Japanese Women Power: Mercedes Benz Mechanic

Jul 29, 2020Blog, Inspiration, Woman Power

Japanese Women Power: Mercedes Benz Mechanic

For 10 weeks in the summer, I’ve been a guest lecturer for over 30 years at a university, which educates student for entry into the vast Japanese automotive industry.

For only the 5th time in 30 years, there was female student in the advanced 4 year course. 

Women make up only 3% of the student body at this university.

In Japan, students start looking for jobs in earnest at the start of their 4th and final year of university. 

I asked this young woman, “Did you find employment yet?”.

She said “yes”, and I asked her, “Where are you going to work?”.

She answered “I’m going to work for Mercedes Benz”.

Mercedes-Benz as a gullwinged coupe (1954-1957)Well I thought to myself this is very excellent, and I then asked, “Are you going into sales?”.

To which she replied, “No, I’m going to be a Mercedes-Benz mechanic”.

Well this just tickled me pinker than I already am!

I was so very delighted to see this young women persevering throughout four years of what is basically an all male university, and her thriving among the young men and their testosterone fueled environment. 

And then, she lands a coveted job as a prestigious Mercedes Benz mechanic.

I asked “Are you going to be working on Maybach Mercedes Benz?”.Maybach Mercedes Benz

“Yes indeed, I will be working on all kinds of Mercedes Benz”.

Absolutely fantastic!

This young women dream to become a Merceds Benz mechanic has turned into reality. Next year from April she starts out on her special journey fixing Mercedes Benz, with not only high level mechanic skills, but with the warm and tender touch that can only be brought to the job by a motivated and subtly powerful woman.

Best wishes to this young woman for all the success in her new life as a Mercedes Benz mechanic.

Mercedes-Benz Mechanic