Declaration of Interdependence

Declaration of Interdependence

Declaration of Interdependence

The Way starts upon entry into Mother Earth’s atmosphere—whenever, whoever, wherever the hanafuda ΩNE has been dealt may lay.

hanafuda 03 - Land ΩF The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

The first in a series of hands to be played out over and over again—welcome to the gamification of life—Bet On Yourself

Traditions throughout the globe are as varied as a boat load of  Delights of the Sea—formulating all society—materializing mundane earthly instances—functioning as harbingers of Earth’s future—ΩNE only needs to open up and look around—with the intention and desire to see.

豪華刺身船盛り - Land ΩF The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

The evolution of Japanese society saw this cloistered nation— formulated by a strictly enforced meticulous class structure—birthing into the Meiji Restoration—creating a most miraculous and significant events within all of recorded Hardcore History.

This is where Japan innately industrialized their nation, showing the world Japanese people’s constitution—sending out the Iwakura Mission currying friendly relations with the industrial powers of that day.

Regardless of the inevitable growing pains during the coming-of-age ceremony—now understood to be the birth of Civilization No. 3—the nation of Japan having never wavered from its foundational principals of Form Order Process.

This is Japan - Land Of The Rising Son

Unbeknownst fact to Others—Japan is united by the notion of UniversalOneness—evidenced by the successful creation of this Declaration of Interdependence—hereby enshrining the tenets of Civilization 3.0—further advancing common humanity—absent of racial superiority—null and void of dogma leading to the subjugation of others—which in essence is the foundation of inequity.

Buddha Enlightenment - Land ΩF The Rising SΩN - cybersensei
Check the following declaration for a self-reflective mirror check and see if any of these items reflect back to resonate and reverberate deep inside of thee.

DECLARATION OF INTERDEPENDENCEDeclaration of Interdependence-E - Land ΩF The Rising SΩN - cybersensei-E1Declaration of Interdependence-E - Land ΩF The Rising SΩN - cybersensei-E2

All pathway of success lies on the Road Less Traveled, while letting the Muse loose, creating ΩNE’s own Way and a fascinatingly unique place under the Sun.

Clarity Over Time - cybersensei - Land Of The Rising Son

Don’t Touch It

Don’t Touch It

Don’t Touch It

Delighted to find a nice hook nestled inside the nook of a book, the product of ΩNE Tim Sanders mind.

This particular story, enlightened ΩNE into highly useful Productivity Notion.

Practice personalized subconscious programming—automate all possible instances of infinite possibilities—thoroughly embrace idiosyncratic journey in Material Sludge—throughout nooks and crannies of the plethora of esoteric times and minds.

time and mind illusion - Land Of The Rising Son

Material Sludge

Touch things once, at most twice, or if possible in fact, do not touch it, any which-way, whatsoever at all.

Tasks in paper form—piled high—ripe with unceasing incessant urgency—for ΩNE’s unconditional love and affection—personal fickle fleeting attention, with the notion of your dwindling ephemeral time.

ΩNE could say, even entertaining the notion of the (metaphorical) paper (again10), pondering shared fate, multiple times and over again, is somewhat akin to physically engaging it, thus frying away narrow bandwidth, all mental processing power, rapidly draining away.

Hint Mint

Create personalized autonomous Auto-System by exploring the foundation of Japanese Way—Form, Order, Process.

form order process - Land Of The Rising Son

Japanese does not innately grasp the Occxie notion of productivity, of which can be observed in the pensive and reticent nature of the Japanese, when it comes to the true meaning of corporate-family productivity.

Japanese have specific roles to play, when deadwood does not pull weight (productivity), lethargic slugs find their chair, has been moved in sideways motion, to arrive then reside beside the window—becoming a shamed member of the dreaded Window Tribe.

WINDOW TRIBE - Land Of The Rising Son

Emotion Basket

“Don’t Touch It” protocol has plethora of application, valuable tools, smoothing any and all journey along the way.

Here is potent potion, along with the secret notion to internalize reading the air, with tender loving care, and then there, refer to wise cautionary way as the Japanese say:

触らぬ 神に祟無し- Land Of The Rising Son

No one is left unscathed by constructed drudge of Material Sludge inside the visceral human condition.

