Tuna Fish Insanity

Jan 22, 2020

Tuna Fish Insanity

Personally, I don’t eat things that are becoming endangered, but that is just me.

However, the Japanese are at it again, expensive seafood, really, really expensive seafood.

A single  bluefin tuna fetched 193.2 million yen on Sunday at the 2020 New Year’s auction at Tokyo’s Toyosu fish market, the second-highest price on record.

The record holder is a now gone, but not forgotten bluefin tuna which fetched a record 333.6 million yen in the New Year auction last year (2019) when it was held for the first time in Toyosu following the market’s relocation from the historical and fabled Tsukiji fish market.

The price paid for this year’s prize 276-kilogram Bluefin tuna amounts to 700,000 yen per kg.

The successful bidder was again Kiyomura Corp, the Tokyo-based operator of sushi restaurant chain Sushizanmai.

The company said the tuna will be served at the chain’s restaurant in nearby Tsukiji fish market, the former location of the capital’s major fish market.

For me tuna is surely delicious, but not that wonderful I assure you.

You can find comparable immaculate flavours of sashimi or sushi, when you order fresh abalone liver or the ever so amazing sea urchin.

Further tickle your taste buds with the fatty meat of bonito, engawa of flatfish, and crab brains.

I promise, you won’t have to pay ¥10,000 a mouthful, and I also promise you will come away from dinner just as sated.  Furthermore, you can have a clear conscious that you have not consumed one of the few last, near extinct remaining king of all fish; the majestic Bluefin Tuna.