Love Is All You Need

Love Is All You Need

Love Is All You Need

The Westernised notion of love is akin to the Easter Bunny or Commercial Santa; exciting and mysterious as gullible children, but like all mythology, fabrications created by powerful forces to control the heart and mind of humanity.

The notion of falling in and out of love is as nonsensical as a fat man in black boots with a potbelly slithering down the chimney to deliver goods and to feast on milk and cookies.
Santa w E BunnyThe real world offers much more visceral tutorials to guide the propagandised lovestruck lovers—serving up a healthy jolt of reality—Unconditional Love reveals the wisdom of life’s meaning.

The feelings when first falling in love is as exciting and infatuating as a gentle spring breeze—what’s not to love about feeling warm and fuzzy about Each Other, if only temporarily.

True commitment to an authentic partnership entails surrendering to the notion of growing together—into future frequencies, unseen worlds, and far beyond the surreal—regardless of the inevitable suffering that Unconditional Love entails.

The infinite frequency of Jion-jion
Buyer beware: love comes with a caveat—we must love Each Other unconditionally and love Each Other without fail and until no end.

Chocolate merchants have a field-day on Cupid’s sacred holiday—February 14th not having satisfied their sweet-tooth quite yet, the ingenious Japanese pioneered a reciprocal scheme inside a plot—continuing fleecing the smitten masses—the commercially thriving—White Day

Remember, in Japan on Valentine’s Day, the women give men chocolate as a token gift at the behest of Lotte, only to be coerced into reciprocating a month later in Japanese confectionary makers’ creamy dreams, the socially constructed aforementioned—White Day.

Happy White DayFoundationally, the Japanese take a much more practical approach to love and what it entails—particularly in mate selection when joining hands to proceed, creating the precious legacy of sacredness—ΩNE’s neo-clan and the progress they have achieved.

First and foremost, in order to love others, it is imperative to love ΩNESELF before becoming capable of Unconditional Love—the primordial instrument of human thriving.

The reflection of psychopathic narcissism is that of an insubstantial sub-race—forfeiting their place inside ΩNE—separate from the Whole—their very existence fundamentally embodying hate.
Ugly narcissist putting on make up and staring into a mirrorUnconditional Love is the will to extend ΩNESELF for the singular purpose of nurturing ΩNE’s own, or others’ psychological growth—incrementally polishing a true daily reflection of the meaning of Unconditional Love.

Upon realization, the next stage of the story is revealed—the illuminated infinite lovers embracing Civilization Three—the pathway of progressive enlightenment, a juicy fresh onion as the layers are slowly peeled.

Onion layers w Land Of The Rising Son Logo
The process of extending ΩNESELF is evolutionarily successfully extended ΩNE’s own limits, growing into a larger state of being via the act of loving others, a spouse, a child, a friend, or indeed a stranger is an act of self-evolution and edifies all others.

Filial piety - Land Ωf The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

Reaching through kaizen toward self-evolution draws the ΩNE spirit deeper into the state of Unconditional Love of ΩNESELF and of others—knowledge being fuelled by the Love generated within ΩNE—along the electricity lines of the Unconditional Love Frequency—binding Each Other Infinitely.

Ephemeral Dreams Infinity

Five Rupee Coin

Five Rupee Coin

Five Rupee Coin

Raised in a diverse inclusive atmosphere in the mountains of British Columbia, Ceylon was merely a topic in a geography book in a distant land far away.

By virtue of living in Japan, came the good fortune to travel distant lands—an extension of acquainting with the foreigner community, all of us strangers in a strange land, or as Patrick Lafcadio Hearn saliently noted—fairyland.

Patrick Lafcadio HearnMany moons ago, a Sri Lankan Buddhist temple was established in our rural town of Japan—along with it came friendly Sri Lankans, leaving behind their cherished loved ones in a distant homeland, seek a better life for their clan

In the early 90’s my dear Sri Lankan friend, then in his early 50, found work as a stableboy on a nearby horse farm, and is where the encounter occurred with this devoted Buddhist Sri Lankan man in Japan.

Sri Lankan Man in JapanCommon among foreign nationals originating from developing lands is their sacrifice, building their homeland clans in culturally remote isolation, only temporary guests in the insular homogenous nation of Japan. 

By happenstance, a serendipitous opportunity came to visit the island nation of Sri Lanka—an interpreter for a Japanese entrepreneur, a chance to visit my friend’s family in the breathtaking city of Kandy in the center of Ceylon.