Wounds of past, presence ennui, living in incessant uncertainty—for it is truly certain—the future always rhymes—manufactured tales—repeatable and distinctly know—yet still is thought upon, as mysterious, out of control, opaque, and will always remain unknown.

Into-The-Unknown - Land Of The Rising Son

After the initial shock of actualizing this realization, ΩNE is better prepared for Emotional Basket zones.

All success in any arena of Emotional Basket, must be connected with the skill of reading the air, and implements the Sooth Savage protocol:

poke god not— be not cursed

Here is where ΩNE definitely does not prod tender volatile frayed nerves.

Observe remnants of scars from distant instance, throbbing like a sad badge, queuing up same extinct CD to reminisce of self-inflicted pain—like an abusive lover—sameness of shabby story—entrenched inside unceasing moldy trivial mind-games.

trivial mind-game - Land Of The Rising Son

As example to not bothering touching something at all, the Japanese would also like to remind ΩNE of the following:

野次馬 → ya ji uma → rubberneck

It is highly recommend to always implement the following astute protocol to live a serene and fulfilling life:

mind one’s own phacken affairs

It is here and now, where ΩNEwill then and there declare, to have taken the initiative to exclude ΩNE of the notion of time and mood, and hidden consequences when encountering the volatile realm of some mere curious onlooker.

When in doubt, no need to pout or shout, the call of protocol not to be denied ΩNE can now see, in glory and glee that if you only open your eyes—here is where ΩNE becomes truly free—Don’t Touch It.

The Beginning of Time - Land Of The Rising Son

Heal By Healing 

Heal By Healing 

Heal By Healing 

JapanCivilization 3.0, eminent culture and society, representing pinnacle of modern civilization, while invoking ancient spirit of Yamato—displaying gumption, unwavering constitution, and innate notion to embrace The Grind.

Ancestor veneration evolved—blending timeless Buddhist Universal Truth along the Way—The Japanese weave the Notion of Kaizen into the fabric of society, Form, Order, Process, as intrinsic matter—Three Structural Pillars—foundation of Japanese System—reflecting isolated civilization evolving over millennia—broadcasting Weigh Station No. 9’s frequency vibration to metamorphosing worlds of  the clan-kin kind.

metamorphosis - Land Of The Risng Son

The path to Infinite Harmony are tenets to guide One’s own life journey enshrined into the original Japanese constitution—echoed from Multiverse to Japanese secular existence by Wise Sage, Shotoku Taishi (Prince Umayado/Prince Kamitsumiya) in 604 CE.

JAPAN 5000 YEN 1957 SHOTOKU-TAISHI RARE - Land Of The Rising Son

Fusing Western black & white plurality, with Eastern Confucianism, has not been easy on the island nation of Japan, nor its long-suffering citizens.

After 250 years of virtual isolation, the Japanese were forced to internalize the true nature of Occxie-mind-set, the ultimate culture shock to a people isolated for centuries.

Isolated Japan - Land Of The Rising Son

Remember, Japanese society delineates via flexible adaptability, while preserving Her ancient culture and heritage, however, evolution of Japan, does not include the notion of a mental health care system.

In Asian societies, the mental wellbeing of One’s clan members, particularly in domain of mental stability, is never responsibility of State.

Mental health issues in Japan are regarded as strictly private family affairs—just ask Hideaki Kumazawa.

Incorp_How_Can_A_Private_Family_Trust_Be_Beneficial_For_You - Land Of The Rising Son

Embracing the notion of Learn by Doing, is to personify the spirit of wonderment, awe, and amazement, indicative of an innocent, curious mind, to aspired to every day.

子供卒業式 - Land Of The Rising Son

Learn by Teaching

Unless speaking Japanese at an advanced level, and experiencing Japanese society in Japan, One can never truly realize the spirit lurking inside nooks and crannies of the indigenous Yamato spiritual mind.

Take compulsory Ministry of Education kokugo Communication Units as primary example.

