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Sep 30, 2023Blog, Culture

The notion of an individual’s worth being determined by a class system, or passing judgement based upon the colour of another’s skin, not the content of their character, was thoroughly rubbed out and permanently deleted in accordance with the constitution of Maggie May.

Emancipation comes in many forms*\(^o^)/*

What’s not to love about a benign neighbourhood nestled within pristine Alpine mountains, embodying such extraordinary diversity—a global microcosm smack dab in the middle of nowhere.

Salmon Arm British Columbia in the 1940s.

The immediate neighborhood included diverse clans—Minion (Ireland), Ogino (Japan), Hewko (Ukraine), Wong (Hong Kong), Filiatrault (French)—rural living, population, 5000—an even more extraordinary cosmopolitan event transpired when attending classes with our friends—Singh (Punjab), Mostafa (Egypt), and our indigenous brothers and sisters, ancestors of the Shuswap Band clan of the Secwepemc Nation—this is what is known as a divine starting line.

Were there deeply rooted pre-judgmental hoser-yokels living among the enlightened in this serene town—of course, the yokel class come from the full spectrum of all classes.

Diverse classes of people

From the micro cosmopolitan of rural Occxie-land to the homogenous island chain of Yamato Japan—the world has never looked the same—pondering life with a daily renewed idiosyncratic world view—beaming love, grace and humility from the cusp of civilization 3.0—the renewed, improved, upgraded version of our common humanity.

Understanding the significance of class and the importance of societal harmony based upon this notion has not been lost on this wayward classless boy, who due to innate human nature followed the sun to the most strict hierarchical structure in the history of the outer-verse and inner-verse—both real, surreal, and virtual.

real, surreal, and virtua

A subtle inflection concerning class structure of the Japanese, summons an inexplicable sense of incongruence, along with a subliminal unease in acknowledging Japanese class structure—yet all Japanese share this common psychological thread—leaving them in a unique position—the class of Being Japanese.

Consider the concept of mindo, which encompasses two fundamental societal standards—the standard of living and cultural standards—making human life sublime, each of equal importance, in a grand scheme of a magnificent design.

香取神宮 - Land Of The Rising Son

In this neck of the woods, the diminishment of mindo over the full spectrum of Japanese classes have eroded in a turbulent decline—haggard, wasted, scared, and frail—the time is now to initiate the renaissance plan.

Keep unpleasant immature Japanese speakers accountable for anti-social behaviour—chide the lost with purposeful reminders of the basics tenants of humanity to which all must align and adhere—plainly observable as the founding principles of Japanese societal protocol—Form Order Process.

form order process - Land Of The Rising Son

When necessary, strategically insinuate a Japanese person has low mindo in order to stigmatize them, especially those with the air of birthrights snobbery with condescending superiority.

Look the perpetrator square in the eye, and say with a smile—mido ga hijō ni hikui desu na—this will be sure to draw their attention—the sting of the truth pointing out all classless nincompoops—exposed naked is common air.

Taro Aso 民度が低いLooking Really Stupid - Land Of The Rising Son

Indeed this a stealth technique to rid your sphere of those who continue to adhere to class hierarchy delusional infection, having now manifestered into a dreadful, class depended socially destructive disease.

Ask your Japanese friends, if they know the mindo story and what it actually means—internalize these concepts with them and live life according to this theme.

Life is a result of choices, both conscious and subconscious , now the choice is clear to be or not to be, embracing fundamental tenants holds the key to become someone real.

to be or not to be - Land Ωf The Rising SΩN - cybersensei