Music Goddess Uehara Hiromi

Mar 10, 2021Blog, Culture, Inspiration

Music Goddess Uehara Hiromi

The Gods of Music have anointed Uehara Hiromi as one of their own, the Music Goddess who now travels this mortal coil spreading joy where ever she may go.

Here, exuberance exudes from her heart to all, via her Goddess-like unparalleled musical skills and divine presence.

She was born in Hamamatsu Shizuoka, Japan, where Yamaha also boasts its origin.


Could it be the Gods of Music looked down upon Hamamatsu Shizuoka and Yamaha saying, “Let there be a child prodigy.”

“She will go forth into the world, and bring joy to all who hear the magic disseminated from her anointed fingers for the edification of all who hear.”

And so there she is, embodying the fundamental essence of music, disseminating her divine vision throughout our world.

Indeed, Hiromi has left a very deep and meaningful impression after viewing interviews in both Japanese and English, and hearing her philosophy, which one can access inside her music.

Extremely complex in technical demands, her music simply takes one to a different level, where her heart is in direct communication with each listener on an infinite number of levels.

Intrinsically, Hiromi’s music is a celebration of the common humanity we innately share.

Here, she expresses her divine visions, sending out a clear message of human unity through her music.

Moreover, two anointed brothers, Mr. Anthony Jackson and Mr. Simon Philips, masters in their own right, join her on the incredible trio journey to unite humanity through music, our universal language.

One could say Hiromi embodies the YAMATONADESHIKO spirit.

After the Great Tohoku earthquake, March 11, 2011, Hiromi felt the Yamatonadeshiko spirit calling her home from the States.

She said “ I had never felt that Japanese in my whole life”, as she comforted her compatriots with live radio and TV performances.

She cradled Japan’s wounded soul in her bosom of music and facilitated healing amongst the devastation of this unprecedented natural disaster.

Indeed, sometimes the Japanese referred to Japan as the “country of disasters”.

災の国 wazawai no kuni

Even so there is also

災転じて福と成す wasazai tenjite fuku to nasu

Turning disaster into fortune

And as sure as the sun shines off puddles after rain, the sun will continue to shine upon Japan again, again, and again.

So, the deepest appreciation to our cherished daughter, the Goddess of Music, who continues to bless all of us each and every day, Uehara Hiromi.