Two-thousand—one-hundred—thirty-six (2,136) ideograms + two (2) syllabaries consisting of lots and lots of other symbols—both syllabaries are referred to as “fifty sounds.”

常用漢字表 - Land Of The Rising Son

Often things take a long time to Learn by Doing—don’t forget—seeming how One is doing things anyway—do all things well.

Heal by Healing

A plethora of interesting challenges await those who metaphorically, or otherwise reside in the Land Of The Rising Son—past, present, and future.

It is here in the Land of Onna Bugeisha, where material existence has been surmised, to be a remarkable paradise, somewhere, somewhen, inside some specific Infinity Field, commonly referred to, as Japan.

Onna_bugeisha_Ishi-jo_wife_of_Oboshi_Yoshio - Land Of The Rising Son

Next stage is pushing through suffering and pain—arriving in an instance, a new arena, same game—battle hardened and scarred, not yet quite dead—today is another ponderous day, to follow the Sun on your Way.

For some, however, the extraordinary gift of life, facilitating material participation inside this incredible game of life, now known as “Material Sludge“—for all modern materials on offer could not mend the broken heart, nor replace the love of that one and only girl.

I don't love you I like you a lot - Land Of The Rising Son

Decades ago, as the recipient of a “Dear John” letter, any last modicum of Warmth of Humanity, crushed out into carnal finality, embedded in a sad and distressing final note, a most unfortunate self-determined destiny.

The next step of this pathetic soul was to end his own life, with as little fanfare as possible—in what could only be surmised as—Notion of Abject Despair.

Pain-Despair-Sadness - Land Of The Rising Son

He made the fateful decision to bleed himself out.

So, with the nick of the blade, the deal was made, by this desponded soul, he forfeited his life, while flushing his broken heart, Ancestors, and future visions away.

This particular irrevocable act can be regarded as the most visceral example of han men kyo shi.

Tombstone of broken dreams - Land Of The Rising Son

Universal Truth

Ivory Tower—a stupefying, desolate experience—vested interests stoking and provoking—quacks, charlatans, and frauds—self-anointed monkeys be matriculated—mandating what Others can and cannot have or do—yet are vacuous of any coherence, or semblance of clue as what to do.


Matriculated Monkey, like some kind of Pharma Junkie, peddle third-hand mis-information, disseminating Truth Distortion at the bidding of Vested Overlords, exerting control over Filters Skew, controlling your mirror, what you see, and very Essence of One-Who-Are.

Truth Juice and Essential Essence in Material Sludge, can only be discovered outside the illusion of corrupt decaying Occxie Systems.

How to hear the singing voice of Muse, and meet with Other bags of chemicals encased in meat?

Go play outside—beginning One’s journey and remarkable climb, as One listens to the stillness of a bamboo forest, the supple breath of the voices whispering into Infinite Ears—it is then and there—in rare, yet common air—where, at last, One can truly tune up, in, and out.

Clarity Over Time - cybersensei - Land Of The Rising Son

Identification Please

Identification Please

Identification Please

This unwelcome solicitation usually reflect One’s origin as related to unique Ancestor Journey.

One continues to be utterly gobsmacked observing violent monkeys continuing to entertain the abjectly ridiculous notion of “birth-right” embodying whatever this obtuse terminology and meaning constructed there within.

shocked-monkey - Land Of The Rising Son

Of course, that is unless anointed to be the Emperor of Japan—the sentient being embodying Japanese mythology—representation of the Universally Truthful notion of what it means to be Japanese.

Japan Emperor Naruhito Head of Shinto - Land Of The Rising Son

Raised in severe harsh conditions, the meaning of life was meted out to all inhabitants and citizens unequivocally and equally—absent of prejudice or predetermined indoctrinated bigotry—this is the Way One could say.

It was here inside extreme adverse weather and impoverished attitudes of those living under frozen icy conditions, where the Noble Notion of color blindness was hardwired into One’s electrical circuitry via Maggie May, the matriarch of One’s Clan.

Jomon clan - Land Of The Rising Son

She is a wise and cherished ruler—truthful, neutral, all the while personifying One Universal Truth—embodying the Third Pillar of Civilization—becoming and growing from the secret nooks and crannies of the enigmatic Japanese hive-mind.

