No one wakes up one morning and suddenly decides to go Maverick (°_°)*

The majority of humanoids have been programmed to reject the innate notion of becoming ΩNE—stupefied and dupefied, teeter-tottering along their precarious way—exposed as trite commonplace primates—material aplenty yet spirit empty—soulless and void, can this be more clear, the grinding of gears, is really all there is left to say.

Full cast of the MuppetsOver decades of being created and animated inside the Land Of The Rising Son, the full spectrum of gaijin has been encountered from all points under the Sun.

Generally speaking, these mundane proletariat are somewhat akin to spam—randomly having dropped into the inbox, by virtue of living in Japan.

Three Samurai Captains Of Japan - Land Of The Rising SonSearching the ether on a knowledge quest, seeking a specific expert of kind—when then and there—Maverick appeared—serendipitously—in the nick of time.

What a Maverick is—what it is not ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Laid bare to see is a banal representation of a trite commonplace performer, kitschy movies following well-worn, bloodthirsty plots—broadcasting guts and glory—gratuitous violence—desensitisation protocol (this is why there’s lots)—this is definitively what a Maverick is not.

Tommy Cruise as a failed actor top-gun

Once upon a time, an innocent child, his innocence ripped away—somewhere down under in Occxie-land—tragic circumstances the natural consequences of an errant decision tree—a preposterous precarious position for any child of any world to be—never forget—this is an unpardonable capital crimefu gu tai ten no kyū teki—不倶戴天の仇敵

Starting from the depths of this abhorrent abyss, the seeds of Maverick were sown—resilience of this adolescent boy under the stress of duress, understood he must go it alone.

Child going alone with his dog companionWhile his fair-weather friends were raving lunatics at parties, leeching off mommy & daddy’s nickels & dimes, Maverick was working around the clock, the notion of life as sublime—resilience coming out of his ying-yang—as he was also matriculating full time.

Regardless of this cursed start, he is endowed with fortuitous features—not only is he remarkably handsome, gentle and brawny—he is also very phacken smart.

Crazy looking Einstein

The Maverick part really kicked in graduating from Uni one lazy summer day, a faceless corporate recruiter emerging from the notion of commerce, calling on him specifically by name.

What’s not to love about the practical application of laborious attained negotiating skills, along with lots of certificates of gratitude (currency)—two-hundred and fifty thousand for a full season—adjusted for inflation, today, around three-twenty—who is counting anyway—a nickel here and a dime there—really it’s just funny money, now you can see.

Something inside Maverick’s rare air (infinity zone) was triggered by the rat race—this is when, his Muse got loose, his notions becoming sublime—the congenital realization of the meaning of successfulness, and to the Sun becoming aligned.

Rat RaceWhy would anyone abandon such a hard fought battle out of the depth of despair, all the way up to the highest rare air, having achieved life above the Sky-Tree“leave this behind” the loose Muse opined, as she consecrated his embryo at their first but not last heart-to-heart.

The vibration of his Muse stoked his juice, in the blink of an eye, he said goodbye to his life plan—destination, indeed destiny is to be, a Son rising in this land known as Japan.

Surely, life’s lesson are doubly intense grinding it out in Planet Japan—still everyday Mr. Maverick shows up—testament to his fortitude, vision, and commitment to advancement of Clan.
Maverick Family

Old Friend

Old Friend

Old Friend

What is a friend?

First and foremost, the meaning of friendship and specific roles differ significantly between cultures.

In the beginning, friends usually show up by default—immediate neighbours, in this case, the first friend lived directly across the street—this friendship also included accompanying the 2nd generation Japanese family, hitting the slopes to do a little Alpine skiing.

Silver-Star-Ski-ResortEventually they moved away, the fond memories of this early friend still linger today, solidifying my eternal friendliness towards his Clan, fondly recalling this exemplary example of what it means to be a real man.

The notion of friendship and what it entails is clearly differs from that of the Japanese—school system, creation, and maintenance of closely-knit community, and the social roles to solidifying human relations and embrace life’s meaning.

