Clear As Mud

Nov 4, 2023Blog, Civilization

Nothing represents misunderstanding, miscommunication, and ignorance more saliently than cluelessness regarding the significance of Japanese sociological protocol, and the weight such etiquette carries upon the spirit of the Yamato soul.

The conceptual chasms between Japanese and all other languages can be attributed to the isolated nature of Japan, accompanying by the enlightened period of peacefulness under mandated harmony, where they nurtured their nation’s foundation, doing so prodigiously.

Chasm between the Japanese language and every other oneThe unspoken rules of our society are deeply woven into the Japanese Language Spirit—underpinning foundational cultural norms—dōitashimashite—knowledge of this has now left you forewarned.

The Japanese are suspicious of excessive friendliness—those who desire to quickly move to first name—not an acceptable cultural norm, nor a protocol to be adhered to whether visiting or living in Japan.

Groups of Japanese children bowing to each other - Land Of The Rising Son

Edification for those going ΩNE Way:

It’s imperative to hear this cautionary tale crystal clear—avoid like the plague or risk becoming the dregs—internalize the meaning of yobi sute—呼び捨て 

What exactly is yobi sute ΩNE might say.

Not applying a suffix or choosing an improper appendage to the counterpart’s namewhether the first or last onethis is the part that does not matter—as long as you do not disrespect their name.

Chasm between the Japanese language and every other oneFailing to adhere is kind of like a grave smearwould you not have to say, there is no worse way to establish a respectful relationship?

All Japanese have a designated space in the strictly structured hierarchical system of Japanyou must recognize, thus classify by appropriate titles, which everyone uses in Japan.

Two Kinds Of Japanese Flags - Land Of The Rising Son

Communication becomes much more dicey as non-native speaker advance into esoteric nooks and crannies of the social intercourse etiquetteconceptually singular, having been evidenced as reflected in the Way of Japan.

Modern and ancient Japan all together now - Land Ωf The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

A most curious complex notion residing inside the Japanese language legacyan ability say so very much, using a little strategic vocabularyinvoking the notion to read the air, pregnant with the actual intended meaning.

In this highly stylized society a subtle danger lies, as clear intention can be taken out of context with the listener misconstruing the original meaning.

In light of the truth of these noteworthy facts, also reside the subtle, delicate nature of the language of the Japaneseby default aesthetically pleasing.

wabi-sabi-aesthetics - Land ΩF The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

Regardless of the nature of Japanese ambiguity, it is through this veil of mud ΩNE can now clearly see, these communication protocols smooth the way throughout our society progressing and pressing the advancement of civilization 3.0, extending out into all of humanity.