Japan the Land of the Honeycomb Society - Land Of The Rising Son
Thinking Thing:

Identifying and categorizing Others based solely upon constructed origin story, and the dominate indoctrination scripting of all malleable mind—cannot and will never be tolerated—fundamental principle of One’s Clan, and this most of Noble Notion to be internalized and canonized into infinity and beyond.

Here is Notion of Deep Gratitude toward Really Great Grandmother, Alastair, her first-son, and his enlightened first-daughter Maggie May the Universal Mother—for she is incarnate of One’s Clan embedded principle—foundation of a human story.

Furthermore, the sensational impact of One’s first friend can not be denied.

Japanese Kindergarten Students - Land Of The Rising Son

Third generation Japanese—his family graciously including a child on their family skiing trips—Five Japanese + One Occxie whitish-pink boy—in somewhat of a zany dreamy, ephemeral yet real, fantastical fantasy—truly akin to life as art in the reality of the abstract and surreal.

The intergalactic hoe-down continued next-door where the Hong Kong immigrant family brought their Confucianist values, large Asian family atmosphere, and Cantonese cooking along with the sight, smell, and sound of a little Asian cosmos—wafting through the nostrils of a rural Occxie neighbourhood and town—once upon a time—in a different place—of a distant past.

distant-past-horizon-milton-thompson - Land Of The Rising Son

By the way, up until recent times the Japanese government mandated fingerprints from all foreign residents on the way to the coveted residents card, duly noted on the lower right hand corner.

Normally fingerprint are kept as a record of those who exhibit poor behaviour worthy of an intervention by those in Authority.

Charles Manson fingerprint card and mugshot - Land Of The Rising Son

In Japan, however, fingerprint of foreigners was carried out as a simple matter of intrinsic evolution of Japanese society, and was abolished as a point of the innate Japanese notion of kaizen, societal advancement, and abandonment of decaying archaic notions.

Japan continues to evolve as the Third Pillar of Modern Civilization, as the roots continue to deepen, and the Japanese entertain notions of how to build powerful stable societies.

Modern and ancient Japan all together now - Land Of The Rising SonNow in what used to be the future, it is inevitable the Japanese will gradually include those from other places, as the homogeneity of the Japanese includes integration of Others into Japanese society which is founded upon Form Order Process protocol.

Thinking Thing:

Humans of various backgrounds and persuasions create diversely unique communities enriching Each Other—celebrating Oneness and Unity—oxymoronically built upon the strength of the homogenization of diversity, or whatever this abstract notion actually means.

Judge Book Not By Cover

日本書紀 - Land Of The Rising Son

Cultures having passed through the Age of Reason—only then to discover Universal Truth—at the door of a book—in a crooked nook—at the Mouth of Infinity, and the meaning of the term destiny.

One and all the same—life a game—human race representing Universal Truth of homo sapiens’ homogeneity.

For certain, as a matter of innate reactionary protocol, the Japanese will always judge a book by its cover at first glance.

It's all Greek to me -Land Of The Rising Son

Unless produced domestically, all book covers are written in languages foreign to the Japanese embodying alien notions and concepts, which are fundamentally different than that of the Japanese psyche, and the way things work, here in the Land Of The Rising Son.

After the Japanese inspect the book with a foreign title, and ascertain the value and merit of any innovative book, is where any and all novel notions are soon put inside the systematic Japanese notion of Form Order Process.

It is here where Japanese style tender loving care kicks in, and the magic of kaizen starts a beginning.

Kaizen-Process - Land Of The Rising Son

The notion of being inextricably linked to One’s preconceived identity is truly an extinct construct to be regarded as obsolete social notion, no longer a mystery, which can now be disregarded and discarded, relegated to the archives of human tomfoolery.

This can easily be done the very next time when queried about heritage and place of entry into the atmosphere where One can now truly say:

All that was, is, and will be, are now understood to be emergent, quasi-autonomous chemical repositories, encased in an eclectic electrical flowing ensemble of meat—children of this Day & Age—a novel, a chapter, a page—Infinite Notion of forward Motion embedded into the Japanese—Form Order ProcessThird Pillar of Civilization—in this extraordinary period in the annals of present history, and the Notion Of OUR Time.

