Let’s Go Molecular

Dec 2, 2023Blog, Education

Viewing the humanoid body as a chemical Matrix akin to thick green pea soup, at first glance may seem surreal.Green pea soup-itadaki mouseRest assured, there is simply nothing more visceral, bona fide, or reflective of the Fabric of Reality than metacognitive acknowledgement of the physical flowing of molecules throughout Material Sludge.

Coming to terms with the fascinating reality of the intricate intertwining of heart, mind, body, and soul is exactly where the story begins—you are now in control of a new constructed reality where the legitimate meaning of life as the revealed revelations are slowly unpeeled.

Just as in the Matrix described in the Rising Son’s Earth Log, closely examining the mirror reveals your personalised chemistry and its veneer—scary at ignition at the Beginning of Infinity—your molecules starts the evolutional journey outside the Matrix where lies worlds of endless eternity—no beginning—no middle—no end—truth no longer surreal.

no beginning—no middle—no end—truth no longer surrealOnce consciously assimilating the quirky quarks of the molecular being—heart, mind, body, and soul amalgamate for an illuminating journey—Follow The Sun—journeying on her beloved sister Mother Earth—just one of the many planetary islands among an infinite number of gooey atolls—inhabited by otherworldly chemical matrixes of enigmatic bizarre sentient beings.

The physical body is a carnal conduit consisting of mind, heart, spirit and soul, thus, it is imperative to nourish the restless wary whole—personification of Personal Identification—the Ego and the  turned loose Muse, floating in Harmony in the True Communities throughout this celestial atoll.

New Worlds Indeed the composition of a humanoid chemical Matrix, varies widely depending on the sauce in the feed mix deeply impacting all 4 vital signs, personalised touchstones as a present to all seminal sentient beings.

Fortunately, at the tender age of just twenty-three—Japanese food arrived instantly—in deep contrast to this Incidental Occxie’s humble culinary beginnings—straight to pickles, rice, and sashimi.

豪華刺身船盛り - Land ΩF The Rising SΩN - cybersenseiInflection ʅʃ Point

As an Incidental Occxie, this journey Following The Sun can only be considered in the realm of inexplicable happenstance, a most peculiar instance of surreality, manifesting into materially reality inside Earth’s Force Field.

Undoubtably the selection of Japanese cuisine includes much more that pickled vegetables and raw fish, in fact, when asked why to have remained in the Land of Japan, the answer envelopes just three:

(1) Japanese people

(2) Healthy Japanese food with reverence for rice

(3) The foundational workings of the civil society of Japan—internalising this leads to penetrating insight into Civilization Three.

Surreal map of Japan high tech red rising sun backgroundMoreover, the Japanese astutely describe the essence of savoury scrumptious succulent nibblets—corresponding to the flavour of glutamates—the fifth category of taste—umami.

Once upon a time in Occxie-land visiting a grocery stores—there was shock and dismay in what appeared to be food devolved into sludgy chemical goop—conjured in an Industrial Laboratory—bad news ya’ll have been duped—consuming ubiquitous chemical compounds like high fructose corn syrup—you are fat, stupid, sad, and a pathetic pale hue of Mississippi Delta blue.

Fat and stupidUnsolicited (ò_óˇ) Advice 

The vital organs of humanoids orchestrate the music of mind and soul—reconstituting earthly chemical matrix using natural flavour decisions, the sustenance of your life akin to personal rocket fuel 

Rejuvenating the physical body creates a solid foundation to build the four divine points of homeostatic humanity—reseting the entire celestial body the personal Mitochondria Muse, an ally and the new best friend. 

The simplicity of the molecule rearrangement theme and its execution therein, is where a complex mind game in earnest will begin.

The mandate is clear—72 hours of abstinence—three fleeting days—on the quest for eternal harmony—rejuvenation starts from within.

As in all heroes journey’s, the antagonist will show up again and again—its must be viscerally experience personally—you now own this pesky little hunger hormone—who goes by the name of Ghrelin.

Ghrelin moleculeThe sole mission of Ghrelin is to bring hunger pangs—let the first battle kick in—even if breaking down and giving in—there is always tomorrow as described in the song—ashita mo aru sa—the vision of another day—Start From The Beginning Again.

In the blink of an eye, the renewed bio-chemical system can now fly, collective gratitude abounds for this soul cleansing protocol profound, brought to you by the wise Dr. Sten.

One more fascinating magic ally in the quest for the heart to sign and the soul to fly is also courtesy of the sagacious Dr. Ekberg—most important to know, thus to be aligned the regeneration of the cellular—the miracle of Autophagy the ultimate regenerative friend.

Sten-Ekberg mashAutophagy is the personal cell recycling program—just like a tired out cellular telephone eventually it starts to slow down too many old files cluttering up the memory—leading to ageing, physical breakdown, and eventual senility.

Clean up the unnecessary files and update the software so it can run smoothly once again—72 hours of abstinence—three ephemeral days is where Autophagy is put into play.

As cells live and work, they accumulate waste material like old or damaged proteins and organelles, which are the vital organs inside each cell.

In the Autophagy process waste material is packed up to be destroyed—break it down and recycle it making new cell parts with a renewal of stelar energy is where the new beginning starts is definitely the place to be.

Happy cells, molecules, atoms kissing each other