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Sep 24, 2022Blog, Inspiration

Going Nowhere Fast - Land Of The Rising Son

Having tasted the bitter flavour of ennui and wandering for years in the proverbial desert, a consequential breakthrough was uncovered.

Do not ignoring important forks in the road, whatever they may be.

Over time, the stark realization ΩNE’s Japanese language skills would remain in the jozu desu ne category, forever, carrying with it a feeling of hopelessness and despondency.

Despondency - Land Of The Rising Son

Cultural point 1: The phrase jozu desu ne is used by the Japanese, particularly on those from Occxie-land, when there is even a minor level of cohesive communication in Japanese.

Cultural point 2: This innocuous comment is intended to be kind, but to those who seek deeper levels of communication with the Japanese, it is also serves a stinging backhanded compliment, and a bleak reminder:

Regardless of how far ΩNE has come—ΩNE must still go farther along the way day by day—until the final play—passing into the God molecules, and continuing along ΩNE’s own Way.

Fork In Road

Fork-in-the-Road-Learn-To-Read-Japanese - Land Of The Rising Son

The Ministry of Education mandates the Japanese language curriculum consisting of 2,136 ideograms, and two other syllabaries—hiragana and katakana.

Over time, ΩNE came to the bleak realization—without Japanese reading ability—illiteracy.

It is said when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Kanji In Context Workbook Volume - Land Of The Rising SonRegardless of the intense degree of difficulty for this old autodidact, the kanji challenge was the most significant forks in road.

Entering into the realm of the Japanese literate, has lead to extraordinary opportunities, not available to those who cannot read, or write Japanese.

Fork In Road

A Fork in the Road Two Children - Land Of The Rising Son

Relationships at all stages, must be carefully examined throughout life.

People progress in different paces and ways, and more often than not, the value to each other changes over the course of time.

It is best to recognize when old relationship no longer serve association, and it is always prudent to move on, when that important fork in road has been realized with clarity.

Clarity Over Time - cybersensei - Land Of The Rising Son

As ΩNE matures, the realization of the fleeting nature of life, and how quickly the journey ends, has allowed ΩNE to put to rest any relationship no longer serving the edification of Each Other.

Fork In Road

There's a Fork in the Road and You Should Take It- Land Of The Rising Son

Truly, as ΩNE heads into the 6th decade of life next year, the most significant fork in road has now appears and the necessity of the next step, no matter how large, can no longer be ignored.

Watching the country of ΩNE’s birth collapse into incivility, the once beautiful society ΩNE was privilege to have been raised in is now a faded memory.

Indeed, as ΩNE said to beloved mother the other day.

Margaret Circa 1958 - Land Of The Rising Son

If living until 95 years of age, ΩNE has the opportunity to live one more full adult lifetime in Japan.

Thus, the fork in road for the author of this article is to leave the citizenship of birth behind—becoming a citizen of Japan—the country of my family, clan, and community.

Such decisions are not easy, but more often than not Fork In Road has a brilliant spotlight shinning on its entrance.

Here, after understanding the reading system of Japan, ΩNE can now clearly see the nooks, crannies, and layers of Japan, along with the rich magic held within the Japanese heart, spirit and mind.

Japanese Language Proficiency Test - Land Of The Rising Son