No one wakes up one morning and suddenly decides to go Maverick (°_°)*

The majority of humanoids have been programmed to reject the innate notion of becoming ΩNE—stupefied and dupefied, teeter-tottering along their precarious way—exposed as trite commonplace primates—material aplenty yet spirit empty—soulless and void, can this be more clear, the grinding of gears, is really all there is left to say.

Full cast of the MuppetsOver decades of being created and animated inside the Land Of The Rising Son, the full spectrum of gaijin has been encountered from all points under the Sun.

Generally speaking, these mundane proletariat are somewhat akin to spam—randomly having dropped into the inbox, by virtue of living in Japan.

Three Samurai Captains Of Japan - Land Of The Rising SonSearching the ether on a knowledge quest, seeking a specific expert of kind—when then and there—Maverick appeared—serendipitously—in the nick of time.

What a Maverick is—what it is not ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Laid bare to see is a banal representation of a trite commonplace performer, kitschy movies following well-worn, bloodthirsty plots—broadcasting guts and glory—gratuitous violence—desensitisation protocol (this is why there’s lots)—this is definitively what a Maverick is not.

Tommy Cruise as a failed actor top-gun

Once upon a time, an innocent child, his innocence ripped away—somewhere down under in Occxie-land—tragic circumstances the natural consequences of an errant decision tree—a preposterous precarious position for any child of any world to be—never forget—this is an unpardonable capital crimefu gu tai ten no kyū teki—不倶戴天の仇敵

Starting from the depths of this abhorrent abyss, the seeds of Maverick were sown—resilience of this adolescent boy under the stress of duress, understood he must go it alone.

Child going alone with his dog companionWhile his fair-weather friends were raving lunatics at parties, leeching off mommy & daddy’s nickels & dimes, Maverick was working around the clock, the notion of life as sublime—resilience coming out of his ying-yang—as he was also matriculating full time.

Regardless of this cursed start, he is endowed with fortuitous features—not only is he remarkably handsome, gentle and brawny—he is also very phacken smart.

Crazy looking Einstein

The Maverick part really kicked in graduating from Uni one lazy summer day, a faceless corporate recruiter emerging from the notion of commerce, calling on him specifically by name.

What’s not to love about the practical application of laborious attained negotiating skills, along with lots of certificates of gratitude (currency)—two-hundred and fifty thousand for a full season—adjusted for inflation, today, around three-twenty—who is counting anyway—a nickel here and a dime there—really it’s just funny money, now you can see.

Something inside Maverick’s rare air (infinity zone) was triggered by the rat race—this is when, his Muse got loose, his notions becoming sublime—the congenital realization of the meaning of successfulness, and to the Sun becoming aligned.

Rat RaceWhy would anyone abandon such a hard fought battle out of the depth of despair, all the way up to the highest rare air, having achieved life above the Sky-Tree“leave this behind” the loose Muse opined, as she consecrated his embryo at their first but not last heart-to-heart.

The vibration of his Muse stoked his juice, in the blink of an eye, he said goodbye to his life plan—destination, indeed destiny is to be, a Son rising in this land known as Japan.

Surely, life’s lesson are doubly intense grinding it out in Planet Japan—still everyday Mr. Maverick shows up—testament to his fortitude, vision, and commitment to advancement of Clan.
Maverick Family

Make It Material

Make It Material

Make It Material

Is there a secret mystical sauce allowing the manifestation of the insane notions and crazy ideas floating around in ΩNE’s head?

Not in reality.

Visions swilling around in the noggin can be manifested into Material Sludge by the sheer force of will and imagination—the secret is to wander in and out, and throughout the endless plains of Infinity—internalize the Rhodium RuleFollow The Sun.

Whether personally desired molecules transpire into Material Sludge or not, is singularly dependent upon the magnitude of fire and degree of passion raging deep inside the belly.

Fire in the belly

Successful manifestation of an internal vision is at first directly related to the insight ΩNE’s has into their own psyche, along with recognizing materialistic modern civilizations as a social construct—understanding we are all players participating in a fabricated Infinite game.

This splendid challenge can be described in one all telling meme—you are born and then you die.

You are born and you die

Be wary of an incessant daily grind, diminishing consequential visions, slipping through the hands of time.

