Just Like You

Mar 16, 2024Blog, Civilization

Contradictions abound; no ifs, ands, or buts about it, this is where reality has its feet firmly planted on the ground.

Take some time now to look around, examine the nooks and crannies to see the layers of someone residing deep inside a different reality.

The introductory steps on the path to discerning the humdrum and profound are inevitably somewhat shaky—things are not what they seem—I am you and you are me. 

I Am You And You Are Me
The Universal Truth in this story is like a sublime Aesop’s tale—it matters not the birth order dilemma nor on which side of the tracks or the place where born—you are not where you came from—you are who you are today.

Life unfolds in granular detail expressed in words, beliefs, and deeds represented as sections in the book of life, thus, an occasion for the creation of a renewed story, to leave a mark on civilization, to transition into the Way-Station No. 9 zone of Civilization Three.

The game gets infinitely interesting, as the notion of freedom of choice comes into play—is life on earth a series of conscious decisions or merely a predetermined scene, a weird cosmic scenario in a movie directed by a fourth-dimensional soul who still remains unseen.

Weird cosmic scene
The ultimate question to position under our brilliant sun will satisfy the urge to break free—purge the mind of the Shackles of the Past—merge into ΩNE by choosing ΩNESELF—to be or not to be, that is the pivotal question.

Recognizing this hidden reality instantly flips chemical energy into a newly created class of citizenry, made possible by the fantastic reality of the Japanese as the pinnacle of societal achievement as the curators of advancing Civilization Three.

Note: You have now been included in a peerless selection of clan constructors, emboldened with a deep-seated conviction in the alliance founded upon the principles described in the original constitution of Japan—reflecting timeless societal principles, pertinent since the beginning of time.

Endless TimeEmbrace this as the perfect opportunity for self-selection and reflection—instantaneously transition away from primal base instincts—leave obsession with Material Sludge behind and follow the sun to a Place of Grace.

The association of clans beckons you to join all types of almighty creators, electrifying conductors, universal explainers, and eccentric producers of society’s grease.

Uniting and blending civilization, like some kind of super-duper magic crazy glue—any day is perfect to sacrifice and push through—for you there is no choice, it’s what Clans are destined to do.

Welcome the daily grind wading through the gritty grime Reframe Your Brain to create new paradigms now grounded in a regenerated reality—from this renewed perspective creates possibility in everything.
Reframe your brain Scott AdamsChoosing to break from the Shackles of the Past is to become the creator of your own clan, thus constructing a unique society, rejecting all labels and being shoved into a box go forward to create sublime visions which you have seen and dreamed.

Japan and the Shackles of the Past - Land Of The Rising Son

Like so many things Japanese, things are not what they seem, there are many different sides to the same coin in the Japanese mind and due to the nature evolving over the centuries, an obsolete class system still remains for the Japanese.

History can not be erased, but by writing a new script for a personal daily scene is a legacy of those who summoned the courage to alter the course of human history.

Only one thing will always remain the same—all life in a state of flux and never-ending change—a transformational shift in the flow of Japanese chemistry signals the decline of antiquated class system under the stark glare of the blue light screen—fuelling an intense energy, the Japanese now having tasted freedom and democracy—leading to this epoch moment in the evolution of the Japanese as the curators of Civilization Three.

Blue LightThe wise move is to instantaneously switch to this rare civilised society as founded upon Form Order Process—here is where neo-clans join hands to create renewed societies founded upon ancient tenets of judicious resolve to building new worlds in the microcosms of the neighbourhood strewn throughout Japan as the template for creation of advanced global societies.