Do Or Don’t

May 13, 2023Blog, Inspiration

Decisions, decisions, decisions—daily routine—until Earthly Exit—material finality—ΩNE’s singularity of material incarnation—inside an ephemeral instance within the notion of time.

In a simpler manifestation of chemicals and meat, echos of Material Sludge PioneerHenry Ford, who observed the world from within early industrialization of material, which to him happened to look like a Model T—in much more stark, dreary, and dark conditional restrictions.

Did Henry Ford help facilitate genocide - Land ΩF The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

Any customer can have a car painted any colour he wants—as long as it’s black.

Now that’s an easy decision to fake & bake *\(^o^)/*

Emancipation from peonage in slavery – Land Ωf The Rising SΩN – cybersensei

Inside the nascent Age of Reasonableness is exactly where—we now program and pronoun you a trans-human life—a piece of Nouveau Sludge—only to be subjugated into servitude of the parasite, and a false dichotomy lurking in the Paradox of Choice.

Often failure to make rational choices is met with little consequence nor repercussions—in other instances, it is most certainly not.

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A most successful basketball players to ever walk the talk, offered up a worthy philosophy to put into practical use, kind of like a guidebook, analogous to decision support.

Once a decision has been made, it is not necessary to think about it ever again—Don’t Touch It.

Have been embedded in the Way-Station No. 9 command for over more than ΩNE Half Time—here is the conclusion of the day (**)

Sometime consensus must give away, to a more practical approach to say—the protocol of Do or Don’t.

Sometimes do—sometimes don’t—the notion of procrastination, and its bosom buddy—vacillation, will continue to withhold all critical Advancement Keys.

Advancement Keys - Land ΩF The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

When one is feeling dumpy and plump—midriff reflecting stress as a bump—in all practicality the correct choice made for thee—for in the mirror, it crystal clear, the Compound Effect of ΩNE’s life decisions, thought to have been autonomously made.

Unsolicited ʅ)ʃ Advice
Listen to the innate wisdom of the old ladies of Okinawa when they say—hara hachibu (腹八分) is solely the longevity way.

Then again, more often than not, just cut the phacken Gordian Knot, and let the hanafuda fall where they may. 

Speaking of the factual notion of destiny, this phenomena occurs everywhere, to anyone, inside of anywhere, and all more importantly—innately.

wabi-sabi-aesthetics - Land ΩF The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

Goran kudasai (have a look) at this Serendipitous Match, courtesy of Lady Muse—so far out of the blue it seems  so surreal—a love story kind of like fiction, except true and real.

In the Fork In Road scene—The Big Girl was searching with heartfelt care—where there, she just happened to have innately discovered the One Click fish, a delectable prime dish—also know as cybersensei—emancipating this wandering boy from the dreary drudge within Primordial Material Sludge.

one click husband - Land ΩF The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

Together forever—dancing inside the profound notion of isshin dō tai (ΩNE flesh) rhythm and harmony—pathway became clear—for it was true—a historically self-evident moment of a definite do—as in—”I do.”

Unsolicited (°_°)* Advice

Trust intuition while carefully consider all cold hard facts inside the ubiquitous gapping hole, suppression of Love, absence of any plausibility.

So what to do in a pickle and stew, when the wishy-washy tide crashes in?

in-a-pickle - Land ΩF The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

Embrace a personal UNIVERSE SPLITTER where ΩNE can have a crack at Quantum-Induced Universe Bifurcation.

Here is the Skinny.

There is an Insider Notion of a Mystical Potion, concerning the quantum theme park of Many Worlds (MWI) contained within personal daily practice and the notion of devotion ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=(; ̄◇ ̄)

Humans get ready—train is now leaving—as YOUR world will assuredly become more stable—when ΩNE is finally ready to bifurcate into Infinite Worlds.

Go aheadit’s as easy as ΩNETOO—(you are) FREE.

Universe Bifurcation - Land ΩF The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

(1) Type in two things that ΩNE would be willing to do right now. 

Universal( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Truth

The Mal Matriculation is that “do” is solely connected to this physical universe, yet the metaphysical world is clearly participating inside Material SludgeΩNE only has to dial into the Freaky Frequency.

creative-tv-brainwash - Land ΩF The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

In this particular instance, the first notion was emancipation of Harvard University from the grips of the Anti Matriculation tribe, as the order of the day (ò_óˇ)

In another universe, Harvard is to be bifurcated, where the Anti Matriculators can continue to lavishly apply falsehoods into the black hole for where these malfeasant malpractitioners will continue to be vortexed into the bosom of Infinite Love.

This quarky notion, causing internal commotion was upon hearing the divine devotion of a most esteemed scientistΩNE Eric Weinstein.

eric-weinstein-intellectual-dark-web - Land ΩF The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

Here the real doctor was chit chatting with a man who could have been a regular Joe Blow.

Absolutely living proof, this is not a spoofin the creation of Infinite Universethus become the seminal American cultural tough-stone—a most significant historic figure to come along—now known asΩNE Joe Ro.

(2) Press the split universe button and watch how the decisions is made.

Harvard Is Bust - Land ΩF The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

In this particular Verse, a distinct instance in Material Sludge, the emancipation protocol was the suggestion for this particular universe.

(3) The third step is to DO.

So how to initiate the notion of Higher Learning Institution emancipation from malfeasant distortion from The Fabric of Truth and Reality ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

In the Japanese reality field, those who still possess honour must yield, unto the evolution of facts, then again, in certitude, can only be considered as provisional truth—not yet carved into the marble of fact.

In the violence obsessed culture inside the Mal Matriculation of a specific cohort of Americans, this is referred to as—Death Match.

However, in this particular instance, the arena is within the notion of LOVE.

The Home Team representative is the highly esteemed, wise-without-compromise—the one and only—Dr Eric Weinstein.

Playing for the AWAY is an artifact know as Edward Witten, who plays the part smart, thus has been nominated as the representative of the Quackery + Minions of the nefarious Anti Matriculation scam team.

Material Sludge Grudge Match - Land ΩF The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

Incontrovertibly, Truth Bureau is thoroughly corrupt—acrid stench of rancid virus mind—infesting and infecting harmonic global community—eviscerating humanity’s moral compass and mind—one foetid lie at a time..

PS: According to ancient Jewish premonition—the Messiah is scheduled to come back right around now, somewhere, somewhen and somehow٩(ε )۶