Less Hope More Vision

Nov 18, 2023Blog, Inspiration

Hope springs eternal, or so it has been said—the burning question is: by who, and why was this less than hopeful notion put into motion once upon a time?

Hope sounds good in theory.

Then again, hope springing eternally could be looked upon as the proverbial pig in lipstick—dressed up as a comforting idiom, at one time serving practical purpose, now represents heavy chains that bind the mind to a hopelessly obsolete theory.

Dead TheoryOriginally this old platitude embodies confidence of expectations, reasonable or not, to come to full fruition—alas, hope alone absent of elbow grease and vision will manifest not—for hope is usually another’s personal universe—those having a clear vision however you do not—you have hope and that is what a vision is not.

Regrettably those relying on the notion of hope for some meaningful motion in life is merely wishing upon a star to sprinkle into the hopeful notion of some elusive magic potion.Magic-PotionHere the hopeful continue to hope against all hope, hoping for to fruit abstract notions such as happiness, longevity, prosperity—this is where the hope protocol allows plenty of leeway for uncertainty, depression, repression, and despair—feeding a plethora of unpleasant outcomes leading to misery. 

Really, what could be more hopeless than waiting for spurious scribes’ edicts to come to fruition—waiting for an eternity, but even all the more so, embodied in humanoid flesh on this mortal earth’s journey—waiting and hoping desperately—for something out of control—this is a date with an unfaithful fair-weather friend—now understanding the meaning of hopelessness for all of eternity and indefinitely on standby until the bitter end. 


Universal Truth ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The notion of a pipe dream has been mixed up with hope.

Hope is an immature notion consisting of inching closer toward a constructed outcome created by another—understanding this brings ΩNE closer to the crux of this critical discussion—inspirational transition into maturation of your sentient beinghopepipe-dreampersonal universe vision.

Visionary childrenThe Muse now loose pointing out the truth of reality and you have already seen this inside organic lucid dreams.

In contrast to the Occxie notion of hope, the Japanese default is that of worry, and by extension a feeling of hopelessness and helplessness.

This is the common default of the Japanese as they continue to refer to their beloved nation, Yamato Japan as wazuwai no kuni—country of disasters—historically this is the truth of this archipelago’s geographical nature.

Surreal map of Japan high tech red rising sun background

The importance of visualising the future cannot be understated.

Observe the proletariat class having lost sight of any personal vision, and this can be tracked back to the lengthy period of industrial indoctrination handing out degrees of hope beyond hope throughout impressionable youngsters important formative years.

Hint Mint *(^o^)/* Visionary Starter Pack 

To spark up the personal universal vision, the is no better place to start than stepping out onto the thousand mile journey, beginning with the very first step.

Your own colouring book starts with the first stepLive in this world the way it has been constructed, all the while visualising the world ΩNE desires to create, thus live in—leaving an extraordinary different world—the Great Clans of Japan in the infinite continuum of manifesting an original noble vision—a very personal edict as described in the ephemeral dreams brought to you by your intimate sublime Ms. Muse.