A life lived in a personal grind and rat race, the Mask at the end of your life now peeled away—a mundane consolatory statement to comfort you in the final moments of your vapid days, echos the hollow excuse—“life just got in the way.”

The material manifestation of these empty vessels is a life of suffering and pain—having abdicated sovereignty as revealed by their laziness, a thrift-shop mentality and a wasted life, resigned to the fickle finger of fate.

Stark mediocrity

Manifesting ideas and desires into Material Sludge entails three exemplary gifts from the Muse, available to ΩNE and all—spirituality, psychology, and emergent enlightenment of the Infinite kind.

These three loyal allies can be relied upon over and over again facilitating smooth harmonic transference from the abstract notions inside the enigmatic human mind—moulding the vibrating notions into material structures in these historically significant times.

The fourth turning

As a self-matriculated linguist, the power of visualization and the importance of mnemonics in language retention can not be understated—this protocol is also paramount in the conjured materialization of grey matter products into atoms assembled successfully into this physical world in kind. 

Mnemonics work by leveraging associations, patterns, and familiar concepts making information much more memorable and easier to recall.

Clearly, manifesting abstract notions begins within the subconscious mind—when prompted using clear and concise images, ΩNE’s hearts desire will be revealed unto Mother Earth, and remember, she always takes her own sweet time.

Our shared earth

Indeed, thoughts and intentions are of paramount important, and the subconscious establishes forward motion, realizing the notion to take practical, consistent steps towards the vision, is the essence the secret now revealed. 

It is paramount to maintain an unwavering belief in human beings innate ability to manifest a visions into physical atomsat this point you may think you have gone crazy—your life has become surreal.

your life has become surreal

Along with confidence and a belief in the power of the Infinite, can emphatically modify decisions increasing the chances of an awesome manifestation of your spiritual desire to become corporeal.

Expressing gratitude is a matter of Japanese societal protocol, and is embedded in the language.

Japanese Bowing To Each Other - Land Of The Rising Son

Studying Japanese communication units facilitates patience when facing the resistance, all the while maintaining a level of detachment—there are no shortcuts or overnight sensations to be found anywhere in this game.

A formidable challenge to say the least, and in this case the manifestation goal was literacy in Japanese—practical daily practice has serendipitously allowed a multitude of wonderful things to manifest into this Material Sludge all along the way.

Living in Japanese society has led to a practical awareness of politeness protocol, and expressing gratitude is an integral function of the Japanese language, which also helps to Grease this society along the way. 

Greasing society along

Naturally, expressing sincere gratitude toward others as well as supporting self-esteem, amplifies the vibrations creating a mindset conducive to realization of all vision, aspiration, and dreams—as a matter of course, so start manifestation in earnest as there are no longer an excuses for a delay.

Clarity Over Time - cybersensei - Land Of The Rising Son

Fly In Ointment

Fly In Ointment

Fly In Ointment

Concerned about facts in which you have no say or control?

There is absolutely nothing to be done beyond an individuals sovereign control, therefore, anything of this nature cannot be categorised as Fly In Ointment.

Recall the proverbial Chip On Shoulder—this protocol describes an individual’s jurisdiction for personal growth and change—a superpower known as Personal Agency.

Personal-Agency-Land-Of-The-Rising-Son w logoAs a matter of fact, any and all incidence of grouching and grumbling surely originate from the Chip On Shoulder zone, don’t fret, you are not alone.

Recognising changes necessary leading to a life filled with meaning and purpose, then not bothering to do anything about self-inflicted flies in ointment is nothing less than a Chip On Shouldersurely to show up again and again—until self-realization, then actualisation—taking corrective measures when the flies inevitable fly ΩNE’s way.

Self sabotage by omission and lack of volition will continue to drawn a variety of flies into your personal ointment, and to tell the truth, these nasties will show up often, to varying degrees of unpleasantness, without an appointment, in an alien place, at a random time, on an arbitrary day.


An accurate measurement of personal health is how often, and to what magnitude flies in the ointment appear, and the appropriate countermeasures taken will personify a deepening awareness of personal flies.

This is the meter for measuring the time it takes for personal flies to decrease, then disappear altogether, one fine and glorious day.

One must be wary of the spectrum of flies on stand by to pollute and sabotage YOUR ointment (personal dreams, desires, and aspiration), and depending on the type of fly, can eliminate you from the game of life altogether—a pawn being controlled for the purpose of playing someone else’s game.


