Love Is All You Need

Feb 10, 2024Blog, Inspiration

The Westernised notion of love is akin to the Easter Bunny or Commercial Santa; exciting and mysterious as gullible children, but like all mythology, fabrications created by powerful forces to control the heart and mind of humanity.

The notion of falling in and out of love is as nonsensical as a fat man in black boots with a potbelly slithering down the chimney to deliver goods and to feast on milk and cookies.
Santa w E BunnyThe real world offers much more visceral tutorials to guide the propagandised lovestruck lovers—serving up a healthy jolt of reality—Unconditional Love reveals the wisdom of life’s meaning.

The feelings when first falling in love is as exciting and infatuating as a gentle spring breeze—what’s not to love about feeling warm and fuzzy about Each Other, if only temporarily.

True commitment to an authentic partnership entails surrendering to the notion of growing together—into future frequencies, unseen worlds, and far beyond the surreal—regardless of the inevitable suffering that Unconditional Love entails.

The infinite frequency of Jion-jionBuyer beware: love comes with a caveat—we must love Each Other unconditionally and love Each Other without fail and until the end.

Chocolate merchants have a field-day on Cupid’s sacred holiday—February 14th not having satisfied their sweet-tooth quite yet, the ingenious Japanese pioneered a reciprocal scheme inside a plot—continuing fleecing the smitten masses—the commercially thriving—White Day

Remember, in Japan on Valentine’s Day, the women give men chocolate as a token gift at the behest of Lotte, only to be coerced into reciprocating a month later in Japanese confectionary makers’ creamy dream, the socially constructed aforementioned—White Day.

Happy White DayFoundationally, the Japanese take a much more practical approach to love and what it entails—particularly in mate selection when joining hands to proceed, creating the precious legacy of sacredness—ΩNE’s clan and the progress they have achieved.

First and foremost, in order to love others, it is imperative to love ΩNESELF before becoming capable of Unconditional Love—the primordial instrument of human thriving.

The reflection of psychopathic narcissism is that of an insubstantial sub-race—forfeiting their place inside ΩNE—separate from the Whole—their very existence fundamentally embodying hate.
Ugly narcissist putting on make up and staring into a mirrorUnconditional Love is the will to extend ΩNESELF for the singular purpose of nurturing ΩNE’s own, or others’ psychological growth—incrementally polishing a true daily reflection of the meaning of Unconditional Love.

Upon realization, the next stage of the story is revealed—the illuminated infinite lovers embracing Civilization Three—the pathway of progressive enlightenment, a juicy fresh onion as the layers are slowly peeled.

Onion layers w Land Of The Rising Son Logo
The process of extending ΩNESELF is evolutionarily successfully extended ΩNE’s own limits, growing into a larger state of being via the act of loving others, a spouse, a child, a friend, or indeed a stranger is an act of self-evolution and edifies all others.

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Reaching through kaizen toward self-evolution draws the ΩNE spirit deeper into the state of Unconditional Love of ΩNESELF and of others—knowledge being fuelled by the Love generated within ΩNE—along the electricity lines of the Unconditional Love Frequency—binding Each Other Infinitely.

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