Identification Please

Apr 8, 2023Blog, Civilization

This unwelcome solicitation usually reflect One’s origin as related to unique Ancestor Journey.

One continues to be utterly gobsmacked observing violent monkeys continuing to entertain the abjectly ridiculous notion of “birth-right” embodying whatever this obtuse terminology and meaning constructed there within.

shocked-monkey - Land Of The Rising Son

Of course, that is unless anointed to be the Emperor of Japan—the sentient being embodying Japanese mythology—representation of the Universally Truthful notion of what it means to be Japanese.

Japan Emperor Naruhito Head of Shinto - Land Of The Rising Son

Raised in severe harsh conditions, the meaning of life was meted out to all inhabitants and citizens unequivocally and equally—absent of prejudice or predetermined indoctrinated bigotry—this is the Way One could say.

It was here inside extreme adverse weather and impoverished attitudes of those living under frozen icy conditions, where the Noble Notion of color blindness was hardwired into One’s electrical circuitry via Maggie May, the matriarch of One’s Clan.

Jomon clan - Land Of The Rising Son

She is a wise and cherished ruler—truthful, neutral, all the while personifying One Universal Truth—embodying the Third Pillar of Civilization—becoming and growing from the secret nooks and crannies of the enigmatic Japanese hive-mind.

Japan the Land of the Honeycomb Society - Land Of The Rising Son
Thinking Thing:

Identifying and categorizing Others based solely upon constructed origin story, and the dominate indoctrination scripting of all malleable mind—cannot and will never be tolerated—fundamental principle of One’s Clan, and this most of Noble Notion to be internalized and canonized into infinity and beyond.

Here is Notion of Deep Gratitude toward Really Great Grandmother, Alastair, her first-son, and his enlightened first-daughter Maggie May the Universal Mother—for she is incarnate of One’s Clan embedded principle—foundation of a human story.

Furthermore, the sensational impact of One’s first friend can not be denied.

Japanese Kindergarten Students - Land Of The Rising Son

Third generation Japanese—his family graciously including a child on their family skiing trips—Five Japanese + One Occxie whitish-pink boy—in somewhat of a zany dreamy, ephemeral yet real, fantastical fantasy—truly akin to life as art in the reality of the abstract and surreal.

The intergalactic hoe-down continued next-door where the Hong Kong immigrant family brought their Confucianist values, large Asian family atmosphere, and Cantonese cooking along with the sight, smell, and sound of a little Asian cosmos—wafting through the nostrils of a rural Occxie neighbourhood and town—once upon a time—in a different place—of a distant past.

distant-past-horizon-milton-thompson - Land Of The Rising Son

By the way, up until recent times the Japanese government mandated fingerprints from all foreign residents on the way to the coveted residents card, duly noted on the lower right hand corner.

Normally fingerprint are kept as a record of those who exhibit poor behaviour worthy of an intervention by those in Authority.

Charles Manson fingerprint card and mugshot - Land Of The Rising Son

In Japan, however, fingerprint of foreigners was carried out as a simple matter of intrinsic evolution of Japanese society, and was abolished as a point of the innate Japanese notion of kaizen, societal advancement, and abandonment of decaying archaic notions.

Japan continues to evolve as the Third Pillar of Modern Civilization, as the roots continue to deepen, and the Japanese entertain notions of how to build powerful stable societies.

Modern and ancient Japan all together now - Land Of The Rising SonNow in what used to be the future, it is inevitable the Japanese will gradually include those from other places, as the homogeneity of the Japanese includes integration of Others into Japanese society which is founded upon Form Order Process protocol.

Thinking Thing:

Humans of various backgrounds and persuasions create diversely unique communities enriching Each Other—celebrating Oneness and Unity—oxymoronically built upon the strength of the homogenization of diversity, or whatever this abstract notion actually means.

Judge Book Not By Cover

日本書紀 - Land Of The Rising Son

Cultures having passed through the Age of Reason—only then to discover Universal Truth—at the door of a book—in a crooked nook—at the Mouth of Infinity, and the meaning of the term destiny.

One and all the same—life a game—human race representing Universal Truth of homo sapiens’ homogeneity.

For certain, as a matter of innate reactionary protocol, the Japanese will always judge a book by its cover at first glance.

It's all Greek to me -Land Of The Rising Son

Unless produced domestically, all book covers are written in languages foreign to the Japanese embodying alien notions and concepts, which are fundamentally different than that of the Japanese psyche, and the way things work, here in the Land Of The Rising Son.

After the Japanese inspect the book with a foreign title, and ascertain the value and merit of any innovative book, is where any and all novel notions are soon put inside the systematic Japanese notion of Form Order Process.

It is here where Japanese style tender loving care kicks in, and the magic of kaizen starts a beginning.

Kaizen-Process - Land Of The Rising Son

The notion of being inextricably linked to One’s preconceived identity is truly an extinct construct to be regarded as obsolete social notion, no longer a mystery, which can now be disregarded and discarded, relegated to the archives of human tomfoolery.

This can easily be done the very next time when queried about heritage and place of entry into the atmosphere where One can now truly say:

All that was, is, and will be, are now understood to be emergent, quasi-autonomous chemical repositories, encased in an eclectic electrical flowing ensemble of meat—children of this Day & Age—a novel, a chapter, a page—Infinite Notion of forward Motion embedded into the Japanese—Form Order ProcessThird Pillar of Civilization—in this extraordinary period in the annals of present history, and the Notion Of OUR Time.

Clarity Over Time - cybersensei - Land Of The Rising Son