Sicamous fire chief Brett Ogino

The reality of Japanese hierarchical class structure starts early in earnest at around six.

Happy 6th birthday

In the Japanese language, friend encompasses a plethora of social constructs from the start of the rigid social hierarchy reality establishing the sociological frame, and the unique identifier of being Japanese.

The big three Japanese hierarchical protocol:

ΩNE in higher grade

ΩNE in same grade (first batch of friends comes from here)

ΩNE in lower grade

There is no escape from these social constraints, that is of course, unless there is the curious desire, for very undesirable treatment known as mura hachibu—or the dreadedprotocol of ostracism.

jail-breakIn Japanese, friends are not friends in the sense of those living in Occxie-land understand, they are to network with, and perhaps at one point, will be useful as collaborators in some kind of life’s master plan.

Deep and meaningful friendships are of course a necessary part of the fabric of all societies, but with the advent of the internet, the word friend no longer conveys its true meaning, seems now to be flippant even absurd, now long since past its prime.

People become friends for a variety of reasons, some for intellectual stimulation, others upon circumstances, a matter of self interest and convenience.

David Deutsch and Naval RavikantA major sign of the twilight waning of any relationship, when reduced to mere convenience—as like all living things, all friendships fade away and then die.

Old relationships that are meaningful at the end are always about sharing common interests, contributing sparks toward Each Other with an  enlightened shine—not stagnation of staid thinking of the judgmental and righteous kind.

Japanese have an apt description of a well worn relationship embodying the meaning of ennui—kusare en.

well worn relationships



1: inseparable relation
2: unsavory relation

This terminology is often used in jest, to be taken by the recipient either way, and like a lot of things the Japanese way, relays the participants true feelings in a very roundabout way.

The importance of friendship, fellowship, and community could not be more urgent than it is today.

Join likeminded communities, build new worlds as you see fit you own way—relaying the innate notions to fortify and edify our Clans and societies—build the future of our children with real men and women at the dawn of Hardcore History in this New World Age.

New World Future

Which Class

Which Class

Which Class

The notion of an individual’s worth being determined by a class system, or passing judgement based upon the colour of another’s skin, not the content of their character, was thoroughly rubbed out and permanently deleted in accordance with the constitution of Maggie May.

Emancipation comes in many forms*\(^o^)/*

What’s not to love about a benign neighbourhood nestled within pristine Alpine mountains, embodying such extraordinary diversity—a global microcosm smack dab in the middle of nowhere.

Salmon Arm British Columbia in the 1940s.

The immediate neighborhood included diverse clans—Minion (Ireland), Ogino (Japan), Hewko (Ukraine), Wong (Hong Kong), Filiatrault (French)—rural living, population, 5000—an even more extraordinary cosmopolitan event transpired when attending classes with our friends—Singh (Punjab), Mostafa (Egypt), and our indigenous brothers and sisters, ancestors of the Shuswap Band clan of the Secwepemc Nation—this is what is known as a divine starting line.

Were there deeply rooted pre-judgmental hoser-yokels living among the enlightened in this serene town—of course, the yokel class come from the full spectrum of all classes.

Diverse classes of people

From the micro cosmopolitan of rural Occxie-land to the homogenous island chain of Yamato Japan—the world has never looked the same—pondering life with a daily renewed idiosyncratic world view—beaming love, grace and humility from the cusp of civilization 3.0—the renewed, improved, upgraded version of our common humanity.

Understanding the significance of class and the importance of societal harmony based upon this notion has not been lost on this wayward classless boy, who due to innate human nature followed the sun to the most strict hierarchical structure in the history of the outer-verse and inner-verse—both real, surreal, and virtual.

real, surreal, and virtua

A subtle inflection concerning class structure of the Japanese, summons an inexplicable sense of incongruence, along with a subliminal unease in acknowledging Japanese class structure—yet all Japanese share this common psychological thread—leaving them in a unique position—the class of Being Japanese.

