Care Factor Zero

Jul 2, 2022Blog, Culture

Care Factor Zero

One of the extremely prickly traits of the Japanese is over-sensitivity to language and perceive slights—intentional or not.

Most difficult to master, yet worthy of one’s precious and rapidly dwindling life, is to internalize the brilliant concept of Care Factor Zero.

One was most fortunate to have entered the atmosphere in late 1963 via a warm-fuzzy tree hugging earth mother—Canadian nonetheless.

Margaret Circa 1958 - Land Of The Rising Son

Good fortune to be sure, and like all things, there are two sides of the coin—the yin to the yang—one could say.

Yin Yang - Land Of The Rising Son

This is even more pronounced in the Japanese as the deeply ingrained societal protocol of tatemae and honne leave the Japanese acutely aware of the essence in the air and trusting their subjective interpretation thereof.

Truly, in Japanese society it is necessary to hone one’s air reading skills as this particular societal protocol is truly a brutal teacher, and an unforgiving mentor in the Way of the Japanese.

Having acute sensitive as to what others are thinking, was, and still is a highly valuable skill to navigate the murky air of the unspoken ancient protocols of the Japanese society.

Japanese Bowing To Each Other - Land Of The Rising Son

This is why Care Factor Zero is imperative for the Japanese to understand, internalize, and implement into their own lives as soon as possible.

With awareness of Care Factor Zero, the Japanese can gain a significant advantage over those trapped in the putrid dead-end decay of caring far too much about far too little.

The Japanese can also embrace the philosophy of Care Factor Zero to lighten their heavy self-inflicted burdens, which subconsciously maxes out the stress level of the long-suffering Japanese, while causing an unpleasant phenomena of Japanese known as jigyaku, or, collective -self-hatred.

Indeed, all benefit greatly when using Care Factor Zero protocol for one’s own peace of mind and serenity in this turbulent world.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck - Land Of The Rising Son

Of course, the opposite of Care Factor Zero is Care Factor 100.

Care Factor 100 protocol is to be used with the object of ones affection, and concerns their overall Mental—Physical—Spiritual textures.

Showa era Japanese family - Land Of The Rising Son

Care Factor 100 is simply another way to demonstrate unconditional love.

Unconditional love is the bullet-proof way to create a harmonious relationships with significant others leading to a deeply symbiotic relationship and harmony within the clan.

Besides, the personal agency granted to oneself via the Care Factor Zero protocol will reverberate throught a lifetime and leads to the ultimate state of serenity and enlightenment.

Enlightenment- Land Of The Rising Son

To be sure, Care Factor Zero protocol is an important tool to navigate the volatile waters of these turbulent modern times.

The default daily Care Factor protocol is Zero.

Objectively examining one’s own Care Factor levels allows accurate assessment of the worthiness of one’s attention, while always keep in mind—life is short, and you will be dead soon enough.

神道の葬儀 - Land Of The Rising Son

Truly, the masses care far too much about things beyond their control, creating negative energy while poisoning the innate human spirit all the while facilitating hatred and its repugnant partner in crime; bigotry.

Those who choose to constantly react to endless stream of events beyond their control will soon wake up to a bleak realization—your life is meaningless, and no one whosoever has ever cared that you cared about anything whatsoever at all.

Goddess of the Sun Amaterasu turns the seasons into years, here to understand Care Factor Zero leads to a peace of mind and a life of extraordinary events awaiting those who adhere to the enlightened protocol of Care Factor Zero.

Wabi Sabi Japanese Rock Garden - Land Of The Rising Son