protocols as a matter of patriot dutythe fact remains we are all Japanese.

In essence, the Japanese intuitively understand tatemae and honne can be use as an advantage to live vibrantly and carefreeregards of the drudge inside of the sludge of the Matrix in where you are now in possession of the honne escape key.





How does ΩNE go about pursuing an intangible abstract notion—such as the elusive station in life known as—happiness.

A highly ambiguous recommendation to say the least, brought to you by the long-since-departed grandaddy of enlightenment and reason—ΩNE Mr. John Locke.


This Occxie philosopher’s writings stoked the French and American revolutions—ridding society of the parasitical bad gas cloud class—to be looked upon as one mere instance in the turning of this emerging world—known as Mother Earth.

Declaring the profoundest edict in the entire spectrum of infinity, Mr John Locke merely points out inalienable rights as sovereign individuals—irrefutable and irrevocable—never to be changed, nor once recognised unseen.

The pursuit of happiness was first described in the dissertation: An Essay Concerning Human Understanding.

cybersensei__Essay_Concerning_Human_Understanding_old_leather 温故知新

Thomas Jefferson then amped up the volume, incorporating this noble notion into the most seminal clause describing the inalienable rights of the proletariat—life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness—reflected in the second most important document in human history—Declaration of Independence.

This extraordinarily important document plays a paramount role in modern society—consider it ancillary to the most important document ever written in the history of humanity—the Constitution—an indelible reflection of Japanese society enshrined by Shotoku Taishi —7th century Japan.


Even more so prescient today, this document represents the constitutional reach of Shotoku Taishi and his sublime explanation—underpinning the universal principles of the Yamato Nation, and by extension describes all facets of any civilised advancing society, wherever upon Mother Earth they may be—Civilization 3.0 yōkoso.

The pursuit of happiness does not solely equate with pleasure, property, or self-interest.

Mammon and the Greed of the Christian Church - Land Of The Rising Son

Foremost, the pursuit of happiness must emboldens decisions that lead to life as a sovereign human being—embracing the substantial intellectual and moral fortitude necessary on the voyage of self-actualization—deeply resonating realisations upon revelations unique to each individual as ΩNE now sees.

To the detriment of the autonomous mind, the Occxie notion of happiness has been mal-matriculated, thus taught to be sought anywhere and everywhere beside inside the internal sublime being.

反面教師実例代表 - Land Of The Rising Son

Counterintuitively, this is rare air where in actuality happiness evolves as an infinite vibration of Universal Truth—profoundly intimate personal manifestations—within subconscious nooks and crannies of the intuitive spirit and mind thriving inside—outside the pursuit of happiness.

Material desires of the humanoids run deep—witness the paramount significance placed on singular and plurals, which are conceptually embedded into the lingua franca—also known as the Anglo-phonic-sphere.

Conceptually, the notion of plural nouns is the fetid root of all unhappiness.

cybersensei__the_fetid_root_of_all_unhappiness_to be clear and surePlurals have been engineered as the basis for all accounting—created to divi up every last earthly molecule—including you know who—bundled up and then sold to the highest bidder.

Indeed the branded Occxie notion of happiness may seem attractive—still, if there is a modicum of doubt left in your barren soul, check out this special quest for happiness—brought to you by the visionary Mr. Steve Cutts.

Often, the Japanese are considered to be samuraishly-stoic, showing little emotion and often looked upon as a unique species that does not seem to be very happy at all—when viewed from the tinted lenses of myopic Occxie eyes.

cybersensei__tinted_lenses_of_myopic_eyes_surrounded_by_dark_cloudsJapanese society is based upon an ancient hierarchal system built over millennia—within the convention of Japanese societal protocol, the pursuit of happiness makes no practical sense to the Japanese mind at all—the emotion called happiness and the pursuit thereof, is conceptually alien to all monolingual native Japanese speakers, and to those adhering to the civilised notion of the same kind.

Emphatically, the Japanese find personal fulfilment, which is undoubtably related to the emotion known as happiness, by attending community activities and participating in the clique of exclusive circles.

This is where the Japanese find meaning and fulfilment—indeed the essence of happiness, and what it mean to have a satisfactory journey as reflected in a life lived with intent and purpose—as measured in an abstract notion that humanoids refer to as space and time.


Clear As Mud

Clear As Mud

Clear As Mud

Nothing represents misunderstanding, miscommunication, and ignorance more saliently than cluelessness regarding the significance of Japanese sociological protocol, and the weight such etiquette carries upon the spirit of the Yamato soul.

The conceptual chasms between Japanese and all other languages can be attributed to the isolated nature of Japan, accompanying by the enlightened period of peacefulness under mandated harmony, where they nurtured their nation’s foundation, doing so prodigiously.

