Chip On Shoulder

Sep 2, 2023Blog, Perseverance

Having a chip on shoulder is somewhat like having Mr. Woodcock as an omnipresent coach—stoking fear-based motivation, or as viewed here in Japan—your personal oni kōchi.

Chips on shoulder manifest in a plethora of ways, so be sure to ascertain the origins of your personal chips.

Also, recognise if any particular personal chips are related to substandard parenting, making sure to avoid the old adage—a chip off the old block. 

Chip off the old block

To master generational chips, it is imperative to expedite appropriate measures, overturning self-perpetuating distorted reality fields—flipping the chip into deeply seated fortitude, an admirable characteristic of those who live life in empathy.

Recognising chips at first is confronting—a personal chip is an  excuse for mediocrity, stagnation, manifesting in a broken spirit and crushed dreams—your personal chip will continue to whisper in your ear, haunting you, until choosing to hear—“mend your ways, life is slipping away.”

Chips betray suppressed unresolved internal conflicts, and when brought to light and recognised, takes the newly enlightened into an extremely unpleasant transition—at first through confusion, and then a niggling feeling that this quirky scenario is somehow related to the notion known as destiny.

Date with destiny

Be wary of a particularly nasty chip which embodies a selfish, self-identified, selfless servant of humanity—always sacrificing for everyone and everything else, yet nothing for themselves.

These suffering individuals remain enslaved to the festering chip of bitterness and resentment, feeling sorry for themselves—this particular group of the self-oppressed are sorely in need of the Care Factor Zero protocol—don’t let this moment pass you by.

Care Factor Zero Empress Grace

Recently, a deeply disturbing manifestation of unpleasant chips has become evident inside the schoolhouse halls in what are known as—higher-learning institutes. 

Seeing a despondent generation of naïve individual enticed into a lifetime of servitude and debt peonage, carrying mountains of debt—prospect of a once-in-a-lifetime J.O.B. (just over broke) now coveted and converted by your emerging rival A.I.—pointless university degre no longer necessary, so do not even bother to apply.


Alas, this particular type of chip tends to only grow more ugly and violent as the misguided mal-matriculated slowly lose all sense of dignity, falling into an abyss of cynicism and despair, sprinkled with despondent negativity.

The opportunity to explore the nooks and crannies of greater Asia were as boundless as they were profound, having the extraordinary privilege of being able to hub here and there straight out of Japan.

Bagan Burma

This Incidental Occxie observed timeless ancient principles in practical application throughout Asia, facilitating the understanding that societies and cultures formulated from Confucianism, Buddhism, and Ancestor Worship, leave fewer chips on shoulder, deepen societal harmony, create strong family, clan, and community—the primal nature of the human species called forth innately.

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