Tied Up

Jul 8, 2023Blog, Culture

Learn from the past, live in the present, plan for the future, as the old axiom so goes.

The Past:
The origin of the necktie dates back to the 30 Years’ War (1618-1648), when the French hired mercenaries who wore traditional knotted kerchiefs as part of their uniform.

Thirty_Years'_War - Land Ωf The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

Towards the end of the war, these soldiers were being reviewed by French King Louis XIV, and during this inspection, the king noticed these kerchiefs, and as capricious children do—became infatuated with them. 

From then on Louis began to adorn these kerchiefs himself at just seven years old, when this fickle immature boy made the necktie a mandatory accessory at royal gatherings. 

When having a deeper ponder on the meaning of the necktie—remember its origins are due to a mandate of a long dead seven-year old boy—the reach of his influence stifling the spirit of the necktie tribes even now in this modern day.

Boy King with Tie - Land Ωf The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

Universal Truth:
Western society has been pigeonholed to the notion of pointless fashion kitsch—conjured up by a juvenile boy-king on a sartorial whim—leading to the abject nonsensical notion of the necktie—the strangulation and compression of your airway.

Hint Mint:
The opposite of strangulation is emancipation—here the outcome can only be binary—those who continue to accept strangulation and subjugation will continue to wither and die—those who choose to live as an autonomous sovereign individual will have selected life and what it means to actualise the notion of the free. 

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The Present:
The next question would then have to be:

Would you like a mask of subservience with your necktie of subjugation?

Philosophically, both are meant to oppress (citizens) and strangulate (creativity), clearly the current controversial face-mask is simply a more recent novel form of subjugation in the unprecedented tyrannical tie-up with the omnipresent necktie—never forget, mandated by a long dead seven-year old boy—telling you what to do today.

Many NeckTies - Land Ωf The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

The ubiquitous necktie is acutely associated with corporate identification, as we can see the throngs of business people running the modern industrial machine, which is simply a different system of vested-interest tribalism.

This is where the dictum of invisible task masters is carried out by the necktied class, often at the expense of a more practical and humanistic philosophy of a harmonic global society, founded upon social harmony and cohesion, which has already been enshrined in the original constitution—the foundation of Japan and the merging of East and West—evolving into Civilization 3.0.

Modern and ancient Japan all together now  - Land Ωf The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

Unsolicited Advice:
Social cohesion can be achieved by invoking the innate notion of kaizen (incremental small improvements), while following the foundational protocol of the Japanese WayForm Order Process.

The Future:
Conceivably the next shift in paradigm would be to annihilate this Gordian knot and emancipate your own clan from the mind numbing effects of stiff collars and tight knots suffocating life force—truly understand what it means to serve an invisible master—colouring the dreams and aspiration of someone else’s life-book.

Colour Your World Your Way Everyday - Land Of The Rising Son

There is but one thing that remains immutable upon Earth today—the constant state of flux, reshuffling, and change—so the time has come now again, to remove the Shackles of the Past—emancipation from the whims of the deceased Frog boy king—enter the next state of ΩNE’s existence, and what this means for clan, community, and you.

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