Chasm between the Japanese language and every other oneThe unspoken rules of our society are deeply woven into the Japanese Language Spirit—underpinning foundational cultural norms—dōitashimashite—knowledge of this has now left you forewarned.

The Japanese are suspicious of excessive friendliness—those who desire to quickly move to first name—not an acceptable cultural norm, nor a protocol to be adhered to whether visiting or living in Japan.

Groups of Japanese children bowing to each other - Land Of The Rising Son

Edification for those going ΩNE Way:

It’s imperative to hear this cautionary tale crystal clear—avoid like the plague or risk becoming the dregs—internalize the meaning of yobi sute—呼び捨て 

What exactly is yobi sute ΩNE might say.

Not applying a suffix or choosing an improper appendage to the counterpart’s namewhether the first or last onethis is the part that does not matter—as long as you do not disrespect their name.

Chasm between the Japanese language and every other oneFailing to adhere is kind of like a grave smearwould you not have to say, there is no worse way to establish a respectful relationship?

All Japanese have a designated space in the strictly structured hierarchical system of Japanyou must recognize, thus classify by appropriate titles, which everyone uses in Japan.

Two Kinds Of Japanese Flags - Land Of The Rising Son

Communication becomes much more dicey as non-native speaker advance into esoteric nooks and crannies of the social intercourse etiquetteconceptually singular, having been evidenced as reflected in the Way of Japan.

Modern and ancient Japan all together now - Land Ωf The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

A most curious complex notion residing inside the Japanese language legacyan ability say so very much, using a little strategic vocabularyinvoking the notion to read the air, pregnant with the actual intended meaning.

In this highly stylized society a subtle danger lies, as clear intention can be taken out of context with the listener misconstruing the original meaning.

In light of the truth of these noteworthy facts, also reside the subtle, delicate nature of the language of the Japaneseby default aesthetically pleasing.

wabi-sabi-aesthetics - Land ΩF The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

Regardless of the nature of Japanese ambiguity, it is through this veil of mud ΩNE can now clearly see, these communication protocols smooth the way throughout our society progressing and pressing the advancement of civilization 3.0, extending out into all of humanity.

Old Friend

Old Friend

Old Friend

What is a friend?

First and foremost, the meaning of friendship and specific roles differ significantly between cultures.

In the beginning, friends usually show up by default—immediate neighbours, in this case, the first friend lived directly across the street—this friendship also included accompanying the 2nd generation Japanese family, hitting the slopes to do a little Alpine skiing.

Silver-Star-Ski-ResortEventually they moved away, the fond memories of this early friend still linger today, solidifying my eternal friendliness towards his Clan, fondly recalling this exemplary example of what it means to be a real man.

The notion of friendship and what it entails is clearly differs from that of the Japanese—school system, creation, and maintenance of closely-knit community, and the social roles to solidifying human relations and embrace life’s meaning.

Sicamous fire chief Brett Ogino

The reality of Japanese hierarchical class structure starts early in earnest at around six.

Happy 6th birthday

In the Japanese language, friend encompasses a plethora of social constructs from the start of the rigid social hierarchy reality establishing the sociological frame, and the unique identifier of being Japanese.

The big three Japanese hierarchical protocol:

ΩNE in higher grade

ΩNE in same grade (first batch of friends comes from here)

ΩNE in lower grade

There is no escape from these social constraints, that is of course, unless there is the curious desire, for very undesirable treatment known as mura hachibu—or the dreadedprotocol of ostracism.

jail-breakIn Japanese, friends are not friends in the sense of those living in Occxie-land understand, they are to network with, and perhaps at one point, will be useful as collaborators in some kind of life’s master plan.

Deep and meaningful friendships are of course a necessary part of the fabric of all societies, but with the advent of the internet, the word friend no longer conveys its true meaning, seems now to be flippant even absurd, now long since past its prime.

People become friends for a variety of reasons, some for intellectual stimulation, others upon circumstances, a matter of self interest and convenience.

David Deutsch and Naval RavikantA major sign of the twilight waning of any relationship, when reduced to mere convenience—as like all living things, all friendships fade away and then die.

Old relationships that are meaningful at the end are always about sharing common interests, contributing sparks toward Each Other with an  enlightened shine—not stagnation of staid thinking of the judgmental and righteous kind.

Japanese have an apt description of a well worn relationship embodying the meaning of ennui—kusare en.

well worn relationships



1: inseparable relation
2: unsavory relation

This terminology is often used in jest, to be taken by the recipient either way, and like a lot of things the Japanese way, relays the participants true feelings in a very roundabout way.

The importance of friendship, fellowship, and community could not be more urgent than it is today.

Join likeminded communities, build new worlds as you see fit you own way—relaying the innate notions to fortify and edify our Clans and societies—build the future of our children with real men and women at the dawn of Hardcore History in this New World Age.