Ceylon Map Interestingly enough, inside the ‘Temple of Sacred Tooth’ resides the sacred tooth relic of the Buddha, embodying deep spiritual significance—one of the most sacred religious artifacts in all of Buddhism.

So, what does this all have to do with five rupee?

Raised in the essence of empathic humanity, the stark dark, abject poverty common in Sri Lanka was far too visceral and startling to see.

Shocked into an instinctive conundrum—how to go about alleviating this wretched suffering and to once and for all end human misery.

Hand out five rupee coins
A bag full of 5 rupee coins will initiate the planetary poverty alleviation protocol the world will change forever and for certain, just wait and see.

The line for the 5 rupee coin was as far as the eye could see, all of the sudden it was clear as dawn—after handing out the last 5 rupee coins—once all the money is gone—a new beggar born, now looking for a free coin and a free lunch juicing life along.

An old book once proclaimed—give humankind fish, feed them for a day—teach humankind to fish, feed them forever and a day.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man how to fish and you feed him for lifetime

My Sri Lankan friend was no beggar at all—he left his beloved wife and three daughters in a far away land—forging his way in the world—raising up his clan—a saint at the feet of Buddha, on his own as a sovereign man.

All stories come to an end, where this deeply devout Buddhist exited this mortal coil having never touched the sacred ground of his cherished homeland of Sri Lanka again.

One can only surmise when observing the loneliness in his eyes, he died of a broken heart—his final earthly chapter—a stableboy in Japan. 

Buddha and disciple
While transitioning to the land of Buddha, is when he make a courtesy stop to say goodbye to this Incidental Occxie, who loved this Fellow Traveler from Sri Lanka for his devotion to his family and dedication to advance his clan.

Continuing on his infinite journey, took a special seat at the table as an enlightened Buddha, his essence and spirit uniting once again with his family in his beloved homeland of Ceylon.

Sri Lankan man in orange buddhist monk robes sitting at his feet looking at the face of the Buddha

Daily Natto

Daily Natto

Daily Natto

A common question crops up, often midway through the journey inside this Material Sludge—Is this all there is, and, what exactly is daily natto?

Somewhat of a confusing time—wandering in the arid desert of ennui—life flashing by one pico-second at a time—thirsty to fulfil niggling desires—that are so very real.

During periods of mental stagnation, fatigue amplifying infinite needs—the insensate churning—what was—what is—what may be—is all blind minds can see.

past present futureThis constructed reality, or tatemae in Japanese, keep the spirit in myopic servitude, accompanied by a stark and dark depreciation in the general attitude, degrading emergent humanity.

How long before shaking off this ennui, skipping away to live in a serene paradise like Maggie May’s Magical Garden—it’s where you want to be.

Freedom to mature & grow with an enlightened glow—shuck off these Shackles of the Past and its pain—to become whole with ΩNE once again.

Japan and the Shackles of the Past - Land Of The Rising Son

Looking through the Japanese lens of tatemae & honne allow ΩNE to see the emergent human condition from two distinct points of view—this simple realization is the start of self re-actualisation for inside this notion lies a sublime set of essential keys.

As you wander and ponder, what lies inside to spark a drive to fill the throbbing emptiness making ΩNE whole—the early bird with a daily song with a brand new melody to sing along, daily natto cleansing the mind every day.

In case still unaware, natto is Japanese soul food, with its sensational taste, positive influence upon gut microflora, and a healthy dose of vitamin K—also serving as a metaphor to pick yourself up off the floor, setting the tone for more significant days.

natto with sticky chopsticksThe sublime notion inside this magic potion lies in repeating intriguing things—an early morning rehearsal, food for thought, and clear direction for the subconscious to guide the way.

From the beginning, the dogmatic Industrial Education Complex indoctrinated this wayward autodidact—“someone like you could not possibly read the complex language such as Japanese.”

A conscious shift in energy aspiring with the desire to break free from the shackles of ennui—the gauntlet thrown down, the challenge profound, by hook or crook, it is imperative for this Incidental Occxie to read Japanese.

Incidental Occxie - Land Ωf The Rising SΩN - cybersenseiThe exquisite nature of the Japanese reading system is sprinkled with ancient Communication Units known as kanji—spurring the urge to climb Mt. Fuji and dive deep into the nooks and crannies of Japanese culture and society embedded within their mythology—ideograms rooted in ancient meaning opens the way to an enlighten spectrum with unseen frequencies to perceive, to feel, and then to see.

fuji and books to increase awarenessThe daily natto, a morning routine with something new, or a periodic review of intriguing concepts extinguishing lingering ennui—look upon the daily dose of natto at dawn making ΩNE whole—be all there is to be.

