What Goes Around

Nov 26, 2022Blog, Culture

What Goes Around​

The never ending flow of enchanting four-character compounds—yojijukugo—is a source of endless fascination.

Frequently, these salient phrases are embedded with profound wisdom, moral lessons, and cautionary decrees—which are to be ignored at one’s own peril.

Many have their roots in Buddhism—other deriving from more ancient spiritual tenets and protocols.

Buddhism - Land Of The Rising Son

The object of today’s examination is rooted in Buddhist philosophy and connected to Karma.

in ga ō hō

The definitions are many definitions suck as retribution; just deserts; poetic justice; rewards (in a negative meaning).

In particular, today’s notion is about Karma.

羯磨 - Land Of The Rising SonKarma could be describe as—divine retribution—a glaring light shinning of one’s unpleasant behaviour—both in past lives, plus these day as well.

Even more so, perhaps certain types of divine retribution are meant to stings much more bitterly when the dammed can still feel a modicum of carnal sensation—in particular, when shocked monetarily—or with an unexpected death to haunt them for the remainder of their lives.

lightning-forefinger - Land Of The Rising Son

Over decades in Japan, one has encountered every character representing the full spectrum of the human rainbow—several of them were extremely unpleasant.

Everyone has a story about these kinds of parasites in one’s own sphere looking to leech away as much as they can.

Parasite - Land Of The Rising Son

This particular unsavoury man reputation preceded him—but one was taught—for better or worse—give the stranger the benefit of the doubt.

At the start of venture this miserable old person also soon employed two of his sons—this is what is known as nepotism.

Having made a verbal agreement at the beginning of the project in front of witnesses one was surprised when the time came there was no compensation forthcoming.

Alas, not one certificate of gratitude whatsoever—thus, one’s time and effort over the 6 month-period had be assigned a value of 0.

Needless to say, like all relationships that have 0 value, the connection was terminated.

Burning-Money - Land Of The Rising Son

However, the ever present grapevine brought a small bird to bear new of the fate of his unhappy family.

Indeed, both grime tidings were about the very two sons who worked in the doomed project of their delusional father.

One of the sons had just married a lovely mixed Japanese and Indian woman who was not only very beautiful, but she was very smart.

Unfortunately, the same thing can not be said about the first grandson of this family.

Karma has a cruel way to say things clear and loud while allowing for the students to pick up, open, and start to read the book of enlightenment, which has been laid at the disciples feet by Karma herself—this is optional nonetheless.

There is nothing that quite sears the truth into one’s own soul like the stark realizations embedded into pithy drivel:

Learning is a gift even when pain is your teacher.

Premature baby in an incubator - Land Of The Rising Son

It is even more so miserable when the hopes and the desires of this family rested upon this new first grandson and are vaporized up into the sad reality of mental retardation.

He is destine to be a wary soul doing penance on behalf of his grandfather in what can only be looked upon as a stinging example of Karma and quantum retribution.

This story gets to the more raw essentials of Karma, and it’s divine judgment upon all those who spread evil.

His oldest child was afflicted by a serious liver disease—sadly he died shortly after his gruesome diagnosis.

Chronic-Liver-Disease - Land Of The Rising Son

Not all the money in the world could buy another day on earth for his own son—nor will stacks of treasure console the throbbing emptiness that Karma will bring to him each and every day.

Nor can he take back the unpleasant things he did to his own son—and knowing this nasty behaviour facilitated his son’s early demise.

Beware of the presence of Karma surrounding one—analyze the person’s suffering or joy—know that what goes around comes around.

Karma is neutral—one get back what one puts out.

yin-and-yang - Land Of The Rising Son

Karma can be consciously shifted through desire—controlling one’s own destiny starts today.

Small increments of good will sprinkled with a daily dose of gratitude is the right place to start every day—consciously churn the energy—listening to the still voices.

Here lies the unlimited supply of divine Karma, and once tapped, serves as a wellspring of inspiration and joy—knowing there is an eternal spring of life—belonging to all.

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