Civil Bifurcation

Jun 1, 2024Blog, Civilization

Combinations of Japanese ideograms bring to life significant Japanese adages, quirky phrases pointing out existential and introspective themes, commonsensical delicacies creating an exemplary civil society.

The Japanese have embedded the dignified notion of learning from the past, making strong things that last, and embracing the wabi-sabi protocol embedded within on ko chi shin.


A rocket ship piloted by Muse leaves every morning of each day, on ko chi shin manifests the way, our ancestors laid the foundation for neo-clans to create the future of Civilization Three.

Without the serendipity of being assigned to the incredibly difficult position as an Incidental Occxie sent as Muse’s envoy to planet Japan, connecting the dots inside the nooks and crannies of the ancient protocol of the Japanese mind, allowing sagacious understanding of the pivotal role as a renaissance man in Japan.

Renaissance man in Japan with muse

The Japanese remain in the optimal position to reiterate the imperativeness of cordiality in the civil discourse of the emergent neo-society, regardless of disagreements among the members of these tightly knit communities.

There is always a solution when traveling in the same direction, as described in the official constitution documentation underpinning the society of the Japanese, and the naturally resultant fruiting communities.

The Japanese have been reimagining their society for more than two millennia, and the cultural refinement in the perseverance playing the long game has designated the Japanese as the creator and curator of Civilization Three.

Japanese cultural refinement

The main feature of the emergent neo-societies is the elimination of the dreaded dodgy dogmatic programming, “do as I say, not as I do” dead as the doornail used to hammer the final stake into the coffin of authoritarian tyrannical rule.

The bifurcation of civilization leaves the Japanese in proprietorship of this elixir’s template on how to behave in a civil society, as created by the societal conventions of the Japanese.

Japanese civil society all it can beIndeed, the Japanese citizenry was violently bifurcated by the fire-breathing dragons unleashed in WWII, violent imperial extremists subjugating and wasting the lives of the suffering Japanese citizens in a harrowing instance of Hardcore History.

Resilient to the core, the Japanese constitution is embedded in the DNA so very deep, as we now greet the consolidation of Shotoku Taishi’s indigenous Japanese constitution with the Age of Reason, civil bifurcation, the age of the neo-clans, the foundational vital organ of Civilization Three.

The evolution of human consciousness has progressed over millennia, the outcome of the rat race between the tortoise and hare yet to be determined, only Muse knows what the future holds, clarity over time.

Tortoise, Hare, Muse

Hoodwinked into participating in the constructed reality to which everyone pays lip service (matrix), decades were spent developing someone else’s dreams, the ephemeral nature of a fleeting human existence, exchanged for nickels and dimes for false promises of star-spangled dreams.

A quick titch of resolve is all that is involved to create a niche for your very own neo-clan.

Reanimation of the infinite vibration, celebrating mutually beneficial relations and the responsibility to reprogram broken simulations, authenticity is the new paradigm of the emergent constructed reality, the essence of Civilization Three.