Onozuto Protocol

Jun 8, 2024Blog, Education

Wait by the river long enough, and the bodies of your enemies will float by.

Exhibiting patience by playing the long game, represents the difference between mental dystopia or the serenity of a sublime mind—onozuto protocol is clarity over time.

It is never too late to incorporate the encouragement of a 4-character compound, fueling the raging reactor in the core of the belly, vibrant life no matter at what age or stage—elderly statesman of the neo-clan nation—tai ki ban sei—great talent matures late *\(^o^)/*

Great talent matures late

It matters not how slow one goes; the purpose of the long game is civilized serenity along with copious amounts of jocular hilarity, for it is in this iteration of this animated quest that the meaning of life only ends when giving up.

Flush away the putrid rage of yesterday’s torturing of the subconscious and obscuring pathways—yet this is the only way to initiate the journey into ΩNE—the flow of the way.

Flush the baggage away

Plant a tree, though its shade you will never see—space and time are the game—onozuto protocol clearly states: as you sow, so shall you reap.

This golden nugget of wisdom can also be found, embedded in another profound 4-character Japanese compoundin ga ō hō—what goes around comes around.Nuggets of Wisdom

Like any rock-solid relationship that stands the test of time, the key to the kingdom and happiness is growing throughout the nooks and crannies in the infinite space of the sublime—clarity over time.

Onozuto protocol is also inextricably linked to the fundamental, innate humanistic principle of unconditional love.

The fickle nature of the fragile human ego is well-documented; two hearts beating as one—isshin dō tai—romantic notions, infatuation, and puppy love inevitably devolving into stagnation and ennui.

Husky love

So the story goes again and again: initiation of a new search for the “right one” or “special friend”—guaranteed miseryunlike unconditional love, which has no expiration date when following the sun.

Indeed, fly in ointment and chip on shoulder are the very obstacles sent to challenge one to overcome random travesties that manifest as despair when ignoring the han men kyō shi spirits.

Remember who you aspired to be, starting from around the age of three—no longer a brand-spanking-new baby, but a vital member of the emergent neo-society.

Crawl, rise up, stand tall, and imbue the day with the vibration of your personal information, embedded as the personification of a molecular biological iteration inside onozuto protocol DNA.

Evolution of man 津田梅老

The intensity of desire is ascertained by the amount of fire Muse has stoked to keep you warm throughout the brutality of reality’s storms during random attacks from rabid Black Swans and their mischievous cygnets.

There is only the infinite you (ego) in tandem with Muse (ancestors)will you be sharing the elixir of youththe subjective truth of space and time reframedshaking the molecules to blow the mindclarity over time.