Love Is Fertilizer

Jul 30, 2022Blog, Civilization

Love Is Fertilizer

It’s what makes life grow.

One could say the opposite of love is hate, but that would be a misnomer.

The top three enemies of love corrupting minds leading to mass depression, despondency, and abject hopelessness for the future should be consider:

Along with its ugly minions—jingoism, discrimination, dogmatism, homophobia, and the most egregious policy ever—national government policy in fact—segregating and judging other by the colour of their skin, not by their quality of their character—Jim Crowism.

The Legacy of Jim Crow - Land Of The Rising Son

No shortage of these delusions creatures running amok in society in love, deeply deeply in love with themselves.

These mentally ill charlatans are particularly vile, as all others are expendable for material gain, along with a sadistic mentality pleasuring in the administration of suffering and pain.

War Criminals George W Bush - Donald Rumsfeld - Dickwad Cheney - Land Of The Rising Son

One can observe the virus-like phenomena of narcissism infecting the indoctrinated masses—with the truth being:

People with this extremely atrocious behaviour are sensitive to the extreme—fraudulent cowards at core.

Narcissistic behaviour helps protect the narcissist against the grinding feelings of inadequacy and hatred of themselves—paradoxically.

The stark reality as abject failures—homeless without community—with the subconscious realization of reality—their life is meaningless.

Narcissus - Land Of The Rising Son

Nothing makes homo sapiens more violent, cruel, and deadly than abject greed on steroids.

The worshipping and love of money, along with the will to pillage, rape, and plunder as a matter of national policy, is the crux of the matter.

Freedom And Liberty Have a Black Eye Today - Land Of The Rising Son

As previously discussed in the article entitled: I Don’t Love You, I Like You A Lot—love hold different means in different cultures.

However, the universal language of love hold no such restraints—love is something to sprinkled in the air—unconditionally.

In doing so, one can express gratitude while adding meaning to own’s own life.

フィリアトロー・ローレンス・ヨセフー昭和58頃 - Land Of The Rising Son

Consider the following personally observed true story.

Many moons ago in rural Japan on a dark rainy winter night, a non-Japanese man was observed having just filled two 20-litre cans of kerosene* waiting at the light to carry his fuel through the pouring rain.
* The Japanese heat their homes using kerosene space heaters.

ファンヒーター - Land Of The Rising SonOut of the blue, the driver of a van gestured to this man to come and lay his burden down into the back of a modern beast of burden—Honda StepWagon.

On the ride home, where his wife and child awaited him with the kerosene, it was discovered this family was originally from Sri Lanka.

Sri-Lanka - Land Of The Rising Son

Upon arrival, the opportunity to enrich this man’s family further presented itself.

Happening to have a fresh ¥10,000 note in pocket, the truth of universal Oneness was reflected in an act of unconditional love to a stranger.

JAPAN 5000 YEN 1957 SHOTOKU-TAISHI RARE - Land Of The Rising Son

The fertilizer of unconditional love was manifested in this material world by presenting an unexpected  gift to a stranger.

Random acts of unconditional love were modelled upon one’s own ancestors, as a fundamental humanistic principal when choosing Oneness over self.

Such love was distinctly manifested throughout one’s own life as the Uji-gami of our clan extended such courtesies to strangers along his own journey throughout the sludge of this mortal coil.

Lawrence Joseph Filiatrault - June 15, 1935 ~ April 5, 2022 - Land Of The Rising Son

Small acts of empathy and kindness can be considered unconditional love.

Here the protocol of unconditional love fertilizes humanity, shining endless amounts of enlightened light into the darkest reaches of the human condition.

The eternal truth of unconditional love is manifested when sacrificing for Oneness at the expense of self—an unpopular theme in a petty greedy narcissistic world full of the bigoted who are indoctrinated and delusion.

Small acts of random kindness go a long way to making a monotone day brighter—one could say—little dabs of colour—creating nooks and crannies—on the journey of one’s own Way.

Clarity Over Time - Land Of The Rising Son