Fly In Ointment

Sep 9, 2023Blog, Perseverance

Concerned about facts in which you have no say or control?

There is absolutely nothing to be done beyond an individuals sovereign control, therefore, anything of this nature cannot be categorised as Fly In Ointment.

Recall the proverbial Chip On Shoulder—this protocol describes an individual’s jurisdiction for personal growth and change—a superpower known as Personal Agency.

Personal-Agency-Land-Of-The-Rising-Son w logoAs a matter of fact, any and all incidence of grouching and grumbling surely originate from the Chip On Shoulder zone, don’t fret, you are not alone.

Recognising changes necessary leading to a life filled with meaning and purpose, then not bothering to do anything about self-inflicted flies in ointment is nothing less than a Chip On Shouldersurely to show up again and again—until self-realization, then actualisation—taking corrective measures when the flies inevitable fly ΩNE’s way.

Self sabotage by omission and lack of volition will continue to drawn a variety of flies into your personal ointment, and to tell the truth, these nasties will show up often, to varying degrees of unpleasantness, without an appointment, in an alien place, at a random time, on an arbitrary day.


An accurate measurement of personal health is how often, and to what magnitude flies in the ointment appear, and the appropriate countermeasures taken will personify a deepening awareness of personal flies.

This is the meter for measuring the time it takes for personal flies to decrease, then disappear altogether, one fine and glorious day.

One must be wary of the spectrum of flies on stand by to pollute and sabotage YOUR ointment (personal dreams, desires, and aspiration), and depending on the type of fly, can eliminate you from the game of life altogether—a pawn being controlled for the purpose of playing someone else’s game.


The fly manifests in many ways—truly a reliable reflection of a life lived in a moment to moment existence—no motivation, reflection, meaning, or indeed a sense of higher purpose—this is what is known as—losing one’s way.

One could also consider regular visitation of flies eyeing your ointment, in particularly the Horsefly, a nasty flesh-eating insect, wherein this species is renowned for bearing bad news of a deeply karmic sort, in a very vicious way.

horse fly

Life never goes as planned, shocking things seem to come from out of the blue, which is rarely true—Fly In Ointment is actually a predictable scenario, akin to the rising sun, the inevitable compounding, consciously or unconsciously, each individual life reflecting choices of once upon a time—just like it was yesterday.

Defective decisions, lackadaisical attitude, and the most common of all flaws—the entitlement mentality of the Industrial Education Complex graduates—indoctrination of this odious phenomena having become a repugnant second nature—also referred to as Complex Disease.

Complex Disease

The nature of this world will always put obstacles in the way of any worthy notions that advances knowledge, truth, and Civilisation 3.0.

It is imperative to understand that embracing any challenge is simply to change ΩNE’s own mind—look upon obstacles as the forward way—it is inevitable that troublesome flies will be encountered along the way.

As the masterful Ryan Holiday has brought us the wisdom of the ancient minds, drawing parallels between the Stoic philosophy of the ancient Greeks and Japanese samurai, which both drew the same conclusion from a distant past in an instance of infinite time.

Ryan Holiday - The Obstacle is the Way

The way to thrive in the world is to embrace and cherish each moment of finite earthy existence—keeping in mind one of the most important things to understand, and advance your own life starting with today—following the heart and embracing the fact—The Obstacle is the Way.The obstacle is the way