Dividing Spoils

Mar 18, 2023Blog, Culture

The notion of Japan held in the minds of the Occxies, is that of a very densely populated territory, residing upon meagre land.

If having ever touched down, upon the sacred ground of the Land Of The Rising Son—one comes to realize quickly—there is nothing meagre at all, about the island nation of Yamato—spiritually, mentally, nor within the finite constructed constraints of the material sludge of Japan.

map of Japan inside europe - Land Of The Rising Son

The Japanese archipelago stretches over 2,900 km with 80% of the landmass consisting of uninhabited mountain regions.

That being said, one could easily live in the exquisite mountainous regions of Japan—this is where—there is succulent rare, and sacred air, one can find plenty of delicious sansai, to share, with other clans and friends—here, there, and everywhere.

SupeRPoweR: Use these edible wild mountain plants (sansai) for topping soba noodles, among many delectable things.

The natural beauty of Japan cannot be understated.

Any occasion to explore the cryptic nooks and crannies of Japan, while soaking up this atmosphere must be seized upon immediately, as it is here where one finds the rare air.

If called to do so, one will then take an exceptional place among the thinking-mammals.

David Deutsch - Can Science Provide Ultimate Answers - The Beginning Of Infinity - Land Of The Rising Son

Here, one will have the true experience of encountering humanity in its most pure and viscerally evolved form—the civilization of the Japanese.

This ancient system has been evolving over millennia can be conceptualized as “Japan.”

In fact, the ideas of a “country” is simply a concept dolloped on top of some commonly held notions about what a country entails.

One can observe this Universal Truth in the timeless branches of Japanese eternity, which is represented by the lives of all Japanese people—living—dead—unborn—and in the lives of those whose final destination is enlightenment into the Japanese Way.

香取神宮 - Land Of The Rising Son

This is known as:

Systematic auto-genesis (Japan, the notion of the nation), at the molecular level—perpetually regenerating itself—measured in picoseconds of endless time—based upon veneration of ancestors.

Look more deeply into the cryptic nooks and crannies of Japan in order to see~

Nooks and Crannies of Japan - Land Of The Rising Son

Here, a key factor in the evolution of Japanese behaviour was a re-formulation on the notion of Japan (kaizen) starting with the Meiji Restoration.

During the Meiji Restoration, the economy was transformed from a cottage based society of artisans and craftsmen, into an industrial-scale manufacturing and exporting apparatus.

This unique phenomena is what materialized by fusing the isolated-homogenous Japanese society—founded upon Form Order Process, and amalgamating it with the civil miracle embodied in the Age of Reason.

Here now is the updated version of Japan—2.0 if you will—brought to you by its citizens, and residents who are creating the divine notion of Japan—Third Pillar of Civilization—zenith of modernization.

Third Pillar of Civilization Japan - Land Of The Rising Son

From the beginning of their miraculous industrialization, the direct support of the Japanese government has always resulted in primary areas of industry being dominated by a few huge, vertically integrated companies.

These favoured children of the System of Japan, work closely with government ministries, which innately strengthened the nation by engaging the full brunt of the extraordinary Japanese hive-mind—embodying the spirit of Form Order Process.

Think zaibatsu.

財閥 - Land Of The Rising Son

These behemoths can be observed in full splendour, when observing the stalwart Japanese enterprises carrying out global commerce today.

Within this environment, these immense companies and relevant government ministries, also collaborated to prevent competition that would disturb the System, and what the Japanese cherish the most—harmony and peace of mind.

peace of mind - Land Of The Rising Son

This system remains intact today, and the Japanese government will continue to disallow a disorderly marketplace in any which way whatsoever.

A few key players are selected to bid on, and divide up, these juicy government contracts—great gig—if you can get it.

Woodstock - Land Of The Rising Son

This may look, and sound like the win-lose protocol of the Occxie Way, but the novel idea of “crony-capitalism,” as introduced in the conspicuously American way, was thoroughly embraced and implemented in a distinctly Japanese manner according to the ancient Way.

Inside the Third Pillar of Civilization, the Japanese have successfully fine tuned the Eastern tenets of humanity (Confucianism), embedding them with the Occxie notion of “capital deployment.”

All governments with the welfare of its citizens and communities at heart, will seek to elevate its citizens, to reflect the lives of those as seen advertised on Western TV.

Have a Smoke as Advertised on TV - Land Of The Rising Son

Over the early period of industrialization, the sharing of the industrial pie was described by the word dango, which the Occxies have mis-translated as “bid-rigging.”

The actual meaning of dango is consultation, conference, or talks.

In any event, dango refers to companies in the same industry agreeing in advance as to which company is entitled to which part of the porky public pie.

When considering the Japanese, and their rationale for consequential decision making, one must take into account their DNA, which is inextricably entwined with the foundation of Yamato—Form Order Process.

The Occxies soon started with their notorious whining protocol.

American Capitalists throwing-a-tantrum - Land Of The Rising Son

The Form Order Process protocol of the Japanese, embodies the tradition of cooperation, and is only verbally expressed as dango when in fact, this simply a notional concept residing in the air.

These 3 strands of Form Order Process DNA, continues to confound the Occxie teams, even up to this very day.

Dango is innately understood as a matter of culture normalcy, and has been practised in Japan since the beginning of earthly time.

The Beginning of Time - Land Of The Rising Son

The System of Japan is not only programmed to excluded most Others, but this staid Old Boys Club, just like all other Old Boy Clubs controlling our world from behind the black curtain, does not take kindly to strangers or Mavericks and their perceived danger, whatsoever.

Bonus knowledge:

Q: Who is Mr. Inamori of Kyocera?


A: An exemplary example of the spirit of a man-on-a-mission—one could say—an original spirit, and a pioneering master—a rōnin, without the notion of dango to cloud his incredible vision as he made it along His Own Way.