The fly manifests in many ways—truly a reliable reflection of a life lived in a moment to moment existence—no motivation, reflection, meaning, or indeed a sense of higher purpose—this is what is known as—losing one’s way.

One could also consider regular visitation of flies eyeing your ointment, in particularly the Horsefly, a nasty flesh-eating insect, wherein this species is renowned for bearing bad news of a deeply karmic sort, in a very vicious way.

horse fly

Life never goes as planned, shocking things seem to come from out of the blue, which is rarely true—Fly In Ointment is actually a predictable scenario, akin to the rising sun, the inevitable compounding, consciously or unconsciously, each individual life reflecting choices of once upon a time—just like it was yesterday.

Defective decisions, lackadaisical attitude, and the most common of all flaws—the entitlement mentality of the Industrial Education Complex graduates—indoctrination of this odious phenomena having become a repugnant second nature—also referred to as Complex Disease.

Complex Disease

The nature of this world will always put obstacles in the way of any worthy notions that advances knowledge, truth, and Civilisation 3.0.

It is imperative to understand that embracing any challenge is simply to change ΩNE’s own mind—look upon obstacles as the forward way—it is inevitable that troublesome flies will be encountered along the way.

As the masterful Ryan Holiday has brought us the wisdom of the ancient minds, drawing parallels between the Stoic philosophy of the ancient Greeks and Japanese samurai, which both drew the same conclusion from a distant past in an instance of infinite time.

Ryan Holiday - The Obstacle is the Way

The way to thrive in the world is to embrace and cherish each moment of finite earthy existence—keeping in mind one of the most important things to understand, and advance your own life starting with today—following the heart and embracing the fact—The Obstacle is the Way.The obstacle is the way

Chip On Shoulder

Chip On Shoulder

Chip On Shoulder

Having a chip on shoulder is somewhat like having Mr. Woodcock as an omnipresent coach—stoking fear-based motivation, or as viewed here in Japan—your personal oni kōchi.

Chips on shoulder manifest in a plethora of ways, so be sure to ascertain the origins of your personal chips.

Also, recognise if any particular personal chips are related to substandard parenting, making sure to avoid the old adage—a chip off the old block. 

Chip off the old block

To master generational chips, it is imperative to expedite appropriate measures, overturning self-perpetuating distorted reality fields—flipping the chip into deeply seated fortitude, an admirable characteristic of those who live life in empathy.

Recognising chips at first is confronting—a personal chip is an  excuse for mediocrity, stagnation, manifesting in a broken spirit and crushed dreams—your personal chip will continue to whisper in your ear, haunting you, until choosing to hear—“mend your ways, life is slipping away.”

Chips betray suppressed unresolved internal conflicts, and when brought to light and recognised, takes the newly enlightened into an extremely unpleasant transition—at first through confusion, and then a niggling feeling that this quirky scenario is somehow related to the notion known as destiny.

Date with destiny

Be wary of a particularly nasty chip which embodies a selfish, self-identified, selfless servant of humanity—always sacrificing for everyone and everything else, yet nothing for themselves.

These suffering individuals remain enslaved to the festering chip of bitterness and resentment, feeling sorry for themselves—this particular group of the self-oppressed are sorely in need of the Care Factor Zero protocol—don’t let this moment pass you by.

Care Factor Zero Empress Grace

Recently, a deeply disturbing manifestation of unpleasant chips has become evident inside the schoolhouse halls in what are known as—higher-learning institutes. 

Seeing a despondent generation of naïve individual enticed into a lifetime of servitude and debt peonage, carrying mountains of debt—prospect of a once-in-a-lifetime J.O.B. (just over broke) now coveted and converted by your emerging rival A.I.—pointless university degre no longer necessary, so do not even bother to apply.


Alas, this particular type of chip tends to only grow more ugly and violent as the misguided mal-matriculated slowly lose all sense of dignity, falling into an abyss of cynicism and despair, sprinkled with despondent negativity.

The opportunity to explore the nooks and crannies of greater Asia were as boundless as they were profound, having the extraordinary privilege of being able to hub here and there straight out of Japan.

