Born Again

Apr 2, 2022Blog, Civilization, Culture

There is nothing like the innocent life of a new born child.

Alas, in most cases, this innocence ends abruptly as the indoctrination process begins in-earnest.

For many unlucky boys raised in the Occidental tradition, the indoctrination start with a blade and the male genitalia in what is known as the unkindest cut of them all; circumcision.

This vile edict from long dead self-appointed and regally anointed “people of god” is still carried out in the name of piety in some regions of our troubled world; female genital mutilation.

Cleave Off The Foreskin-The Unkindest Cut Of Them All - Land Of The Rising SonAll claiming to be in direct communication with monotheistic gods must be looked upon with deep suspicion and as suffering from megsalomania, delusion of grandeur, and rotten to their putrid core with deep-seated mental illness.

Moreover, fantastic fables of god and miracle are simply designed by Mammon to be in the service of the chosen “people of god” at the dear expense of the flock, or otherwise know in Christianity as “sheep.”

Let us all now reflect upon the fate of the majority of sheep……


Flock Of Sheep - Land Of The Rising Son

Clearly, the original message of Jesus, from whence a beacon to the downtrodden once shone has now taken on a much more menacing and sinister meaning.

Here, the fraud is evident for all to see as the naked greed motivating these “people of god” is clearly rooted in the material sludge of this mortal world.

In case one did not know, the fleecers fleece the fleeced to the tune of 10% of their gross income; this is what is known as tithing.

Even much more heart-wrenchingly so, the gullible masses accept that they must wait for a reward in the afterlife, in what is refer to as “heaven.”

Joel Osteen-Charlatan And Fraudster From Heaven - Land Of The Rising Son

As is with all evolution, so it is with Christianity.

The modern Christians understand mandating the surrender of one’s own sovereignty can be clearly dismissed as dead mythology.

Here is something important to understand about “heaven” and now needs to be prudently examined for veracity.

According to Christian doctrine, unless one had received Jesus as their personal saviour, and to have been washed by the blood of the lamb (Jesus), one can not enter the kingdom of “heaven.”

The Rapture and the Second-coming-of-Jesus-Christ_Heaven-Opened-up-Delusion or Fact - Land Of The Rising Son

This is exclusionary in the extreme, and contra-humanistic.

If this Christian tenet is taken at face value, the Japanese are heading straight to hell, according to this particular Christian dogma.

Joyfully so, the message of love and harmony is still prevalent in certain circles of Christianity today.

Here is something that is universally applicable to ponder, no religion necessary:

Do not judge a book by its cover.


The Japanese do not judge others, it is not necessary, for we live in the tate shakai social structure of Japan.

Indeed, the Japanese citizens’ place in this complex society is most likely to be predetermined and accepted as the natural course of one own life.

Remember, Japan was an isolated island nation in the middle of the Pacific Ocean until only recently (Commodore Perry and Japan [1853-1854]).

Commodore Perry Black Ship - Land Of The Rising Son

The resilience of the Japanese can not be underestimated, and the Japanese Spirit prevailed even when gravely threatened by the Jesuits during the sakoku period from 1603 to 1867.

As pointed out in Koizumi Yakumo seminal work; Japan, an Attempt at Interpretation, in the chapter entitled, Jesuit Peril, one can see the Japanese flatly rejecting any notion of a disconnection from one’s own ancestry in the service of a false god in a far away land.

What Yakumo saw, and saliently described during the birth of industrial Japan, was that the Japanese are not “religious,” but in fact, adhere to the Way of Ancestor Worship.

香取神宮 - Land Of The Rising Son

Moreover, the Japanese place the highest value on form, order, and process…one could almost say, religiously.

The Japanese are welcoming to all, they only ask for recognition of just a few commonsensical protocols while visiting the sacred land of Japan.

respectful of others
mind your manners
venerate ancestors
life’s ephemeral nature
live and let live

香取神宮へようこそ - Land Of The Rising Son

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