Apr 1, 2023Blog, Civilization

The folly of youth often embodies the emotional notion of immortality, along with failure to apply adequate hearing protection, leading to aural cavity disfunction—also know as tinnitus.

Bonding via love of loud blaring music, One can now find a specific chemical organism walking around in a suit of meat—singing along in purposeful perfect harmony—via endless Frequency—creating novel Notion of Motion—genesis and essence of infinite creativity.

Concert stage - Land Of The Rising Son

Entering the atmosphere at polar-opposite spots—upon a lonely dot—melding and melting in and out throughout space and time—separated in twelve-instances—rabbits inhabiting the nooks and crannies to conceptualize enigmatic minds—embracing worlds of randomness—deeply profound—Land Of The Rising Son.

Harmony on earth - Land Of The Rising Son

Here’s a thing.

The notion of the nation of Japan can now be realized as the Third Pillar of Earth’s Civilization.

It is also the last stop in Material Sludge before exiting the atmosphere from Way Station No. 9.

Japan is also where One can plainly see Universal Truth, as One becomes tuned into this particular Frequency.

Frequency Japan—notion of what it means to be Japanese—essence of ancient protocol—embodied in four-ideogram-compounds—key into the psyche of the Japanese—their deeply ingrained Notion of Motionban butsu.

万物 - Land Of The Rising Sonban butsu — life in all


Thus, the innate notion of subatomic molecular activity, should really come as no surprise to those who fathom Universal Truth, innately held by the Japanese to be self-evident.

Try this Notion of Motion deep into the nooks and crannies of One’s very own extraordinary mind.

Why can the presence of the dearly departed, the meat and song truly gone, but the vestiges of their chemicals remain?

優しい幽霊 - Land Of The Rising Son


The-Power-of-Compounding - Land Of The Rising Son

Repetitiveness and Frequency thereof, always leads to logical inevitable paths—compounding any and all effects, according to the depth of the desired Frequency.

Having struggled in the field of focused concentration, One found the key to keeping motivation, is to not be motivated about any thing whatsoever at all.

Motivations wane or change, along with static and interference of those playing Materialistic Maxtrix Mind games.

phone zombies - Land Of The Rising Son

To embrace why, is to chose One’s own infinity—for it is only then when:

One will also become an emergent, semi-autonomous being, traveling with Others in harmonically attuned Frequency and seeing.

Another precious gift One happened along the Way, was a very most curious Notion of Motion about something called—Muse.

The Muse was pointed out by Steven Pressfield, who left this book to be discovered and uncovered, inside a deeply buried nook of a cranny of this particular author’s enigmatic mind.

The War of Art

The War of Art - Land Of The Rising Son

In Pressfield’s seminal work, the method of introduce Oneself to Muse is succulent revealed.

The Muse will look deep inside One’s creative brain—leading to frequency evolution of sub-atomic particle gain—that is, if at first One does not go insane.

Unequivocally, One’s spirit and soul must be ready to hear the Muse—for it is sure to induce and seduce— essence of One’s being into a now transparent Quantum Field—so visceral, instinctive, and recognizing Universal Truth of what is actually real.

Matrix-Code - Land Of The Rising Son

Abandon all notions no longer genuine but now firmly surreal, it is here One’s finally stamps their personal seal on One’s personalized infinity deal, here is the promise, the simulation is viseral and surreal.

One and Muse will sip rabble-rouser juice, on an incredible journey with Others, on One’s Infinity Way.

Clarity Over Time - cybersensei - Land Of The Rising Son