Consider the concept of mindo, which encompasses two fundamental societal standards—the standard of living and cultural standards—making human life sublime, each of equal importance, in a grand scheme of a magnificent design.

香取神宮 - Land Of The Rising Son

In this neck of the woods, the diminishment of mindo over the full spectrum of Japanese classes have eroded in a turbulent decline—haggard, wasted, scared, and frail—the time is now to initiate the renaissance plan.

Keep unpleasant immature Japanese speakers accountable for anti-social behaviour—chide the lost with purposeful reminders of the basics tenants of humanity to which all must align and adhere—plainly observable as the founding principles of Japanese societal protocol—Form Order Process.

form order process - Land Of The Rising Son

When necessary, strategically insinuate a Japanese person has low mindo in order to stigmatize them, especially those with the air of birthrights snobbery with condescending superiority.

Look the perpetrator square in the eye, and say with a smile—mido ga hijō ni hikui desu na—this will be sure to draw their attention—the sting of the truth pointing out all classless nincompoops—exposed naked is common air.

Taro Aso 民度が低いLooking Really Stupid - Land Of The Rising Son

Indeed this a stealth technique to rid your sphere of those who continue to adhere to class hierarchy delusional infection, having now manifestered into a dreadful, class depended socially destructive disease.

Ask your Japanese friends, if they know the mindo story and what it actually means—internalize these concepts with them and live life according to this theme.

Life is a result of choices, both conscious and subconscious , now the choice is clear to be or not to be, embracing fundamental tenants holds the key to become someone real.

to be or not to be - Land Ωf The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

Whose Movie

Whose Movie

Whose Movie

Look upon life as a movie, recognizing the importance of breathing in the full spectrum of an idiosyncratic motion-picture presentation.

Consider this a perfect working title—What The Phack I Done With My Life—a friendly reminder to those who have come to the cheerless realization—life is a movie whetherå you like it or not—ΩNE must observe the world as an unambiguous reflection, mirroring the choices accumulated throughout your material life.

Realizing the plot of the movie, and your role in the film would be the first step to understanding the meaning of life, and for those who dare to care, become the star, producer, and director of a very intimate and stylized Truman Show.

truman show movie poster

Upon entry into earth’s atmosphere, a phenomena known as the pecking order protocol initiates ingrained human genetics—roles as younger and older siblings, or that of an only child assigned.

During the initial stage of cultural indoctrination, the maiden role is usually as a support player, there is the omnipresent mammalian instinct is to be a follower, and not of that of a benevolent leader.

Unfortunately, the initial role assigned by happenstance is never questioned, thus unequivocally accepted—becoming the de facto self-imposed Lot In Life.

Hard Work and the lot in life

Here it is imperative to understand and internalize the misnomer of the age old adage—blood is thicker than water—it is not.

The actual meaning of Clan is that of a syndicated polyphonic partnership pointing in the same direction—these harmonics are the unequivocal hallmark of those who have taking the initiative, trust Form Order Process, and follow the Way of the Sun.

Truly, the option to upgrade ΩNE’s own role in the show has only become available to the populace in recent decades, thanks to the incredible advancement based upon the Age of Reason—what’s not to love about this?


Excuses are equivalent to having consciously embraced ignorance, or admit to inertia and mental sloth—ultimately the final nail in the coffin for all seeking a very personal biography, written in the style of Infinity.

Along with drawing your last breath in the final act comes a stark realization—your life a faded reflection, a faceless extra, and a very useful idiot in someone else’s low budget forgettable B-movie.

Aspiring to star in a massive blockbuster big-budget movie is never necessary—all memorable cinema has consequential supporting players—a powerful cast can only enhance the standing of each actor and amplify the calibre of each player.

The cast supports the production and each is equally as important

The spectrum of possibilities allows a massive amount of creative leeway, arousing your personal account, a most intimate script, starring in your own film, the rights and ownership belonging exclusively to you.

Here in Japan, the movie protocol is already woven into the societal threads of obligation and mutual dependency evolving into Civilization 3.0—the movie in which all Japanese and Others who happen to live here appear.

