Sword – Jewel – Mirror

Jan 12, 2022Blog, Culture, Shinto

Sword – Jewel – Mirror

All cultures have meaningful symbolism strewn throughout the spectrum of their respective religions and cultures.

BuddhaGreat Buddha of Japan - Land Of The Rising Son

ShivaShiva - Land Of The Rising Son
christ hanging on the cross- Land Of The Rising Son

As well as countless other symbols represented in the mythology of ancient times.

religious symbols in peace - Land Of The Rising Son

Many of these old stories remain very much alive, continuing to influence countless masses of adherents, immersing generational obedience to deep dogma of long gone but not forgotten distant times.

A major industrial nation and world power, the roots of Japan, and what the Japanese believe as the moral tenets and foundations of Japanese society can be accurately described based upon the three foundational symbols of Japan.

These three sacred symbols of the Japanese accurately reflect the three fundamental necessities connected to the human condition, and can be looked upon as the three pillars of a meaningful life.

Sword – Jewel – Mirror

Three Sacred Symbols Of Japan - Land Of The Rising SonSword
As harsh life lesson are taught to all, the importance of being a good judge of character can not be underestimated.

This is where the sword comes in and ruthlessly cuts away everything that does not serve the purpose of one’s own family and greater community.

Indeed, the sword can be used in many ways.

To slice away one’s slavery to a chosen addiction (the mirror is for discovery).

Can be used to vanquish the fear of the unknown as you leave your house for the very last time after getting divorced.

One can not choose their relatives, but one can slice them away into distant unpleasant memories now long forgotten. 

Here one can also use this new and precious empty space to recommit to one’s own life, family, and community.

日本刀 - Land Of The Rising Son

Building a stable family and community takes a mature understanding of wealth and how it can be prescribed to build a rock solid foundation upon the shifting sand and turning tides in the Age Of Corona.

Here and now, we have the opportunity to connect our common lives while globally building likeminded communities, wherever those communities may be under our shared sun.

Sharing Prosperity - Land Of The Rising Son

Is this the same person today as yesterday.

Or was one timeless day lost forever and wasted away, by somebody else?

Inside this mirror one can view the souls of all creation.

Indeed the world surrounding us is the mirror.

Here it will reflect back the truth, regardless of the mask each wear every day.

mirror into the soul - Land Of The Rising Son

The Japanese, for all intent and purpose, live life pragmatically, according to the rules of the dead, who still sway Japan up until this very day. 

One could almost say the Japanese are religious by nature just without the “religion.”

Why not make sure and check on the status of one’s own family’s Sword – Jewel – Mirror, for this is the compass to guide one along the way.

Clarity Over Time - Land Of The Rising Son