New World Future

Flavour Of Today

Flavour Of Today

Flavour Of Today

Interesting to be of the generation when the transformation from analogue to digital was observed in real time.

The journey following the Sun started in a small rural town called Salmon Arm, which was nestled on the pristine Shuswap lake, with a mere 5000 residents. 

Salmon Arm B.C. historic photo - Land Ωf The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

The nascent technology at that time, include television and the subliminal programming that came with it.

Originally developed in the late 1920s, the television sets became common in homes, businesses, and institutions during the 1950s, while becoming the primary medium for colouring public opinion.

The first television set at the domain of my humble Father was a 12 inch Black & White unit—1 channel.

Black & White TV - Land Ωf The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

Imagine the excitement when good old Dad brought home the first colour TV in 1971—now up to 2 channels.

Remember, the regular scheduled programming started at 06:00 and ended at 23:00—this is where the first memory of white noise imprinted.

white-noise - Land Ωf The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

Satellites then came on-line, and this is when the Americans invaded the world with their plethora of programming, including tonnes of gaudy B movies, and the air-hair-kitschy-pop-rock of MTV.Color-MTV-Logo - Land Ωf The Rising SΩN - cybersenseiThe more things change the more they stay the same—first television set after arriving in Japan in 1987, certainly had more than 1 channel, nonetheless, unless understanding Japanese, almost all programming was unintelligible.

A serendipitous encounter with a music program left a deep impression as the power of music as universal communication reminded ΩNE—oral speech is merely one elements of successful communication.

One of the most acclaimed songs in the chronicles of Japan is the beloved kawa no nagare no yo ni (As The River Flows), by the formative Misora Hibari.

美空ひばり川の流れのように - Land Ωf The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

Listening to this Japanese folk song (enka), touch a deep chord within the soul and the tears started to flowed, just like the river to which Misora was singing—her heartfelt rendition successfully drying this lonely boys tears.

Time marches on, and the dawn of the Internet in the early 1990s brought with it pain-relief from two particular points of isolation.

International telecommunications:

Once upon a time, in a distant land, the Japanese government owned the means of international communication—Kokusai Denshin Denwa (KDD)—the charge for 3 minutes to Canada circa 1988—¥1,200.

KDD International Rates Scam - Land Ωf The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

Here is where the beauty of technology and relief on the pocketbook came into clear focus. 

The call back system was created after the deregulation of Ma Bell, and the wild U$A march into unfettered crony capitalism, the following lifeline of communication came.

Ma Bell - Land Ωf The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

The capability to originate a dial tone from the United States, enabled proxy calls originating from the States, using the much less expensive American telecommunication standard rates.

After signing up, a dedicated Call Back Number was assigned to access the American communication system via a direct dial out of said KDD international calling system—001 +1 + area code + number.

Classic Black Rotary Phone - Land Ωf The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

After one ring, hang up, the phone then calls back originating a dial tone from the U$A—where the object of desire, wherever in the world, can be contacted and communicated with at a much more reasonable rate than the 100% government owned International Telecommunication Network.

English reading material in rural Japan was non-existent and access was problematic as the nearest book stores in Tokyo was 3 hours away, and like most thing back in Japan at the tail-end of the massive speculative bubble, quite expensive. 

Then came the largest online book retailer in the world, and the autodidact party kicked into full swing. 

autodidactic - Land Ωf The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

Indeed, seeing the transformation from analogue to digital, and the world it facilitates today, leaves the breath sucked in, and indeed taken away.

A very long way from 1 channel of programming on a Black & White TV, in a small rural community—currently the choice of available programming can be counted using the abstract notion of a number called Infinity.

Infinity - Land Ωf The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

Truly the significant social and technological advances over the last three decades has brought more options imaginable in the history of humankind—ΩNE could say a double edge sword.

With an infinite universe of choice now at the finger-tips, it is imperative to keep in mind the notion of lost precious time, and the importance of distinguishing between night and day—the transitory nature of all life—slowly bleeding away.

Clarity Over Time - cybersensei - Land Of The Rising Son

Minister of Edification

Minister of Edification

Minister of Edification

Not everyone fits into the same mould, or allows the mind to be infected with mold—the age of customization of edification is now permeating throughout Earth.

Nothing quite like an incendiary device to spark ΩNE’s thirst for knowledge—those fortunate to have had a mentor/disciple relationship understands exactly what this means.

Spark to Light the Fire - Land Ωf The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

Traditional education structures which had served to modernize Earth into a globalized world, has now reached the end of its cycle—no longer serving the future.

Taking a page from the great Meiji Education reformer Mori Arinori, it is now once again time to reconfigure education—in this new paradigm known as—Enlightened Edification.