Bagan Burma

This Incidental Occxie observed timeless ancient principles in practical application throughout Asia, facilitating the understanding that societies and cultures formulated from Confucianism, Buddhism, and Ancestor Worship, leave fewer chips on shoulder, deepen societal harmony, create strong family, clan, and community—the primal nature of the human species called forth innately.

Clarity Over Time - cybersensei - Land Of The Rising Son

Meta-Cognition Master – Tim Ferriss

Meta-Cognition Master – Tim Ferriss

Meta-Cognition Master – Tim Ferriss

Mastery of Meta-Cognition and the Art of Perseverance

Arguably Master Timmothy Ferris is the most important American to set foot in Japan since Commodore Perry in 1852.

Why is this so?

First and foremost, consider Master Ferriss as the Ultra-Master of Meta-Cognition, similar to Master Seth Godin, who is the Ultra-Master of Permission.

One could say Master Ferriss’s first steps to Meta-Mastery is when he encountered his first major Meta-Cognition Event when memorizing the Japanese Education Ministry’s Jōyō Kanji Hyō during his stay in Japan.

常用漢字表 - Land Of The Rising Son
In mandatory Japanese language education curriculum, there are 2,136 ideograms that must be studied by all students attending compulsory education in Japan.

In fact, a little know fact about this visionary samurai, is his international exchange experience as a high school student at Seikei Gakuen in Tokyo at the tender age of 15.

One could say this experience formulated a boy into a man who was destine to change the world in a profound way.

Not knowing what to expect when arriving in the Land Of The Rising Son, most certainly he was enchanted by the extraordinary contrast between his hometown Long Island and a city that changed his life forever, Tokyo.

Tokyo at Dusk - Land Of The Rising Son

Here he memorized the Jōyō Kanji Hyō, and was infused with Ancient Wisdom, Samurai Spirit, and enlightened as to the magnitude of his destiny as the Master of Meta-Cognition.  

Master Ferriss returned to his homeland, the United States, taking with him the Japanese spirit, and creating some of the most extraordinary concepts along with guidebooks.

These seminal works will undoubtably have an influence deep into the future, while leaving an indelible footprint upon history.

Why is this so?

Master Ferriss is most well know for groundbreaking life hack manuals such as The 4-Hour Work Week (2007), and his high resolution works, The 4-Hour Body (2010), and The 4-Hour Chef (2012).

The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss - Land Of The Rising Son

Moreover, on his own quest to Mastery, he uses his extraordinary capacity to bring life-changing guides to the masses with such important works as Tools of Titans, where one can find amazing tools for personal edification and self improvement, or Tribe of Mentors, a gift from Master Ferriss so the common can pick the brains of the uncommon via this seminal work.

Now he is extending his powerful reach via his wildly popular podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show, which has been downloaded over 700 million times.

The Tim Ferriss Show Podcast Cover - Land Of The Rising Son

In his award-winning podcast, he interviews a diverse range of guests such as the global icon of action movies, Arnold Schwarzenegger, deep-thinking philosopher Nava Ravikant, and truth-teller Michael Pollen, author of such important books as This Is Your Mind On Plants, and the groundbreaking work, How To Change Your Mind.

Master Ferriss also uses this important platform to speak to literally millions of people about his own personal struggles with depression, thoughts of suicide, and other dark matters which accompany the entire spectrum of the human condition.

This is where he summons his Yamato-Damashi, offering guidance to his audience by describing personal accounts of his own human suffering.

Yamato Damashii - Land Of The Rising Sun

He has facilitates uncountable amounts of mental and physical healing via his work, which are reliable guides and offer clear and decisive directions when searching for, and then finding one’s own Way.

Along his healing journey, he happened to discovered the power of natural plant medicine.

True to his samurai spirit, and using his considerable financial resources, he has spearheaded research into the medicinal properties of psilocybin and MDMA.

Psilocybin Mushrooms Medicinal Research John Hopkins - Land Of The Rising Son

Master Ferriss organized half the $17 million in commitments and contributed more than $2 million of his own money for a new Johns Hopkins center.

This is where clinical research is being undertaken to gain a clear understanding and revealing the truth about these critical therapeutics. 

Master Ferriss embodies the spirit of a modern fearless samurai warrior, using his incredible fortitude, brilliant mind, and talent and resources for the betterment of humanity.

So, why is Master Timmothy Ferris the most important American to set foot in Japan since Commodore Perry in 1852?

