Shame On You

Dec 17, 2022Blog, Civilization

Shame On You

The Japanese have never been morally burdened by the concept of original sin, thus the failure of Christianity to take ahold in Japan.

Indeed, the Jesuits along with the Christian indoctrination protocol were expelled from Japan by 1620, and Christianity never returning to the Land Of The Rising Son in any meaningful way to this day.

The wise ruler of Japan rejected the notion of worshiping a foreign deity and tithing to Rome, and the intent to exploit the Japanese as a matter of the Christian religion’s expansionist dogma.

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The moral foundation of Japanese society is based upon shame.

The protocol of shame originated from Shinto, in which all Japanese are direct earthly descendants of gods and goddesses, and that any behaviour displeasing their godly ancestors was shameful and discourage.

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One distinctive notions in Shintoism—gods and goddess are fallible—like the mere mortals walking upon mother earth today—embodying the full spectrum of all human conditions.

Just like the mortals roaming earth today, there were some real savages and nasty travellers among the heavenly hosts of Japan—the results being the Japanese had more than one role model to imitate, or blame, depending on the circumstances.

For the Japanese, the concept of sin is associated with social shame, with no connection to the Judaeo-Christian concept of spiritual guilt whatsoever—hallelujah.

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The Japanese must live their lives while avoiding shame (haji), and the feelings of shame (renchishin).

In order to avoid shame one was compelled to behave in the manner that is customary and accepted within Japanese society.

Here, if there is no shame—if one is able to maintain honour according to the standards of Japanese society—there is no sin.

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In the society of Japanese, shame occurs when one lost face or when one’s honour was sullied by the words or actions of others.

Maintaining face and harmony within the community is extremely important for the Japanese, and is mandatory to stay on good terms with each other lest there is some kind of social unrest.

Perhaps the Japanese are ahead of their time as they have been able to successfully shape and mold their civilization into a relatively harmonious environment using the almighty shame protocol for centuries.

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Even more so now, the powerful shame-tool for control of society as a whole can been observed in all Japanese social settings even today.

Be aware of the protocol of shame and make sure not to do shameful things so as to incur the wrath of the community and the dreaded mura hachibu (becoming outcast).

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