Inevitably the daily natto protocol creates intriguing pathways weaving an internal destiny—leading to an acute perception of the mysteries within the nooks and crannies of Japanese culture and society.

Follow the sunCreate customized daily natto to realize and internalize the ancient protocol of tatemae & honne, perception of the truth of the underlying reality, discerning the difference of constructed mythology. 

Personal Agency starts by exploring hidden frequencies surrounding Mother Earth.

Debug dogmatic programming of hypothetical beliefs—the notion of life in all things, therefore infinite possibilities—the secret lies in a daily dose of natto—the almighty soul food of the Japanese—follow the consecrated path to fulfil your unique personal destiny.

natto coming out of textbook

Fellow Traveler

Fellow Traveler

Fellow Traveler

Life is a journey—until the mortal end—dissemination of the worn-out molecules—in other words physical death—a new beginning starting from the earthly end.

One of the most profound joys of life is to run across a Fellow Traveler—making life meaningful and complex—perplexing and sublime—considered this to be truly divine.

A once random strangers, becoming a consequential addition to a personal journey, transcending the label ‘friend’ becoming one with each other as clanship, blood is not thicker than water—the proof is in the pudding of this Universal Truth.

Northworst Airlines Old FriendsUniversal \(^o^)/* Truth 

Form Order Process underpins the foundation of Japan—expressed as an innate reflex of reciprocity—deeply ingrained in the Japanese psyche—o tagai sama.

The concept of tagai is of paramount importance in Japanese culture, prevalent throughout the societal structure of the Japanese—the way in which social-intercourse is carried out, mannerisms reflected as a distinct configuration of the Form, Order, Process protocol—a way that is unique unto the Japanese.互 - Land Of The Rising SonThe following instance of o tagai sama could be considered circumstantial serendipitous happenstance, but perhaps that’s a misnomer, as the Japanese protocol of tagai has now allowed unseen worlds to be gradually revealed—osmosis of the Japanese cultural slowly and gently unpeeled.

Waiting for a night flight to Taipei, Northwest Airline was experiencing a long delay, a two hour wait at the boarding gate, with two more sitting idly on the plane—it was then and there this now defunct airline received its new official name—Northworst.

Northworst going nowhere every dayWhat may have been a long cumbersome wait, was in fact the beginning of a life-long clanship, as a mysterious gentleman who was also waiting in this similar predicament, started up the conversation, now having lasted over 30 years, still bantering on until this glorious day.

When starting to talk to each other—strangers waiting for the same late plane—an instance of rare air is where the stranger becomes a long lost friend, a long overdue catch up in the cards once again.

It turned out he was in the same circumstance—what to do with this full free day in Taipei?—tour this magnificent Taiwanese city, so as to continue the deep conversations started in what even now seems just like yesterday.

A world traveler it was slowly revealed—a plethora of stories up Jion-jion’s mystical sleeve—enchanting tales of a sacred spellbinding, surreal kind.

These exceptional tales were so very magical and the conversation sublime, it was decided to meet somewhere every year continuation of our deep thoughts, encompassing Buddhism, the meaning of life, along with the significance of being a human-being.

Flying over the boarder of Myanmar, heading into Rangoon, Jion-jion suddenly became silent, like he was being consumed.

What was happening inside his inner world, this incidental Master Zen Buddhist sees reality through the lenses of the surreal—as this is the way he commands it to be. 

Jion-jion meditatingThe power of Jion-jion lies in emptiness, thus awareness of the infinite nature of all spectrums embedded within the deepest frequencies of consciousness—a testament to his enriched sentienceholding the secret keys, having unlocked doors in the land of the living, opening channels to the land of the dead.

One foot in the land of the living one foot in the land of the dead

On a night before Jion-jion’s departure to his desert home far away, the spirit of my freshly deceased Sri Lankan Buddhist mate, came to say goodbye to his Incidental Occxie friend, as he was continuing along his patha new beginning at the end of his earthly days.

However, much to this spirit’s surprise, he saw the energy field radiating from Jion-jion’s eyes, where he was gently, yet quickly guided by this Incidental Deity, to move to Buddha to take his rightful place and go to where he should be.

