Wipe The Hard Drive

May 21, 2022Blog, Civilization

Wipe The Hard Drive

What is a preconceived notion?

Why is it important to recognize these nasty ideas infesting one subconscious mind?

Not proactively recognizing the existence of one’s own preconceived notions, which morph into blatant prejudice, is disingenuous and indicative of a meaningless life.

Preconceived Notions Evil - Land Of The Rising Son

The initial indoctrination from birth, combined with experiences thereafter, construct each individual’s hard drive, and contain many preconceived notions and fabricated prejudices.

Memories, and the subjective perception thereof, are selectively accessed and create a unique life’s journey of one’s own creation.

However, being raised under specific doctrine while speaking the mother tongue embeds preconceived notions like some kind of potions resulting in a mind easy to control and manipulate.

Preconceived Notions Control Weal Minds - Land Of The Rising Son

One can look at suicide bombers singing the praise of god while vaporizing themselves and innocents, all according to certain notions of their cultural and religious indoctrination.

As equally morally repugnant, imaging sitting in a church, only to be scared spiritless by a self-appointed oracles invoking an eternity of mayhem and torture in a nonexistence hell.

The indoctrinated mind, or in this case, hard drive, clearly needs a wipe.

Certainly a strategic wiping of the hard drive is not a full-blown formatting ordeal. Hard Drive Wipe - Land Of The Rising Son

Memories of one’s own customs, ceremonies, and traditions enrich our incredibly diverse world and make our earth all the more pleasant and miraculous.

Indeed, the nooks and crannies of one’s hard drive are replete with beauty profound.

Take precious memories from the mind’s archive to reconnect and recognize the wonder of our incredibly diverse world.

Japanese Forest - Land Of The Rising Son

The time now to recognize one’s own preconceived notions, which create havoc upon one’ mind, spirit, and soul.

Banish these deadly notion to the graveyard of lies.

The only path to the sanctity of sanity is wipping the hard drive of all repugnant preconceived notion, and redressing each individual spirit returning it to Oneness.

Solar Flare - Land Of The Rising Son

The enlightenment achieved when rejuvenating one’s hard drive will undoubtably expedites the path to a pragmatic and meaningful life.

Only after wiping the bloated hard drive of preconceived notions, and living with an open mind, can our unity of purpose be recognized.

It is here and now we begin to construct a world void of preconceived notions and a harmonious planet worthy of our precious descendants.

Ise Jingu at Sunrise - Land Of The Rising Son