Make It Material

Sep 16, 2023Blog, Perseverance

Is there a secret mystical sauce allowing the manifestation of the insane notions and crazy ideas floating around in ΩNE’s head?

Not in reality.

Visions swilling around in the noggin can be manifested into Material Sludge by the sheer force of will and imagination—the secret is to wander in and out, and throughout the endless plains of Infinity—internalize the Rhodium RuleFollow The Sun.

Whether personally desired molecules transpire into Material Sludge or not, is singularly dependent upon the magnitude of fire and degree of passion raging deep inside the belly.

Fire in the belly

Successful manifestation of an internal vision is at first directly related to the insight ΩNE’s has into their own psyche, along with recognizing materialistic modern civilizations as a social construct—understanding we are all players participating in a fabricated Infinite game.

This splendid challenge can be described in one all telling meme—you are born and then you die.

You are born and you die

Be wary of an incessant daily grind, diminishing consequential visions, slipping through the hands of time.

A life lived in a personal grind and rat race, the Mask at the end of your life now peeled away—a mundane consolatory statement to comfort you in the final moments of your vapid days, echos the hollow excuse—“life just got in the way.”

The material manifestation of these empty vessels is a life of suffering and pain—having abdicated sovereignty as revealed by their laziness, a thrift-shop mentality and a wasted life, resigned to the fickle finger of fate.

Stark mediocrity

Manifesting ideas and desires into Material Sludge entails three exemplary gifts from the Muse, available to ΩNE and all—spirituality, psychology, and emergent enlightenment of the Infinite kind.

These three loyal allies can be relied upon over and over again facilitating smooth harmonic transference from the abstract notions inside the enigmatic human mind—moulding the vibrating notions into material structures in these historically significant times.

The fourth turning

As a self-matriculated linguist, the power of visualization and the importance of mnemonics in language retention can not be understated—this protocol is also paramount in the conjured materialization of grey matter products into atoms assembled successfully into this physical world in kind. 

Mnemonics work by leveraging associations, patterns, and familiar concepts making information much more memorable and easier to recall.

Clearly, manifesting abstract notions begins within the subconscious mind—when prompted using clear and concise images, ΩNE’s hearts desire will be revealed unto Mother Earth, and remember, she always takes her own sweet time.

Our shared earth

Indeed, thoughts and intentions are of paramount important, and the subconscious establishes forward motion, realizing the notion to take practical, consistent steps towards the vision, is the essence the secret now revealed. 

It is paramount to maintain an unwavering belief in human beings innate ability to manifest a visions into physical atomsat this point you may think you have gone crazy—your life has become surreal.

your life has become surreal

Along with confidence and a belief in the power of the Infinite, can emphatically modify decisions increasing the chances of an awesome manifestation of your spiritual desire to become corporeal.

Expressing gratitude is a matter of Japanese societal protocol, and is embedded in the language.

Japanese Bowing To Each Other - Land Of The Rising Son

Studying Japanese communication units facilitates patience when facing the resistance, all the while maintaining a level of detachment—there are no shortcuts or overnight sensations to be found anywhere in this game.

A formidable challenge to say the least, and in this case the manifestation goal was literacy in Japanese—practical daily practice has serendipitously allowed a multitude of wonderful things to manifest into this Material Sludge all along the way.

Living in Japanese society has led to a practical awareness of politeness protocol, and expressing gratitude is an integral function of the Japanese language, which also helps to Grease this society along the way. 

Greasing society along

Naturally, expressing sincere gratitude toward others as well as supporting self-esteem, amplifies the vibrations creating a mindset conducive to realization of all vision, aspiration, and dreams—as a matter of course, so start manifestation in earnest as there are no longer an excuses for a delay.

Clarity Over Time - cybersensei - Land Of The Rising Son