Mr. Big Tree

Jun 23, 2021Blog, Inspiration

Mr. Big Tree

In the depths of despair, from out of the blue, came an angel in the form of an ordinary Japanese businessman.

After parting ways with one’s first employer in Japan, there was a very short stint in as the export manager of a construction machinery rental company.

This was the last real “job” one would ever have.

With limited Japanese language skills, and a confused and very nervous new young wife (the marriage lasted 23 years), one was left one with a deep sense of aloneness.

For it was at this time one thought, “Here you are truly on your own.”

Lonely boy all alone

This was reinforced by the new wife, who said in her own sadness, and to one’s deep consternation, “I am miserable.”

Fortunately, there was still one private lesson remaining from where good fortune arose.

Mentioning my dilemma to Mr. Big Tree, the father of the private student, he was so very kind to point me in the right direction.

He had a building near the station in a mid-sized rural city and this charming old building has an empty 2nd floor.

He said “I will make you a pamphlet to distribute through this city, and you can make this into your own English school.”

For this he charged just a small percentage of the gross sales, which was so very reasonable.

Great deal Mr. Big Tree

After the school got going in about 6 months, he switched the payment to a monthly rental fee that was significantly below the monthly sales volume, thus giving one another boost up.

Always looking for interesting things to do, there was a rental business boom going on Japan at that time.

The second floor of the building had a very unique charm to it, and there and then it was decided to imported limited edition Canadian art from my father’s frame shop and gallery.

There, an art gallery was created and these wonderful limited editions were also rented out to businesses including dentist and doctors offices, boutiques, and restaurants, among others.


Sunset Canadian Forest British Columbia

Eventually this old building was simply too old and was scheduled for demolition.

Perfect timing for certain, as life had become much busier with corporate classes, as well as a nascent import-export business, and it was time to move on from that chapter of life.

Here I say to you Mr. Big Tree
Wherever today you may be
Appreciated so very much
Your kindness and generosity

Helping a wandering stranger
Into a life-long journey
Cherishing Japanese people
In this exceptional society