Fundamentally, Japanese reality is built upon the notion of everyone playing their assigned roles according to strict hierarchical societal protocol.

18th-century mebina, Empress doll

These peculiar protocols call for adroit skill to implement layers upon layers of the uniquely ubiquitous Japanese mask—ΩNE only has to look to the ancient tradition of the Yamato Nation to know from where the Japanese have come.

Judging the Japanese as a mysterious race is a common misrepresentation of their true nature.

In order to fully understand the Way of the Japanese, it is obligatory to read, write, and speak their language at an advanced level, and there is no escape from this austere reality, try it for yourself, if you don’t believe me.

To the uninitiated, the Japanese appear to be trapped into highly specific societal silos, and on the surface this may seem real, but as all things in Japan, things are simply not this way, and over time in a matter of course, will be fully revealed.

Clarity Over Time - cybersensei - Land Of The Rising Son


Make It Material

Make It Material

Make It Material

Is there a secret mystical sauce allowing the manifestation of the insane notions and crazy ideas floating around in ΩNE’s head?

Not in reality.

Visions swilling around in the noggin can be manifested into Material Sludge by the sheer force of will and imagination—the secret is to wander in and out, and throughout the endless plains of Infinity—internalize the Rhodium RuleFollow The Sun.

Whether personally desired molecules transpire into Material Sludge or not, is singularly dependent upon the magnitude of fire and degree of passion raging deep inside the belly.

Fire in the belly

Successful manifestation of an internal vision is at first directly related to the insight ΩNE’s has into their own psyche, along with recognizing materialistic modern civilizations as a social construct—understanding we are all players participating in a fabricated Infinite game.

This splendid challenge can be described in one all telling meme—you are born and then you die.

You are born and you die

Be wary of an incessant daily grind, diminishing consequential visions, slipping through the hands of time.

A life lived in a personal grind and rat race, the Mask at the end of your life now peeled away—a mundane consolatory statement to comfort you in the final moments of your vapid days, echos the hollow excuse—“life just got in the way.”

The material manifestation of these empty vessels is a life of suffering and pain—having abdicated sovereignty as revealed by their laziness, a thrift-shop mentality and a wasted life, resigned to the fickle finger of fate.

Stark mediocrity

Manifesting ideas and desires into Material Sludge entails three exemplary gifts from the Muse, available to ΩNE and all—spirituality, psychology, and emergent enlightenment of the Infinite kind.

These three loyal allies can be relied upon over and over again facilitating smooth harmonic transference from the abstract notions inside the enigmatic human mind—moulding the vibrating notions into material structures in these historically significant times.

The fourth turning

As a self-matriculated linguist, the power of visualization and the importance of mnemonics in language retention can not be understated—this protocol is also paramount in the conjured materialization of grey matter products into atoms assembled successfully into this physical world in kind. 

Mnemonics work by leveraging associations, patterns, and familiar concepts making information much more memorable and easier to recall.

Clearly, manifesting abstract notions begins within the subconscious mind—when prompted using clear and concise images, ΩNE’s hearts desire will be revealed unto Mother Earth, and remember, she always takes her own sweet time.

Our shared earth

Indeed, thoughts and intentions are of paramount important, and the subconscious establishes forward motion, realizing the notion to take practical, consistent steps towards the vision, is the essence the secret now revealed. 

It is paramount to maintain an unwavering belief in human beings innate ability to manifest a visions into physical atomsat this point you may think you have gone crazy—your life has become surreal.

your life has become surreal

Along with confidence and a belief in the power of the Infinite, can emphatically modify decisions increasing the chances of an awesome manifestation of your spiritual desire to become corporeal.

Expressing gratitude is a matter of Japanese societal protocol, and is embedded in the language.

Japanese Bowing To Each Other - Land Of The Rising Son

Studying Japanese communication units facilitates patience when facing the resistance, all the while maintaining a level of detachment—there are no shortcuts or overnight sensations to be found anywhere in this game.