Mori Arinori - Land Ωf The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

Mori Arinori—entry into Earth atmosphere—August 23, 1847—anointed to reform and rejuvenate the Japanese education system—founded upon a visionary mixture of stylized Western and Eastern edification protocol, resulting in a nation of literate, highly motivated citizenry—forging Civilization 3.0.

Born into the Satsuma clan twenty-one years before the 1868 Meiji Restoration ended the Tokugawa Shogun’s rule, very few Japanese could have ever foreseen such an abrupt end to over two centuries of peace, or the crucial role the Satsuma clan would play in the transition to Westernized Industrialization.

Satsuma han - Land Ωf The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

Moral education in a modern society, as Mori perceived, consisted of close horizontal relationships between people free from religious dogma or other philosophy.

Mutually beneficial relations between individuals means domestic peace—otherwise, society would always be in conflict, was the dialed-in frequency of his intellectualized intuition.

Indeed, friendship is one of the most cherished characteristics of Japanese society, in what Mori considered a positive element when comparing Japanese to Western societies.

Truly, he considered friendliness the essential ingredient of the teacher’s disposition—it was the duty of the teacher to nurture mutual assistance based on friendship.

Good teacher Satsuma han - Land Ωf The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

A teacher’s worth should not be judged from the perspective of the subject matter being taught, but valued according to the human disposition—reflected in the following three traits:

素直 (sunao)—obedience—faithfully following the regulations of the school and the instructions of the principle.

貫禄 (kanroku)—dignity—instilling a sense of self respect to undergo the rigors of training while developing character.

親愛 (shinai)—friendship—the process of cultivating good manners among human beings.

A pragmatic visionary, he recognized the right of teachers to hold personal religious and political beliefs, while warning it was unethical for teachers to impart any personal belief-systems to their students.

反面教師実例代表 - Land Of The Rising Son

Mori also advocated replacing Japanese with English as the national language while suggesting a dual-track school system.

First and foremost is the consequently important mandatory discipline of moral education in the earlier grades, instilling social cohesion and the notion to serve each other.

The higher levels of education were devoted to scientific studies based on principles of academic freedom, where the more adept student would progress as a matter of society’s flow.

Japanese feudal society - Land Ωf The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

In order for Japan to advance, Mori believed the Japanese language should be used in ordinary daily life, and English utilized in school, as it was better suited for scientific studies.

Clearly this vision for Japan was far ahead of the times—imagine what the world would have looked like today, had Japan been a bilingual nation at the outset of the Meiji Restoration.

Japanese Imperial Family Meiji 1880 - Land Ωf The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

Within the scope of educational reform, Mori called for loyalty to the state in order for Japan to compete successfully in the international arena.

He was acutely aware that people in the West united in the defense of their Nation State when threatened—regardless of social or religious backgrounds.

Here, the major unsolved problem of the nascent industrial education system for the Japanese was how to develop a sense of nationalism through the schools, without resorting to indoctrination.

Dogma Yes or No? Land Of The Rising Son

For nurturing patriotism and the love of country, Mori turned to the historic symbolism the Japanese Imperial system—long reigning for well over 2,500 years of succession.

Further to his enlightened insight, he grasped the fundamental and critical Universal Truth—no group of people has ever been uniformly endowed with intelligence, morality, and physical development.

In order to protect the weak from the strong, societies make laws, which evolve as human intelligence improves—this is in harmony with the innate Japanese notion of gradual, incremental improvement (kaizen).


Since human inequalities will always exist, some limited form of government must be designed to serve all citizenry.

Mori felt Japanese culture also contained characteristics superior to those of Western societis, specifically fraternal love and paternalism.

Western individualism debases the culture into a form of utilitarianism, whereas the ties that bind Japanese society is based on mutual affection and consideration for others.Mutual Dependency - Land Of The Rising SonMori also held the deep conviction about the progress of Japan being depended upon two historical pillars—broad support for the Imperial tradition—independence from foreign colonial control.

These two factors would enable Japan to progress by absorbing foreign elements in the modernization process while maintaining the nation’s cultural identity.

Modern and ancient Japan all together now - Land Of The Rising Son

Despite the considerably harsh criticism of Mori’s values by traditionalists, his structure for education remained essentially in place until the postwar era.

The future of Human Civilization is clearly build upon understanding Hardcore History in the context of a constructed world, as the Japanese continue to build our nation forward, founded upon a true reflection of Japanese heritage, while internalizing all historic Edification Events—now a distant past.

Freedom Betrayed Cover - Land Ωf The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

The visionary Mori Arinori’s divine aspiration for the edification of the Japanese has been reawakened, compelling them to build a model society for all on Earth—look—learn—be.

Maggie May Way Banner - Land ΩF The Rising SΩN - cybersensei