The infinite frequency of Jion-jionJion-jion has again returned to Japan, bringing his wisdom and sublime presence, enhancing the energy flow in the Land of the Gods as Japan is known—his sun shining over humanity—is why he is assuredly, a sublime and miraculous earthly Deity.

Jion-jion with xybersensei

Akemashite Omedetō-Reiwa 6

Akemashite Omedetō-Reiwa 6

Akemashite Omedetō-Reiwa 6

Time marches on—sun comes up again.

Turning of the leaves—chilly winter breeze.

What it means to be alive—sublime, profound, thrive.

No one knows—what the future holds. 

There is always a tale—as yet to be told.

This is the time—every day of each New Year

To place some markers—say you are here. 

Take a place under the sun—inevitably become ΩNE.

Accept you are chosen too—a true story about you.

Seems abstract and surreal?—we know exactly how you feel.

Hold everything tightly—then let it all go.

This year absent of fear—embedded within an infinite flow.

香取神宮 - Land Of The Rising Son

Ramp Up Frequency

Ramp Up Frequency

Ramp Up Frequency

Essentially all life is Frequency—fundamental to the Japanese Way—ban butsu—life in all things—is what the Japanese say ٩()۶

This fundament Universal Truth reveals the spectrum of humanoid existence as encased in chemicals and electricity resonating an infinite array of frequencies within, without, and throughout ban butsu, in other words; life is in everything.

Scientifically speaking, humanoids only perceive a very narrow band of frequencies—akin to being deaf, dumb, and blind—illiterate and unseeing.

Deaf Dumb and Blind

Disregarding this Universal Truth leaves the indoctrinated majority vulnerable to an unnoticed phantom frequency phenomena embodying entities lurking out-of-gamut humanoid realms, which are in fact, other world’s realities.

Indeed, humanoids are severely limited to the visible light spectrum—430 THz~750 THz—along with the inevitable weakening of the sense distorting the field of perception—what is real?—what is fantasy?

The perceivable colours of earth’s rainbow encompasses a narrow bandwidth of reality—if unaware or do not care about the full frequency spectrum of Universal Truth—essentially a constructed reality isolated into the narrow spectrum of humanoid colourful frequency *\(^o^)/*

Red: 430 THz~480 THz
Orange: 480 THz~510 THz
Yellow: 510 THz~540 THz
Green: 540 THz~580 THz
Blue: 580 THz~620 THz
Indigo: 620 THz~670 THz
Violet: 670 THz~750 THz

All seeing eye and the spectrumThe notion of “tuning in” to different frequencies beyond humanoid perception is a common theme in the Japanese language, with quirky adages at the core of the Japanese way of being.

A Universal Truth manifested in all language is the Spirit Of The Word—societal protocol encoded in the DNA of the Way of the Japanese.

Moreover, the Japanese are flexible in adapting unfamiliar frequencies as they are graced with the deeply metaphysical reality of i shin den shin.

Originating from Zen, i shin den shin is the state of equilibrium where concerned parties need not language spoken nor written to successfully communicate intention and meaning clearly understood inscribed inside mutually beneficial unspoken communicationthis reality existing inside out-of-gamut frequencies where this perception resides.

Serene bamboo and crane w logo

Perceiving, seeing, acknowledging the existence of these frequencies, allows intentional invocation of the Spirit of The Word to start interaction with these energetic entities residing in the infinite spectrum of unseen frequencies.

Ancient metaphysical traditions point to the human spirit and consciousness unencumbered by limitations imposed by physical constraints allows access to other world frequenciesnow available to all who wishes to see.

Through practices like meditation, usage of vision accelerators, or specific rituals such as the ancient Japanese frequency of kagura神楽where ΩNE can dial-into the esoteric Japanese Way-Stations.

Kagura Instruments

Regardless of the fact these phenomena occur outside the five main senses of the humanoid race, perceptions of these frequency are clearly aspects of the multiverse and should be disregarded at personal peril.

Societies beyond mortal comprehension surround the spectrum of distinguishable frequencies and to the open mind, allows visceral glimpses into these out-of-gamut frequencies.

When opening the minds eye, ΩNE becomes mindful of whispers urging you to start living inside a personalized reality, and a new way to see the unique journey as a player in the ultimate gamepeel back the veneer from the mind’s eye and all is there laid bare join this thriving and diverse infinite community.

Minds Eye and games