A formidable challenge to say the least, and in this case the manifestation goal was literacy in Japanese—practical daily practice has serendipitously allowed a multitude of wonderful things to manifest into this Material Sludge all along the way.

Living in Japanese society has led to a practical awareness of politeness protocol, and expressing gratitude is an integral function of the Japanese language, which also helps to Grease this society along the way. 

Greasing society along

Naturally, expressing sincere gratitude toward others as well as supporting self-esteem, amplifies the vibrations creating a mindset conducive to realization of all vision, aspiration, and dreams—as a matter of course, so start manifestation in earnest as there are no longer an excuses for a delay.

Clarity Over Time - cybersensei - Land Of The Rising Son

Fly In Ointment

Fly In Ointment

Fly In Ointment

Concerned about facts in which you have no say or control?

There is absolutely nothing to be done beyond an individuals sovereign control, therefore, anything of this nature cannot be categorised as Fly In Ointment.

Recall the proverbial Chip On Shoulder—this protocol describes an individual’s jurisdiction for personal growth and change—a superpower known as Personal Agency.

Personal-Agency-Land-Of-The-Rising-Son w logoAs a matter of fact, any and all incidence of grouching and grumbling surely originate from the Chip On Shoulder zone, don’t fret, you are not alone.

Recognising changes necessary leading to a life filled with meaning and purpose, then not bothering to do anything about self-inflicted flies in ointment is nothing less than a Chip On Shouldersurely to show up again and again—until self-realization, then actualisation—taking corrective measures when the flies inevitable fly ΩNE’s way.

Self sabotage by omission and lack of volition will continue to drawn a variety of flies into your personal ointment, and to tell the truth, these nasties will show up often, to varying degrees of unpleasantness, without an appointment, in an alien place, at a random time, on an arbitrary day.


An accurate measurement of personal health is how often, and to what magnitude flies in the ointment appear, and the appropriate countermeasures taken will personify a deepening awareness of personal flies.

This is the meter for measuring the time it takes for personal flies to decrease, then disappear altogether, one fine and glorious day.

One must be wary of the spectrum of flies on stand by to pollute and sabotage YOUR ointment (personal dreams, desires, and aspiration), and depending on the type of fly, can eliminate you from the game of life altogether—a pawn being controlled for the purpose of playing someone else’s game.


The fly manifests in many ways—truly a reliable reflection of a life lived in a moment to moment existence—no motivation, reflection, meaning, or indeed a sense of higher purpose—this is what is known as—losing one’s way.

One could also consider regular visitation of flies eyeing your ointment, in particularly the Horsefly, a nasty flesh-eating insect, wherein this species is renowned for bearing bad news of a deeply karmic sort, in a very vicious way.

horse fly

Life never goes as planned, shocking things seem to come from out of the blue, which is rarely true—Fly In Ointment is actually a predictable scenario, akin to the rising sun, the inevitable compounding, consciously or unconsciously, each individual life reflecting choices of once upon a time—just like it was yesterday.

Defective decisions, lackadaisical attitude, and the most common of all flaws—the entitlement mentality of the Industrial Education Complex graduates—indoctrination of this odious phenomena having become a repugnant second nature—also referred to as Complex Disease.

Complex Disease

The nature of this world will always put obstacles in the way of any worthy notions that advances knowledge, truth, and Civilisation 3.0.

It is imperative to understand that embracing any challenge is simply to change ΩNE’s own mind—look upon obstacles as the forward way—it is inevitable that troublesome flies will be encountered along the way.

As the masterful Ryan Holiday has brought us the wisdom of the ancient minds, drawing parallels between the Stoic philosophy of the ancient Greeks and Japanese samurai, which both drew the same conclusion from a distant past in an instance of infinite time.

Ryan Holiday - The Obstacle is the Way

The way to thrive in the world is to embrace and cherish each moment of finite earthy existence—keeping in mind one of the most important things to understand, and advance your own life starting with today—following the heart and embracing the fact—The Obstacle is the Way.The obstacle is the way