Throughout his life work he has imbued millions of his tribe with a subtle sprinkling of the Japanese Way by virtue of memorizing the Japanese Education Ministry’s Jōyō Kanji Hyō, and learning Japanese during his formative year in Japan.

Perhaps one day soon again he will hear the Spirit of the Japanese calling him home, where he is destine to facilitate an awakening among the Japanese to the possibilities of Meta-Cognition, and the promise of healing the Japanese nation by applying the secrets contained within ancient medicine.

Tim Ferriss Come Back To Japan - Land Of The Rising SonTim Ferriss Japanese Archery - Land Of The Rising Son

The Lecture

The Lecture

The Lecture

The Lecture

One has been a guest lecturer for students studying to join the Japanese automotive industry.

Over the decades of lecturing, the landscape of the Japanese student and their attitudes has changed in a significant manner.

With the first wave of students from the early 1990’s into the 2000s, one really felt a deep affinity and a kind of camaraderie in the classroom with these young people.

Camaraderie with Japanese and Canadians

As time marched on things gradually changed.

Perhaps due to the collapse of economic bubble in the early 90s, which lead to a societal decline, and, as a by-product, produced a lost generation of Japanese.

The gradual fraying of the “lifetime employment” system.

The proliferation of “convenient” processed foods poisoning the body, mind, and soul of the Japanese.


A break down in the family structure leading to a significant increase in the divorce rate, thus many more children from broken homes.

A sense of hopelessness and lack of purpose now prevalent throughout large swaths of society.

Read about the Mickey Mousification Of Japan here.

Then came the next wave of students.

These are the children of this lost generation.

Japanese poverty

Often in the Japanese culture, parents place the onus of discipline on the teachers.

However, when observing poor chopstick manners, one always regards this as a reflection of the household where they were raised.

Hold Chopsticks Correctly Please

Therefore, one can not totally blame these children for poor manners and disrespect towards people in authority, perceived or otherwise.

This being so, keep in mind, all adults are solely responsible for their own attitude and behaviour.

Two snotty little brats received a growing opportunity to help them along into adulthood just the other day.

Very rarely are people asked to remove themselves from the classroom, this was a rare day.


Wanting to send these troubled children on their way fully edified, the entire class of twenty-eight pupils served as the captive audience for the “lecture.”

First, they were asked if they were aware of the present problems concerning the South China Sea.


Then, asked if they knew where petroleum products come from.

There was some kind of murmurings: “Doesn’t oil come from the Middle East???“

Oil development in the Middle East Institution of Civil ... Oil development in the Middle East


Now, how does the oil, which is the lifeblood of civilization, especially the automotive industry, come to Japan.

That’s right!

Oil tankers.

Oil Tankers Fuel Japan

The next question was more of a statement.

Ever wonder about the shipping route from the Middle East to Japan?

Correct, through the South China Sea.

Middel East To Japan Via South China Sea

Has anyone here ever wondered what would happen if this oil stopped coming to Japan?

Of course not.

The clear answer is you will no longer have a job, or indeed a bright future whatsoever, especially with a poor attitude and obnoxious behaviour.

Gas station runs out of gas during oil embargo - The ... Gas station runs out of gas during oil embargo

The “lecture” was concluded by letting them know (with a heart full of love and empathy) that someone of my amicable disposition is most likely to be the easiest interaction they will ever have in their sheltered lives.

Best wishes to all who have a desire to make a meaningful life with purpose, whether as a Mercedes Benz mechanic, or a diligent proprietor of a successful automobile dealership.


Someone missed the memo!

Being ignored after addressing someone is unacceptable.

One has to be reminded sometime the voice must be raised in order to capture their attention.

That reminder came today for an insolent boy.

The protocol is to open your book, and then do whatever you want after that.

It’s called tatemai, or better yet shakojirei.

One also had the class repeat the following at the beginning of the second period, for their own personal growth and edification.

千里の道も一歩から ~ senri no michi mo ippo kara
thousand-mile journey starts with first step

実るほど頭を垂れる稲穂かな ~ minoru hodo kobe wo tareru inaho kana
the more noble the more humble

自業自得 ~ jigyo jitoku
suffer consequences of own action

身から出た錆 ~ mi kara deta sabi
reap what you sow

自ずと明確になります ~ onozuto meikaku ni narimasu
clarity over time