Ramp Up Frequency

Dec 16, 2023Blog, Inspiration

Essentially all life is Frequency—fundamental to the Japanese Way—ban butsu—life in all things—is what the Japanese say ٩()۶

This fundament Universal Truth reveals the spectrum of humanoid existence as encased in chemicals and electricity resonating an infinite array of frequencies within, without, and throughout ban butsu, in other words; life is in everything.

Scientifically speaking, humanoids only perceive a very narrow band of frequencies—akin to being deaf, dumb, and blind—illiterate and unseeing.

Deaf Dumb and Blind

Disregarding this Universal Truth leaves the indoctrinated majority vulnerable to an unnoticed phantom frequency phenomena embodying entities lurking out-of-gamut humanoid realms, which are in fact, other world’s realities.

Indeed, humanoids are severely limited to the visible light spectrum—430 THz~750 THz—along with the inevitable weakening of the sense distorting the field of perception—what is real?—what is fantasy?

The perceivable colours of earth’s rainbow encompasses a narrow bandwidth of reality—if unaware or do not care about the full frequency spectrum of Universal Truth—essentially a constructed reality isolated into the narrow spectrum of humanoid colourful frequency *\(^o^)/*

Red: 430 THz~480 THz
Orange: 480 THz~510 THz
Yellow: 510 THz~540 THz
Green: 540 THz~580 THz
Blue: 580 THz~620 THz
Indigo: 620 THz~670 THz
Violet: 670 THz~750 THz

All seeing eye and the spectrumThe notion of “tuning in” to different frequencies beyond humanoid perception is a common theme in the Japanese language, with quirky adages at the core of the Japanese way of being.

A Universal Truth manifested in all language is the Spirit Of The Word—societal protocol encoded in the DNA of the Way of the Japanese.

Moreover, the Japanese are flexible in adapting unfamiliar frequencies as they are graced with the deeply metaphysical reality of i shin den shin.

Originating from Zen, i shin den shin is the state of equilibrium where concerned parties need not language spoken nor written to successfully communicate intention and meaning clearly understood inscribed inside mutually beneficial unspoken communicationthis reality existing inside out-of-gamut frequencies where this perception resides.

Serene bamboo and crane w logo

Perceiving, seeing, acknowledging the existence of these frequencies, allows intentional invocation of the Spirit of The Word to start interaction with these energetic entities residing in the infinite spectrum of unseen frequencies.

Ancient metaphysical traditions point to the human spirit and consciousness unencumbered by limitations imposed by physical constraints allows access to other world frequenciesnow available to all who wishes to see.

Through practices like meditation, usage of vision accelerators, or specific rituals such as the ancient Japanese frequency of kagura神楽where ΩNE can dial-into the esoteric Japanese Way-Stations.

Kagura Instruments

Regardless of the fact these phenomena occur outside the five main senses of the humanoid race, perceptions of these frequency are clearly aspects of the multiverse and should be disregarded at personal peril.

Societies beyond mortal comprehension surround the spectrum of distinguishable frequencies and to the open mind, allows visceral glimpses into these out-of-gamut frequencies.

When opening the minds eye, ΩNE becomes mindful of whispers urging you to start living inside a personalized reality, and a new way to see the unique journey as a player in the ultimate gamepeel back the veneer from the mind’s eye and all is there laid bare join this thriving and diverse infinite community.

Minds Eye and games