Common Ground

Sep 17, 2022Blog, Civilization, Shinto

Common Ground

All share common ground at the very beginning of life—alive in these extraordinary times—due to acts of two others—your mother and father.

The Source says there are only two things that are certain—birth and death.

Human Life Cycle - Land Of The Rising Son

After entering the atmosphere, indoctrination starts in earnest, and more often than not, there is the promise of eternal life contained with in these fantastic stories.

Well over half of the world’s population believe in a spiritual afterlife, which in principle is not such a bad thing, who doesn’t want to live forever?

The crux of the issue lies in giving up a splendid life here on earth today, for a mythical promise of a better tomorrow in heaven.

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But as is known—tomorrow never comes—today.

Here the flock must worship, pray, and pay for long dead ideas and corrupted deities, and it is particularly clear the three desert dogmas no longer serve the needs of the human condition.

One only has to look around to see the abject hypocrisy being played out all over the global as the charlatan and false prophets prey upon the gullible and wretched for riches, glory, fame, and power.

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An extreme examples of intentional evil via religious indoctrination would be those encouraging vulnerable youth to don a suicide vest, and along with the promise of 72 virgins waiting in heaven, vaporize themselves while murdering and destroying innocent lives.

72 virgins waiting in heaven - Land Of The Rising Son

Any fraudulent cleric spewing doctrine of hatred towards other enticing them to perpetrate acts of evil, have by their own edicts and commands solidify the invalidity of their tenets, revealing themselves to be the enemy of humanity, and all the promises it holds.

Ages ago life was short and unpleasant—thus, the duplicitous oracles promise of eternal life, and this is where the control protocol sets in to appease the wretched masses with the false promise of milk and honey in Nirvana.

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One the other hand, those who dare to think original thoughts will suffer a much more nasty fate, which certainly does not include virgins or worshipping a stranger from millennia ago and his unholy father for eternity.

Remember, those who have anointed themselves as oracles while presenting false gods for personal and organizations gain, also refer to the group as a “flock” and the individuals as sheep.

Never forget, sheep are used to harvest wool and when that mission is complete, the last step is lamb chops.

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Alternatively, there is a much more pragmatic way to go through life while moderating one’s own behaviour.

This is through the more realistic protocol of ancestor veneration.

One finds deeper calmness in the practicality of ancestors veneration as opposed to obsolete dogma demanding rejection of one’s own family, clan, and community.

ロレンス氏神の神棚 - Land Of The Rising Son

The ancestors forged incredible pathways for the descendants who are now privileged to live in this magnificant world.

A world that was forged with blood, sweat, and tears, sprinkled with the fortitude and perseverance of the men and women who came before.

Now with this realization, it is prudent to dismiss the abject nonsense of doctrine demanding loyal to false gods in far away land who only have money and power as the driving motivation—certainly not some stranger’s salvation.

Warmonger Obama And The Unholy Pope - Land Of The Rising Son

Salvation only exists when one looks in the mirror and seeing one’s ancestors inside.

Here one can profoundly understand—the only reason for your existence is because of one’s ancestors.

Be released from the chains of the past and the obsolete dogma of one’s initial indoctrination.

Replace despotic idols and their mendacious minions who create the suffering and division of this modern day.

War Criminals George W Bush - Donald Rumsfeld - Dickwad Cheney - Land Of The Rising Son

Here one can look to one’s own ancestors and know that morality and ethics comes from the fact that really great grandmother and grandfather are watching over your every step of the way.

One’s action are guided by the innate desire to do the right thing—venerating those who came before, and recognize their suffering during their journey through history to lay the foundation for one’ own family, clan, and community.

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