New Kind Of Freedom

Jun 11, 2022Blog, Civilization

New Kind Of Freedom

Generally speaking the Japanese are terrified by the concept of cultural diversity.

Viewing the world through the lens of curated Japanese media, the Japanese now look upon the United States with its multiracial and multiethnic society, as having been infected by a nefarious mind-virus leading to the current state of dystopia in the Dis-United States of ‘Merica.

Will the U$A soon be dystopia - Land Of The Rising Son

Extreme examples of gratuitous gun violence, reflected in the wholesale slaughter of innocent schoolchildren in American institutions of learning must cause all Japanese to pause in consternation.

The Japanese must now reflect deeply upon the putrid moral decay of American society which facilitates such unthinkable acts of pure unadulterated violence and evil upon swaths of American society.

To understand other societies, one must understand its own.

Here in Japan, the monolithic culture of Old Japan was based on the suppression of virtually all intellectual, emotional and spiritual freedoms, to the extent the Japanese were unable to develop a well-rounded sense of self or individualism.

Not until Japan sakoku 1.0 ended with the arrival of Commodore Perry’s Black Ships did the Japanese start to understand another way other than the way of the Gods—the indigenous Japanese belief system.

Small Shinto Shrine - Land Of The Rising Son

Once the Japanese understood the necessity of industrialization, the hive-mind then shift its attention to honing and improving the wonders of the Age of Enlightenment.

Why can the Japanese do this, and innately so…

Traditionally, individual Japanese owed total allegiance to whatever group or groups they belonged to, and could not make independent decisions on their own.

This is the secret sauce for a group of individuals to unite under a cohesion of purpose with the mind of a hive.

This protocol also happens to fulfill the camaraderie instinct inherent in strong biped communities with resilient governance.

Japanese society in general is designed to emphasize group rights over individual behaviour—needs of many versus needs of few— a pan-Asian trait rooted in Confucianism to be certain.

Confucius - Land Of The Rising Son

Keep in mind, most old customs and laws which conditioned and controlled the personal behaviour of the Japanese were summarily abolished by the GHQ at the end of World War II.

Indeed, the first postwar generation of Japanese grew up with more personal freedom than could have been imagined by their parents.

However, regardless of the decades of American influence thereafter, and its material enticements, the ancient protocols embedded in the language and the psyche of the Japanese is alive and well and remains the core essence of the Japanese Way.




Asian Values- Filial Piety - Land Of The Rising Son

The Japanese are now blending the gifts of the Age of Enlightenment with the values of Confucianism.

However, evolutional landmines lies ahead for Japan.

Much of the younger generation of Japanese, including those born into wealth and prosperity starting in the ’60s have been disconnected from their Japanese roots and spirit, which is based in ancestor veneration.

This has left a massive swath of Japanese brothers and sister depressed, floundering, and lost while rudderless in a sea of despair.

Nothing kills the life-force more than subliminal indoctrination into believe one’s life is meaningless and without value, while pretending shopping and entertainment is the answer to emptiness.

Blank Blackboard Of Life - Land Of The Risisng Sons

The Japanese are well known for fully engaging in all activity to the fullest extent in all endeavours they deemed worthy of their attention, and history has shown this truth as a double-edged sword.

Master storyteller Dan Carlin sums up the Japanese quite saliently in his incredible podcast series Supernova in the East Part 1 ~ 6, saying this of the Japanese:

“They are just like everyone else, but even more so!”

The Greater East Asian Co-prosparity Sphere - when total empire met total war - Land Of The Rising Son

Indeed, the Japanese made their own Faustian bargain under duress with the GHQ.

Faustian Bargin - 自ずと明らかになる - Land Of The Rising Son

For certain, this deal is still reverberating throughout Japan as the Japanese remain enslaved by their nuclear armed colonial master.

One thing is for certain—the Japanese are masters of the long game, and one of the more potent weapons in the game of life is, patience.

Perhaps this is where the Japanese can take comfort as to the possibility of a fisherman profit* based upon the outcome of the Thucydides’s trap, now being played out in real time between the Americans and Chinese.

漁夫の利 - Land Of The Rising Son

Nothing last forever.

Nancy 'n Joe Yes or No - Land Of The Rising Son

The age of the Super-Duper American Power Empire is now drawing to a close, as endless wars and printing “money” to infinity, could very well be the proverbiale straw and the Empire’s back.

The Japanese can now regard the Colonial Americans Master as a pristine example of han men kyo shi.

The Japanese must remain vigilant against any mind-virus seeking to pollute and pervert the nature of the Japanese.

The immoral goal of the Colonial Master is to subjugate and separate the Japanese from their moral foundation which is rooted in honouring ancestors.

The Japanese now have the opportunity to shake off heiwa boke, and do what they do best.

Take things from other worlds, forge them into something uniquely Japanese, and then release them back to the wild.

Release the monsters - Land Of The Rising Son

To the Japanese, there is no difference whether the novel objects of their affection are of cultural, societal, or material in nature.

Emphatically, the Japanese DNA is to innately improve everything, running the object of their affection through the ancient Japanese system of Form, Order, and Process.

One can now clearly see the Japanese Way of From Order and Process being applied to Confucianism and the Enlightenment to merge East and West civilizations into Japan 2.0, the apex of civilization and a new kind of freedom.

香取神宮 - Land Of The Rising Son