Clarity Over Time - cybersensei - Land Of The Rising Son







Concert stage - Land Of The Rising Son


Harmony on earth - Land Of The Rising Son






万物 - Land Of The Rising Son万物 — 無限の魂




優しい幽霊 - Land Of The Rising Son


The-Power-of-Compounding - Land Of The Rising Son




phone zombies - Land Of The Rising Son






The War of Art - Land Of The Rising Son




Matrix-Code - Land Of The Rising Son



Clarity Over Time - cybersensei - Land Of The Rising Son




The folly of youth often embodies the emotional notion of immortality, along with failure to apply adequate hearing protection, leading to aural cavity disfunction—also know as tinnitus.

Bonding via love of loud blaring music, One can now find a specific chemical organism walking around in a suit of meat—singing along in purposeful perfect harmony—via endless Frequency—creating novel Notion of Motion—genesis and essence of infinite creativity.

Concert stage - Land Of The Rising Son

Entering the atmosphere at polar-opposite spots—upon a lonely dot—melding and melting in and out throughout space and time—separated in twelve-instances—rabbits inhabiting the nooks and crannies to conceptualize enigmatic minds—embracing worlds of randomness—deeply profound—Land Of The Rising Son.

Harmony on earth - Land Of The Rising Son

Here’s a thing.

The notion of the nation of Japan can now be realized as the Third Pillar of Earth’s Civilization.

It is also the last stop in Material Sludge before exiting the atmosphere from Way Station No. 9.

Japan is also where One can plainly see Universal Truth, as One becomes tuned into this particular Frequency.

Frequency Japan—notion of what it means to be Japanese—essence of ancient protocol—embodied in four-ideogram-compounds—key into the psyche of the Japanese—their deeply ingrained Notion of Motionban butsu.

万物 - Land Of The Rising Sonban butsu — life in all


Thus, the innate notion of subatomic molecular activity, should really come as no surprise to those who fathom Universal Truth, innately held by the Japanese to be self-evident.

Try this Notion of Motion deep into the nooks and crannies of One’s very own extraordinary mind.

Why can the presence of the dearly departed, the meat and song truly gone, but the vestiges of their chemicals remain?

優しい幽霊 - Land Of The Rising Son


The-Power-of-Compounding - Land Of The Rising Son

Repetitiveness and Frequency thereof, always leads to logical inevitable paths—compounding any and all effects, according to the depth of the desired Frequency.

Having struggled in the field of focused concentration, One found the key to keeping motivation, is to not be motivated about any thing whatsoever at all.

Motivations wane or change, along with static and interference of those playing Materialistic Maxtrix Mind games.

phone zombies - Land Of The Rising Son

To embrace why, is to chose One’s own infinity—for it is only then when:

One will also become an emergent, semi-autonomous being, traveling with Others in harmonically attuned Frequency and seeing.

Another precious gift One happened along the Way, was a very most curious Notion of Motion about something called—Muse.

The Muse was pointed out by Steven Pressfield, who left this book to be discovered and uncovered, inside a deeply buried nook of a cranny of this particular author’s enigmatic mind.

The War of Art

The War of Art - Land Of The Rising Son

In Pressfield’s seminal work, the method of introduce Oneself to Muse is succulent revealed.

The Muse will look deep inside One’s creative brain—leading to frequency evolution of sub-atomic particle gain—that is, if at first One does not go insane.

Unequivocally, One’s spirit and soul must be ready to hear the Muse—for it is sure to induce and seduce— essence of One’s being into a now transparent Quantum Field—so visceral, instinctive, and recognizing Universal Truth of what is actually real.

Matrix-Code - Land Of The Rising Son

Abandon all notions no longer genuine but now firmly surreal, it is here One’s finally stamps their personal seal on One’s personalized infinity deal, here is the promise, the simulation is viseral and surreal.

One and Muse will sip rabble-rouser juice, on an incredible journey with Others, on One’s Infinity Way.

Clarity Over Time - cybersensei - Land Of The Rising Son