Mr. Mike

Oct 21, 2023Blog, Inspiration

The stage in life, it comes a time, to say sayonara to Old Friends—for we all must die—some sooner, some later—the sublime cycle of life the great equaliser—for inevitably, all journeys come to an end.

Universal ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Truth

The end is always a beginning without an end.

This classic friend is as old as Earthly memories go—Mr. Mike was the elder brother of my very first friend, thus he was also considered to be a friend.

Memories can still clearly recall riding in their Datsun 510—three Japanese kids in the back—this Incidental Occxie riding shotgun—that’s a fact.

Datsun 510Mr. Mike’s skiing skills were on par with the family—he with his sister—I with his brother—Eugene and Naomi on a intimate ski date without kids, and this is probably why they brought me.

One day a tired ski boot gave out—Mr. Mike kindly enough called it a day—he lent me his boots as he didn’t mind relaxing to spent the rest of the day in the original Silver Star chalet.

ski-resort_silver-star-mountain-resortMr. Mike was special as he was referred to as mentally retarded—the vocabulary used way back then.

Not really an issue as far as the eyes can see, he was simply a little slower on the uptake, and he lived life as a valuable citizen in our vibrant, inclusive, rural community. 

The wonder of being raised in such a diverse locality all members were included regardless of capacity, point of origin, or any class in our thriving Classless Society.

Mr. Mike was included as a valuable member of our small rural community and he was loved and respected for his diligence at Askew’s Supermarket where he was employed until his date with destiny. 

Alexander StThe story of Mr. Mike inspires and shines as an example of how true communities are meant to be—treating their own with respect and human dignity—thankful to have grown up in this exemplary community.

Mr. Mike’s chemical matrix expired the other day—now emancipated from this Material Sludge forever and ever—again he is on his way.

It’s now time for Mr. Mike to make his way back to Japan—his ancestral homeland—returning to his roots as an honoured ancestor of our thriving clan.

Welcome home Mr. Mike we are united once again, and it is here in the Land Of The Rising Son where we honour and cherish our noble Old Friend.


Michael Kevin Ogino
July 19, 1961 ~ September 1, 2023
昭和36719 令和591


香取神宮 - Land Of The Rising Son